The Illusion Of Choice

“The problem society faces is not just one of government, but one of mass psychosis. This is a state in which the society has become deluded by fear and incessant government propaganda, to the point where they will now only believe what the government tells them and refuse to listen to reason.”

Those in power are waging psychological warfare against society.

Read my latest piece for The Spectator Australia here.

First Lockdown, Now Segregation

“Daniel Andrews has now stated that those who choose not to take the vaccine will be excluded from society and the economy well into 2022. They may say it’s a choice, but if you don’t make the choice the government want you to, you will be held hostage by the State for an undefined period of time. Victoria is transforming from the Lockdown State to the Segregation State.”

Read my latest piece for The Spectator Australia here.



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Jesus Says “Vaccinate Or Leave!”

“It is past time that Christians who are supporting vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and any other coercive measures to essentially pressure and force people to take the vaccine against their will or better judgement understand that nothing about this is Christian.”

Read my latest piece for The Good Sauce, where I break down the arguments being used by Christians to get other Christians to have the vaccine, and explain why this needs to stop.