The World Economic Forum: Heroes Or Villains?

The mainstream media won’t talk about the World Economic Forum, likely because many of them are implicated in it.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a guide to the organisation that is plotting world domination, and quietly achieving it. Numerous important links are included in the article that I would encourage everyone to look at.

This is an important one, and I’m grateful to be able to have it published by The Spectator Australia.

Australia’s Catholic Church: Politics, Paganism And Pandering

Two weeks ago, the Plenary Council met in Sydney for the second time, and quickly descended into radical activism.

The lack of courage from those who should be defending the faith was palpable as Bishops voted in favour of incorporating pagan symbols and rituals into the liturgy.

There were only two who voted against it.

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Albanese: Putting Australia Last?

While Albo has been on a world tour full of photo-ops, handshakes and handouts, Australians have been suffering from floods, inflation, rising interest rates, and ridiculously high petrol prices.

Now, with the PM seeking to allow New Zealand citizens to vote in our elections, it seems apparent that Anthony Albanese just won’t stop putting Australia last.

My latest for The Spectator Australia.