Double Standards, The LGBTQI+ Community & Freedoms: An Exposé (Part 1 of the Exposé Series)

Hypocrites. Something that plagues this world. People who say one thing, and who in fact do another. People with double standards. People who express a desire for certain freedoms but deny that freedom from others. This world is full of hypocrisy, of repression, of people who really couldn’t care less about anyone other than themselves. It’s appalling, and it’s unhealthy for this world. In a world where everyone desires peace, where everyone speaks of love, the last thing anyone needs is destruction. And so this is where I come in. I’m going to expose people in this world for what & who they truly are. But first a disclaimer. This is going to be interesting to some, but may also at times seem controversial. But all in all, truths of this world will be revealed, & whilst some may seem harsh, that is simply what reality is. If you wish to cease reading this at any point, go ahead. But I sincerely hope that you will read this entire article, in fact I encourage you to do so. And you may then begin to form some realizations. Also, this will be Part 1 of a multipart series, of which the finite number of Parts are at this stage undetermined. Ok, disclaimer over. Let’s begin.

I want to start with a few definitions. Double Standard: A rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Hypocrite: A person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion, a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. Freedom Of Speech: The power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty. Freedom Of Religion: The freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, & observance without government influence or intervention. I want you all to make sure that you remember these definitions. They are all going to play a very important part in this article.

The first group of people I want to address in this series are the LGBTQI+ community. This community is made up of many different types of people. For those who are uncertain as to what the letters in the acronym stand for, they are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning & Intersex. Obviously, this community encompasses a fair number of people, all of whom are diverse. And that’s fine by me. But it has come to my attention that in recent times, this community is not necessarily all bubbly & diverse. Moreover, many members of this community find a need to protest, & most of the time, the reason for which they do this is the same: equality. Now you may think that this seems fair enough. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech in this country. And everyone is entitled to speak their mind on matters that are close to their heart. The LGBTQI+ community is thus entitled to speak their minds on their need for equality. However, all is not what it seems. For under the guise of equality are the real workings of many that number this community.

For example, within the last year in Australia, the LGBTQI+ community got something for which they had campaigned vigorously for over many years: marriage equality. When it was announced after a public plebiscite that marriage equality would be made a legality, a reality in Australia, this lively community celebrated. Members of the community were getting down on one knee, proposing to their partners. Even a member of Parliament proposed in the House of Representatives on one of the following mornings. It was all happy times & celebrations all around this community, & others also delved in on the celebrations. However, some knew that, respectfully, this was not the greatest decision. They were still respectful towards this community, but they knew that there was more to this than just simply marriage equality for this community. See, the LGBTQI+ community have an agenda. They knew that by getting this piece of legislation through, it would pave the way for a number of other things that they wanted, including the infamous Safe Schools program. This program has been quite the point of controversy over the years, with some schools scrapping it after testing it, & others employing it within their environment. And by way of legislating marriage equality, the Safe Schools program seems to have followed.

There are a couple more things I want to reveal about the LGBTQI+ community. The first is the immense number of members of this community with double standards. Members of this community seem to firmly believe that if you do not agree with them, then you are in the wrong, & you are a homophobe. That’s right, if you don’t think they way they think, then you are discriminating against them, & you are therefore homophobic. Many people of faith find themselves being called homophobic nowadays, and it’s really unnecessary. There is no need for this utter nonsense. People who are Christians &/or Catholics, don’t go around saying that if you don’t believe in God & Jesus Christ that you are wrong & therefore you are discriminating against them & their religion. There is however another way to think about this. People are called homophobes because they do not share the same values & beliefs of the LGBTQI+ community. Does that mean that people within the LGBTQI+ community are heterophobic? By their own definition, & by their own standards, I would say this would sufficiently describe them. Now of course this is in no way true of all members of this community. Not all of them are so radical in nature. Rather, there are members of this community who are kind, & quite respectful. I personally know a few members of this community, people who are family, friends. And I know that they are kind & they have the greatest respect for others, & I in turn have the greatest respect for them. Bu there are just some people in this community who do not seem to understand that the world does not simply revolve around them & their beliefs, & these are the people who need to learn to respect others & the beliefs which they carry.

