Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Flashback Friday. Another week of news, another Flashback Friday. Let’s get straight into it.

The big news of the week this week was the ABC in crisis. At the beginning of the week, Managing Director of the ABC Michelle Guthrie was sacked by the Board, with no real reason given for the decision. Chairman Justin Milne, who was gifted the job by friend and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, refused to give any justification as to why Guthrie was ousted by her colleagues on the board, including himself. But she wasn’t going to go quietly, and made it known that she would be exploring her legal options. And it just got a whole lot worse for the ABC, when on Thursday, after being endorsed by the Board only the day before, Chairman Justin Milne made the decision to resign from his position as Chairman of the ABC, after it was reported by Fairfax that he had previously sent an email to Guthrie requesting that she sack ABC Chief Economics Correspondent Emma Alberici, as well as journalist Andrew Probyn and radio host Jon Faine, in order to appease former PM Malcolm Turnbull. This also brought into question the decision of the Board to support and endorse Milne just the day before he resigned, and there have been calls from many, including Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and members of the Labor Party including Anthony Albanese, for the entire ABC Board to resign. There has also been a lot of talk about political interference in the ABC, with the media corporation and those who support it claiming it is completely unbiased, which is completely untrue. You’ll see what I mean by this in the next Part of my Exposé Series, coming very soon. For the meantime, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and the Senate have both launched two individual inquiries into the events of the past week and all that surround them. Additionally, Dr Kristin Ferguson has been appointed Deputy Chairwoman and by extension Chairwoman of the ABC by PM Scott Morrison.

Meanwhile, in other political news, and today saw the structuring of the ballot paper for the upcoming Wentworth by election. A draw took place in order to position the twenty participants in a random order. Independent Dr Kerryn Phelps found herself second from the bottom, with Liberal candidate Dave Sharma positioned slightly higher at number 12, Labor candidate Tim Murray at number 5, and the top spot being surprisingly taken out by Robert Callanan, the candidate for none other than Bob Katter’s infamous Katter’s Australia Party. This could be valuable for Katter’s candidate, considering he could pick up a decent percentage of the vote from so called ‘donkey’ votes. Phelps will more likely have to work hard to gain votes, after announcing she would be preferencing the Liberal Party last week. The Wentworth by election will take place on October 20.

To sports news now, and this weekend will see the Grand Finals played for both the AFL and NRL. The AFL Grand Final will take place on Saturday between the West Coast Eagles and the Collingwood Magpies. The West Coast Eagles enter the match off the back of a big win in their Semi Final against Melbourne last week, whilst Collingwood go into the game coming off the back of a slightly closer game which they won against Richmond. Meanwhile, the Melbourne Storm will take on the Sydney Roosters after the Storm beat the Sharks and the Roosters edged the Rabbitohs in last week’s preliminary finals. The AFL Grand Final will have some great entertainment too, with the likes of Jimmy Barnes and the Black Eyed Peas (Will.i.am, Taboo, and Apl De Ap) set to perform at the event. Big weekend in sport coming up.

And in entertainment news, this week it has been confirmed by Whoopi Goldberg that a Sister Act reboot is in the works. However, she will not be reprising her starring role as Sister Mary Clarence, saying rather that she could just be making a cameo in the film. The film is not going to be a sequel to the other two as Sister Act 3, rather it will be a brand new rendition of the original Sister Act. And continuing with films, the trailer has been released this week for the new Dark Phoenix film of the X-Men franchise. The film has also undergone a name change, from X-Men: Dark Phoenix to just Dark Phoenix. The film revolves around a young Jean Grey, and the younger versions of the X-Men. The film is set to be released on February 14 next year.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Join me next week for another edition, and I’ll also do my best to get Part 3 of my Exposé Series out within the next week. It’s a long one, but it’s definitely worth the read. Have a good one!


Mystery Monday

Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder, music’s unsung hero. Some of you may not know who he is. Others would be familiar with him. For those who are uncertain, & who may not have heard his name before, I’ll give you a few pointers. Many know Ryan Tedder as the frontman of American pop rock group OneRepublic. The group famous for songs like Apologize & Counting Stars. But Ryan Tedder is much more than just the frontman of this famous group of musicians. He is a vocalist, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, a producer. So in this article, I want to introduce you to the man behind the music.

