NY Supreme Court: Unvaccinated And Vindicated

Note: This was originally published on October 28th. Forgot to upload it on the day.

The NY Supreme Court decision is a big win for those who stuck to their guns and held out against the authoritarianism we saw over the last few years.

But it must not be an isolated event. Other nations, including Australia, must follow suit.

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Was It Worth It?

Over the last couple of years, we were told that we must get vaccinated for others, that we must take the vaccine to protect our community.

Governments invoked ‘health advice’ to justify lockdowns, restrictions and mandates. People lost their jobs, businesses, livelihoods and more.

But now, Pfizer’s admission finally reveals the truth. There was no ‘health advice’. It was all for a lie.

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A New Age Of Christian Persecution

A new age of Christian persecution is upon us. But this time, the persecution is coming from leaders of so-called Christian countries. Andrew Thorburn was a symptom of a much larger issue occurring throughout society.

And while Daniel Andrews may claim to be Catholic, there is nothing Catholic about the way he acts.

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