Jesus Says “Vaccinate Or Leave!”

“It is past time that Christians who are supporting vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and any other coercive measures to essentially pressure and force people to take the vaccine against their will or better judgement understand that nothing about this is Christian.” Read my latest piece for The Good Sauce, where I break down the arguments being used by Christians to get other Christians to have … Continue reading Jesus Says “Vaccinate Or Leave!”

Young Conservative Network – Episode 1: Isabel Brown

So excited to share my new show, The Young Conservative Network! Each episode, I’ll have a guest on to discuss the issues and challenges facing Young Conservatives in the world of today. My first guest is Turning Point USA contributor, host of TPUSA’s Freedom Seeds, and author of Frontlines: Finding My Voice On An American College Campus (an Amazon Bestseller), Isabel Brown! We talk all … Continue reading Young Conservative Network – Episode 1: Isabel Brown

The Government Does Not Care

What I’m seeing in the world right now, particularly in my own country, can be described in many ways: depressing, infuriating, devastating, shocking, terrifying, heartless, demonic, and so many more. With each passing week, almost each day, there are new restrictions, new lockdowns, new ways of expanding the tyrannical reign of power-obsessed individuals who have not lost anything. While everyone else is subjected to rules … Continue reading The Government Does Not Care