Ryan Tedder has always been surrounded by music. His father was also a musician. He learnt piano at the young age of three, & is a self-taught vocalist, having worked on his voice since the age of seven, & honing this skill at the age of twelve. He grew up in a house with a piano, went to a church with a gospel choir as a child, singing in the church each week, & then began writing his own music soon after. He would take musical ideas from other songs, & transform them to make them his own, creating new music each time. His first break into the music scene came when he began an internship at DreamWorks SKG where he sang on demos, as well as producing them for both labels & songwriters alike. He then competed in a singer-songwriter competition which he won after performing an original in front of millions of viewers on MTV. In 2002, a year after winning the competition, Tedder managed to catch the attention of hip hop producer Timbaland, who he worked with to develop as an artist, whilst also producing for a range of other artists. But it wasn’t until a few years later that his big break would come.

When Tedder was attending Colorado Springs Christian School, he met Zach Filkins on the soccer team. The two became friends, & thus, in 2002, a few years after their initial meeting, Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, & Brent Kutzle came together to form the band now known as OneRepublic. The band began as unsigned, however began to gain followers & traction on social media through MySpace, & have since accumulated over fifty million plays of their music on the social network. They have also held a position in the Top Artists of Myspace Music since 2006.

The first hit for OneRepublic came in 2007, when Apologize, written by Ryan Tedder, was recorded by the band & released after they had signed to Timbaland’s label, Mosley Music Group, via Interscope Records. Apologize was one of their biggest & most successful songs, & became OneRepublic’s first number one hit. Since then, the band have had a multitude of success, with four albums (Dreaming Out Loud, Waking Up, Native, Oh My My), & a number of hit songs. Native was probably the biggest & most successful album of the four, & a subsequent tour which spanned two years was highly praised, & very well received.

Here are some of OneRepublic’s most popular songs: Counting Stars, Love Runs Out, Apologize, I Lived, Stop & Stare, If I Lose Myself, Good Life, Feel Again, Secrets, All The Right Moves, Wherever I Go, Kids, Let’s Hurt Tonight, No Vacancy, Rich Love, Connection.

But what you may not know is that many top hits recorded by other artists have actually been written &/or produced by Ryan Tedder. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, a number one hit, was co-written & produced by Tedder. Jordin Sparks’ ‘Battlefield’ was also co-written & produced by Tedder. Turning Tables & Rumour Has It by Adele had composition done by Tedder. Demi Lovato’s ‘Neon Lights’ was written & produced by Tedder. He has also worked with & written & produced for artists such as Maroon 5, B.o.B., Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson, Ludacris, James Blunt, & many more. He recently wrote & produced songs on Paul McCartney’s new album Egypt Station.

Here are some of the songs he has written for other artists: Maps (Maroon 5), Burn (Ellie Goulding), Happier (Ed Sheeran), Already Gone (Kelly Clarkson), XO (Beyonce), Got 2 Luv U (Sean Paul), Most Girls (Hailee Steinfeld), Ghost (Ella Henderson), The Fighter (Gym Class Heroes), Faith (Stevie Wonder), Bonfire Heart (James Blunt), Rocketeer (Far East Movement), I Know Places (Taylor Swift), Why Try (Ariana Grande), Stranger Things (Kygo), & many more.

Probably the most prolific song he has written however, is one which everyone knows. The song that was probably Beyonce’s biggest hit: Halo. Tedder wrote Halo with Beyonce in mind after she reached out to him & asked him to write a song for her. He wrote the hit song in just three hours. He also did a demo of it himself, & has since performed it live during some of OneRepublic’s live performances.

