An Open Letter to The Prime Minister

Prime Minister, Australia was once a great nation. It was once a free country, full of joy and prosperity. We were the lucky country. Now, we are anything but. Since COVID19 entered this country, it has fallen so far from what it was. The swift and overbearing response was, to a degree, acceptable towards the start. However, once we learnt more about the virus and … Continue reading An Open Letter to The Prime Minister

The End Of Democracy

We were supposed to learn from history, not repeat it. The excessive relinquishing of our freedoms and civil liberties has led us down a dark path, one which will only lead to chaos and despair. From the moment COVID19 became a major issue, the political manipulation of fear for the purpose of gaining increased powers was bound to occur. When it comes to power, politicians … Continue reading The End Of Democracy

Life Works In Mysterious Ways

Life works in the most mysterious ways. Remember that because it’s going to be the central focus to this one. Sometimes, the most random things happen, but they can be the most incredible things. It is these moments that really make us think about both life itself and the people that come into our lives. Over the past couple of years, I’ve experienced some of … Continue reading Life Works In Mysterious Ways

In Defense of Human Rights

Human rights are a necessary part of life, if you want a good one that is. Without them, we can easily fall victim to tyrannical governments and leaders, who value power over the people. Human rights are what separate us from constant misery, what protects us from the harshest treatment. If there is anything that must be protected, it is them. Now more than ever, … Continue reading In Defense of Human Rights