Additionally, in order to respect others & their beliefs, members of the LGBTQI+ community must learn to cease their persecution of Christians. Christians & Catholics believe in God, they believe that Jesus came into the world, died for our sins, & will one day come again to take us to everlasting life in heaven. If you do not believe this, that is perfectly fine. Nobody is asking you to, & nobody is forcing you to. No one in the Christian or Catholic Church is going to force their beliefs upon you. So please do not try to force your beliefs upon them. Christians & Catholics believe that marriage is between a man & a woman, as that is their faith, that is what has been taught to them by God. They do not believe that marriage can be between two men or two women or otherwise. That does not mean that they will be disrespectful towards anyone who does believe this. They still have the utmost respect, they just don’t believe in this. They also believe that there are only two genders, male & female. They do not believe that there are numerous other genders, & they do not believe that an individual can change their gender or be two different genders or otherwise. Again, they still have the utmost respect for these people, they simply just do not believe in this. So please show them respect as they do you, & do not harass them because of their beliefs.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to point something out to the LGBTQI+ community. This community has taken in the rainbow as a logo of sorts, a representation of their community, a brand. This is somewhat ironic. See, many people within this community, in fact I’d say the majority of this community, are not aware of the true meaning of the rainbow, of its true origins. The rainbow is not simply a colourful arch, it is not merely a piece of Irish folklore in which a pot of gold sits at its end with a leprechaun. No, the rainbow is so much more than that. Now yes, you would be right in saying it is a symbol. But this symbol that has been taken & flogged for all its worth by the LGBTQI+ community actually originates in the Bible. That’s right, the same Bible used by Christians & Catholics in churches the world over. The rainbow is a symbol representing a promise of peace from God to Noah, who commandeered the Ark during the Great Flood. In Genesis 9:16, God promises unconditionally that He would never send another flood to destroy life on earth, telling Noah, “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” See, the rainbow is something which is Biblical in nature, & the LGBTQI+ community seem to forget this. They have somewhat attempted to change the nature, change the meaning of the rainbow, but it is and always will be a Biblical symbol, & that is something that cannot be changed.

Now while I’ve got a chance, I’d also like to address some of the ‘tactics’ which the LGBTQI+ community are attempting to use currently in the political world. In recent times, we have seen changes in the government in Australia. Whilst the government has remained in the hands of the Liberal National Party (LNP), positions have changed hands over the last few years. The role of Leader of the Liberal Party & Prime Minister of Australia have been the most high profile roles to change hands. And with a change of hands comes a change of ideologies. Tony Abbott had views on the LGBTQI+ community, & did not necessarily support them. Malcolm Turnbull gave them his support, & claimed the victory as his own when the public plebiscite for Same-Sex Marriage was supported in the majority by the people of Australia, & then passed through the Parliament. Although it is questionable as to whether Turnbull sincerely supported this because he believed in it, or if it was all just to boost his own popularity so that he could please the majority of people & maintain his own position in the Parliament. That is, for his own personal gain. And now we have a new Prime Minister yet again in Scott Morrison. Morrison is a Christian. He is profound in his faith, & openly embraces it. He voted against Same-Sex Marriage, because he believes that marriage is between a man & a woman, as is stipulated in his Christian faith. This is entirely acceptable. There is no issue with Morrison expressing his faith in public, because freedom of religion is something which every human being is entitled to. Morrison has also appointed a new Education Minister in Dan Tehan, who is also a Christian. Again, this is entirely acceptable. But there are some which find that it gives them pleasure to make attempts to take away other human beings’ rights to freedom of speech & freedom of religion. The major party attempting to do so: the LGBTQI+ community.

Scott Morrison has been very open about his faith. More so than many of his predecessors, as well as other members of Parliament, past & present. It’s refreshing to see this in the Parliament of Australia. Finally we are seeing someone in a position of leadership who is NOT succumbing to pressure put on him by critics of his religion, of his faith. Our new Prime Minister has already shown he has direction for this country, & that he is a man of the people. He has demonstrated that he is in touch with the people of this country, something which Malcolm Turnbull never was. He has demonstrated that everyone in this country, this free country, is entitled to their beliefs, they are entitled to their freedom of speech & their freedom of religion. And so what has this brought him? Criticism. Criticism & mockery of his religion, of his faith. Some of you may know that the Tonightly, a television show which puts a comedic spin on the events which take place in politics during the week, a show which has been cancelled, made the bold decision to put together & run a segment for all of Australia to see which openly mocked the Scott Morrison’s faith, the Christian faith. The thing is, they may have been targeting the new Prime Minister, but in actual fact, they had just openly mocked & offended the entire Christian community. It is no wonder this show has been cancelled. But it’s not only this sector that has mocked & criticized Morrison over his faith.