Ryan Tedder has also been a featured artist on many songs by other artists. He was featured on Never Let You Go by B.o.B., Rocketeer by Far East Movement, The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes, & on American rapper Logic’s recent single One Day, amongst may others. OneRepublic were also featured on Kygo’s ‘Stranger Things’, written for Kygo by Tedder. OneRepublic have also had some of their music featured in film & tv. Apologize was featured in an episode of Smallville. They have had a multitude of songs featured on shows such as The Voice, America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, The Good Doctor, NCIS, American Idol & others, & Let’s Hurt Tonight was featured in the trailer & the end credits for the film Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith. Additionally, OneRepublic recorded a single called ‘Start Again’, featuring Logic, for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Ryan Tedder is a music icon. He can sing, play piano, guitar, bass, drums. His vocal range is amazing, with the capability to hit some of the highest notes there are, and pull off some amazing vocals (Checkout this link, skip to 3:26 if you just want to see the brilliant vocals https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hQTHVW60ov4). He is a composer & producer of hit songs, & brings a unique energy to live performances. People who have seen OneRepublic live have acknowledged the energy in the performance, & have highly praised OneRepublic’s live tours. Ryan Tedder has been referred to as the undercover king of pop, & I would very much agree with this. He is an iconic musician, & I personally hope to one day see OneRepublic perform live & meet him myself.


Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Flashback Friday. Let’s get right into it.

Starting with the food contamination crisis this week, and it has been a tumultuous week for the food industry and for farmers this week, with a saboteur inserting needles into strawberries in an effort to harm people who purchase them. The saboteur still hasn’t been found, however an investigation is underway, with police looking for any information that might lead them to the culprit. However, the incident was not isolated, with multiple copycat incidents now having taken place in addition to the incidents related to the initial finding, and with multiple types of fruit being contaminated. Six brands of Australian strawberries have now been taken off the shelves, and New Zealand have stopped importing Australian strawberries altogether. Woolworths have also pulled sewing needles and other types of needles from their shelves in an effort to prevent further contamination incidents. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with Health Minister Greg Hunt and Attorney General Christian Porter, have also made an amendment to contamination laws, one which was passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday, which strengthens the laws in relation to contamination and increases the penalty from 10 years to 15 years max in prison in an effort to put a stop to the contamination crisis. More to come on this in the coming weeks.

In general Parliamentary news now, and this week saw Scott Morrison’s second sitting week as the new PM in Parliament. And Labor and the Greens did not make it an easy one for him. After a Labor dominated Senate inquiry into the decisions Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton made on a few au pairs reported back that Dutton had in fact misled the Parliament, Greens MP Adam Bandt attempted to have a motion of no confidence moved through the House of Representatives. The motion was defeated by one vote, 68-67, with many saying that Dutton saved himself. Morrison was also criticised by the Labor Party for the funding boost he announced yesterday for the Catholic and independent schools. The main criticism was that there was lack of funding for public schools, however they are practically on par with, if not receiving more funding than the Catholic and independent schools, so this criticism is unnecessary. What was amusing about this week in Parliament however, was the one question repeatedly asked in question time. Bill Shorten found a new way each sitting day of the last two weeks to ask why Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t the Prime Minister. The question has just become a joke. Additionally this week, Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis announced she will not recontest her seat in the next federal election, following in the footsteps of Julia Banks, citing bullying as one of the reasons. And a royal commission into aged care has also been announced this week by the government. The Parliament is now on a three week break.

In a bit more political news now, and Pauline Hanson has once again caused a stir this week with a motion she wishes to present to the Senate, one which will now be presented when Parliament returns after a three week break. The motion was to be put forward yesterday, however time was running short and it could not occur. The motion is that the Senate acknowledge a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation b) It is ok to be white. The motion has caused a stir, becoming controversial almost instantly. Many are saying that Hanson is wrong, and that this is a ridiculous motion, that there is no such thing as racism towards white people. But Hanson is actually right. She is standing up for something that needs recognition, and racism against white people is very much a real thing. Now obviously, the Left are going to be all over this. In fact, they already are. And they will do everything they can to ridicule the motion and Pauline Hanson and attempt to shut her and this down. But this is the Left attempting to blind people once again. And I’ll have more on this in the next Exposé article coming soon. But for now, well done to Pauline Hanson for standing up for something completely valid.