The real ‘warriors’ are the LGBTQI+ community. This community, one which prides itself on equality, on harboring respect for individuals of all diverse ways of life, on ensuring they can use their own freedom of speech, have practically declared open warfare on the Prime Minister due to his faith. They have seen that he was one of those who did not support the Parliamentary legislation for Same-Sex Marriage, & have therefore decided he is unfit for his position. They have also noted that he has elevated Dan Tehan, a fellow Christian man, to the role of Education Minister, & have targeted Tehan over his own faith. There have been members of this community who have already stated their dissatisfaction in the new Minister for Education, notifying him & the public of how he must ensure that LGBTQI+ students are kept safe in their school environment, & that they are not bullied or harassed due to their diversity. Scott Morrison has also been the victim of unruly tactics from the LGBTQI+ community, having been accused on multiple occasions of not doing enough for them. One such tactic surfaced when the new PM made an appearance on Network Ten’s news program ‘with a difference’ The Project last week. Morrison sat down with Carrie Bickmore, Hamish McDonald, Peter Helliar, & Rachel Corbett, and spoke about a number of issues. But little did he know he was about to become subject of a cruel tactic employed by the LGBTQI+ community & their followers. After some initial discussion & talk about the drought, presenter Carrie Bickmore brought to the Prime Minister’s attention a video message sent in by a thirteen year old transgender student by the name of Evie, who stated “There are thousands of kids in Australia who are gender diverse. We don’t deserve to be disrespected like that through tweets from our Prime Minister.” This was in relation to a tweet that Morrison had publicized the day before on the training of teachers to identify potential transgender students in schools, in which the PM stated ‘We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids.’ There was absolutely nothing wrong with what he said, & he was moreover entitled to state this by the power of freedom of speech. What is important to note is that he was in no way disrespectful to transgender kids or to this community in any way. Evie went on to say that “I went to a Christian school where I had to pretend to be a boy and spend weeks in conversion therapy. We get one childhood and mine was stolen from me by attitudes like this.” Morrison responded to this by stating that “I love all Australians, whatever the background they come from.” Bickmore challenged him by asking “When you say let kids be kids, isn’t this allowing kids to be themselves? Be who they are?” This was obviously an attempt to catch Morrison unaware & get him to state that children should be allowed to change genders if they want to. Morrison responded by stating that ‘I believe in family as we all do. It’s a common value across Australia. I don’t think parents should be supplanted by teacher.” The PM had also come under criticism for not publicly denouncing gay conversion therapy. The fact is however that he did not publicly support it, & he has never stated that he does support it. By not denouncing it, this does not automatically mean that he supports it. As per this ridiculous tactic pulled by the LGBTQI+ community in conjunction with The Project, it is despicable. If you know this man is a Christian, then you know that he will stand for his beliefs no matter what. That does not mean he will be disrespectful towards others, even if they do not believe what he believes. He will not disrespect members of the LGBTQI+ community, & so they should not be so disrespectful towards him. For a community of people who are diverse & who hold the highest respect for freedom of speech, it is exceedingly hypocritical to target others & attempt to bar them from their own rights to freedom of speech. The LGBTQI+ community has clearly demonstrated their own double standards when it comes to these matters, & if it wishes to maintain dignity & respect, then showing respect to others no matter what their beliefs or religion is a must.

I’ll wrap this up with the following. Respect is something which is required in this world in order to maintain dignity. If you show no respect to others, how can you expect them to show any degree of respect to you? The LGBTQI+ community is a strong one, there is no doubt about that. They are modern social justice warriors. However, for the most part, many of those who would count themselves as a member of this community display unrelenting amounts of disrespect towards others who do not believe in their movement. So here is my message for this community. First & foremost, I know that this does not apply to all of you. However it is important that these matters be addressed. You are all entitled to believe in what you wish to believe. You are all entitled to your freedom of speech, your freedom of expression. But so is everyone else around you. They respect you, so have some respect for them. Please do not try to force your beliefs or your values onto them. They are not REQUIRED to believe what you believe or have the same values as you do. And please do not persecute those of faith, in particular the Christian faith, for their beliefs, for their faith. People of faith are good people, & they believe that everyone deserves respect, & they deserve the right to be heard. They will listen, you just have to be respectful & keep it civil. Please stop making attempts to target the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He has done nothing to harm you. If he does not wish to delve into matters related to the LGBTQI+ community, then he does not have to. You have to acknowledge & respect that he is of the Christian faith, & he may not want to speak about these matters because he is not of your beliefs, & that is perfectly fine. Finally, we are all people, we are all human beings, & we all deserve to be treated with respect & with kindness, no matter what we believe, whether or not we are of faith, or who we are. Be kind, be respectful, & maybe there will be a little more peace in the world.


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