And in entertainment news this week, it was announced that, 22 years after the first film was released, a second Space Jam movie is in the works. The first movie starred NBA star Michael Jordan, with the sequel set to star NBA star Lebron James. The film will once again feature the Looney Tunes characters, and is set to be released sometime in 2019, 23 years after the first film’s release. And, keeping with films, the first Captain Marvel trailer was released this week, showing off Brie Larson as the major Marvel superhero. The film, set in the 1990s, is set to be released on March 6 2019, with the trailer already garnering over one hundred million views in its first day. And another exciting film has been released today, that being the highly anticipated Johnny English Strikes Again. The film, starring Rowan Atkinson as British Spy Johnny English, is the third film in the series, being released seven years after Johnny English Reborn, the sequel to the first film, was released. It is in cinemas now and it should be worth seeing.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Join me next week for another Mystery Monday, another Exposé, another Flashback Friday, and maybe even more. Have a good one!


Feminists, Oppression, Hypocrisy: An Exposé (Part 2 of the Exposé Series)

Welcome to Part 2. Hypocrites tend to think that they can do anything they wish, even if they themselves condemn others for doing so. There are some in which this hypocrisy shines brighter than any other. And it is in this hypocrisy, in this false freedom, in which these individuals source their power. Because they do see themselves in this light. They see themselves as being powerful, as a force of nature. What these individuals fail to realize on occasion is that there are others who have caught wind of what they are trying to do, what their goals are. But sometimes that has no effect, & it is not an issue if it doesn’t, because these individuals can be dangerous. Who are these individuals? Feminists.

I want to begin with a few more definitions. Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes. Oppression: Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority. And the three main types of feminism. Socialist Feminism: (also known as Marxist feminism) Traces the oppression of women to inequalities that developed in connection with the class system of private property. Reformist Feminism: Believe gender inequality can be eliminated through legislative or electoral reforms without the need to alter the capitalist system itself. Radical Feminism: Target male psychology or biology as the source of women’s oppression. Again, keep these terms in mind as we continue.

Feminism began in the 19th century & continued into the 20th. The initial wave of feminism was entirely focused on legal inequalities. It was never meant to get to where it is today. Feminism has continued to evolve in waves. The second wave, surfacing & spanning 1960-1980, broadened the debate of feminists to include cultural inequalities, gender norms, & the role of women in society. Third wave feminism began in the early 1990s, focusing on those parts of second wave feminism that were perceived as failures. It also became the vessel for sexual politics, inclusive of reproductive rights & sexual liberation. Additionally, this was the time in which feminism expanded to become a global phenomenon. And then along came the fourth wave, one which took feminism to a whole new level. This new wave began to target sexual inequality, reproductive justice, intersectionality, body & health, pay parity, & so much more. And that’s not all. Because the fourth wave have something which the previous three waves did not. They have a weapon far greater than any other. Social Media.

Social media has become commonplace in our modern society. Most, if not all, individuals have found themselves on social media at one point in their lives. Many have accounts on a number of platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, internet forums, blogs, etc. There are so many forms of social media out there, it has become difficult to avoid. Some do manage to steer clear of social media, however, there are many of us who choose to embrace it. Now some of us just use it for minor things: posting a photo or two, maybe giving a small update every now & then. Some use it to express their thoughts & opinions. And then there are those who use social media as a weapon. This is what many feminists, particularly the fourth wave, do. They use social media as a means of propaganda. They advertise their wants, their demands, whilst at the same time sledging & cutting down anyone who attempts to stand in their way. This group of like minded individuals can be highly savage. They can take down anyone they wish to. There is, however, one group of individuals who find themselves targeted more than any other. White males.

If you’re a white male living in this world, this is a warning to you. You could easily become a target of the radical feminist movement that has surfaced from the incumbent fourth wave. No one white male is necessarily safe. These feminists will do whatever they can to destroy the good name of many a white male. And they have certain ‘issues’ which are in their arsenal of weapons. The ‘gender pay gap’, equality, domestic violence, abortion, & rape culture. All of these are used by feminists to fight with extreme force. As Milo Yiannopoulos explains it in his autobiography, Dangerous, ‘Hatred has engulfed the politics of the Left. Socialists hate the financially successful. LGBT activists hate fundamental Christians. Black Lives Matter hate police officers’ & so forth. But none have more hatred within them than the new wave feminist movement.

Let’s take a look at the whole ‘gender pay gap’ issue. For years, the alleged gender pay gap has been a source of much debate. However, realistically, it’s all been a complete waste of time. See, there is no real gender pay gap. After numerous studies into this apparent issue, it has been shown that this gap shrinks completely until it becomes nonexistent when other non-sexist factors become apparent. Factors which are entirely relevant to the case. Over the years, women have been known to make choices on career paths which they wish to take. The most commonly chosen careers for women are those which are communication based. Men, on the other hand, opt for careers in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) based occupations. Now sure, a majority of the scientific field of biology is made up of women. And so are the fields of veterinary science & psychology. But again, there is a communication based element to all three of these areas. Feminists cannot complain about a non-existent gender pay gap because it is complete & utter nonsense. They are simply attempting to spin something to suit their own movement, but there are some who can see right through it.

To the equality argument used by so many feminists in the modern movement. Please stop using this as part of your verbal artillery. It’s exhausting. Feminists often are of the opinion that if you do not support & believe in feminism, then you do not support & believe in equality for women. This is completely untrue. Feminism & gender equality are not the same thing. They may have been linked in the past, but in the modern age, they no longer intertwine. Rather they have become two separate entities. One is supported overwhelmingly by individuals the world over. The other is frowned upon by many who can see it for what it is. It’s easy to see the difference between the two. Feminism has become radical. It’s no longer about equality for women, it’s about the abuse of males.

On to domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious issue. It has become something that is all too common in our world, & can have lasting effects on those individuals who fall victim to it. Now you’ll notice that the majority of domestic violence cases which are reported publicly on news bulletins or indeed on social media are in relation to women being domestically abused by men, who are often their husbands. And while this is all too real, & it is a very serious matter, women are not the only victims of domestic violence. Men can also be victims of domestic abuse, as well as children. And this is something that is often overlooked by many, in particular those who are of the feminist movement. It may come as a surprise to many that one in three victims of domestic violence are actually male, with at least 94% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence against males being female. Here are some more statistics that may indeed shock you. Men who have experienced partner violence are two to three times more likely to have never told anyone about it than women. Almost 1 in 4 young people are aware of their mother or stepmother hitting their father or stepfather. Post separation, fathers make up the majority of parents who report experiencing high levels of severity of fear, control & coercion. One male is a victim of domestic homicide every 10 days. See, males are victims of domestic violence too. It isn’t something which is restricted solely to women. Females can take on the role of the abuser. And this happens more often than you’d think. It’s also noticeable that there is less awareness & less activism on domestic violence against males. Women have the White Ribbon to raise awareness of domestic violence against females, however males have near to nothing. Why? Because the feminist movement has made this all about women. Now I do not wish to show any disrespect towards women, however, whilst I acknowledge that domestic violence is a terrible occurrence which must be prevented & put to a stop, I do not think it is in any way respectful to make this all about females. Because males suffer from domestic violence too, & if feminists want equality, then why not start with some recognition for males who are victims of this dreadful reality as well?

While I’m on the topic of health in males & female, I want to point out another harsh truth. The feminist movement rants about a gender pay gap, something which has now been proven to be nonexistent when relevant factors are included. However there is another gap which is much more prominent & quite necessary to discuss: the gender health gap. In recent times, mental health has become something which affects the lives of many individuals, & has indeed taken lives. Suicide is something which affects many people, more than it should. And those who take their own lives are ultimately affect by a change in their mental health. Suicide is something which has become a modern issue in society, & has sparked the launch of many mental health programs & companies. Now individuals can be affected by a number of mental health conditions. Anxiety & depression tend to be quite common. Additionally, there are those who suffer from other mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders (eg. Bulimia, Anorexia), insomnia, dissociative disorders, & a range of others. And it’s never easy to admit you have a mental health condition, or to talk about it at any length. Some individuals are prescribed medication in order to deal with their conditions. Others seek therapy, of which there are many types. And then there are those who choose to keep it to themselves, primarily because they cannot bring themselves to talk about it. They can become overwhelmed by it all. It’s not a bad thing if you can’t talk about what you’re feeling, what you’re going through. But it always helps to have a chat with someone. But back to the point. Statistics have shown that in recent times, deaths from suicide occur in males at a rate three times higher than that of females. In 2016, there were a total of 2866 deaths from suicide in Australia, with 2151 of those being males, and 715 females. It’s utterly shocking. Suicide has been called the silent epidemic. Let me put a question to you. Would it be so silent if the numbers were skewed towards females?

Quick disclaimer: the following topics are points of controversy. Please read at your own discretion.

Let’s move on to the topic of abortion. I know this is a point which could be quite fragile in nature, so I’ll make sure to tread fairly carefully. Abortion is a difficult topic to discuss. There are a range of views on the subject, & different people have their varied opinions on the matter. The Catholic/Christian Church see abortion as the taking of an innocent life, one which has no say in the matter. This is very much true. Feminists, on quite the opposite end of the scale, will have you believe that it is all about women & their choices, & that if they so choose to abort an innocent life, that is their choice for their body. Now look, at the end of the day, it is the woman’s choice as to whether or not she wishes to have an abortion. But there are a range of scenarios in which acceptability varies. For example, if the woman wants to have a child at some point in her life, and wishes to have a child with her current partner, and falls pregnant, then she should have the child. If she chooses to abort the child over matters such as not being able to afford it, or not wishing to have a child at this specific point in her life, this is not really acceptable. Even if she falls pregnant with someone who she is in a steady relationship with but that relationship eventually falls apart whilst she is still in stages of pregnancy, she should still have the child. If the woman falls pregnant & decides to have an abortion after being pregnant for many weeks or months, this is not acceptable. It brings to surface questioning such as why she was alright with having the baby at one point early on, but doesn’t want to anymore. There is however one situation which is the subject of extensive debate. What if a woman is the victim of rape?

In the scenario that a woman has been victim to a horrendous crime of rape, & has subsequently fallen pregnant, many would view it as socially acceptable to abort the pregnancy. In general, any form of abortion is seen as wrong. It is seen as murder. However, in a country of sanity, there would be arguments as to which cases of abortion should be considered illegal, & which cases should be allowed for. Before we move on, I want to address the feminist side of abortion a little more. The original feminist view on abortion was that it should be denounced. Pro-life was an ideal of the original feminist movement, but as the movements have progressed, their stances have become altered in ways which were once unforeseeable. There have been campaigns run by feminist that are just appalling. For example, the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign which was basically women boasting about their abortions, which practically turned the taking of innocent life into a token of pride for feminists. It is absolutely disgusting. And in all respects, women will tend to feel guilty & can develop mental health conditions after having an abortion. They can become depressed, & even begin to develop suicidal thoughts. The other thing is this: with all the forms of contraception available publicly now, if a woman does not want to have a child, then it is relatively easy not to. There really is no excuse for aborting a child. The modern feminist movement may promote abortion, however, there is a reason behind this. As Milo Yiannopoulos writes in his autobiography, ‘Feminism seems to always go against the actual interests of women.’

Moving on to another controversial topic, rape culture. In recent times, this has become one of the most damning weapons in the arsenal of the feminist movement. Now yes, I do acknowledge that rape is very much a real thing. And it is absolutely appalling. Anyone who is accurately convicted of rape deserves to go to prison. But what is really despicable is when women make false accusations of rape. This has become something which is all too common in modern society. There have been numerous cases where women have lied about being raped by a man or men, & these men can ultimately be sent to prison for years, decades, or even longer, simply because a woman pointed their finger at them. Sometimes there is no justice in the so-called justice system, with males falling victim to institutional bias. Judges can be lead by their own principles to punish males who commit a crime harshly while allowing women a lighter punishment, even though they committed the same crime. It’s actually corrupt. But there seems to be no end to corruption in the world. Men who are falsely accused & then convicted of rape have their lives destroyed on the spot. They end up living in a prison cell for many years, until they may be allowed to be released back into society. But they cannot simply pick up where they left off. They must navigate the narrow lane of their lives now with extreme caution. They will now live their lives being called a rapist, a monster. They will be demonized, threatened, the whole nine yards. Their mental health will deteriorate, & they will become depressed, they will feel alone. They could develop a mental health condition which will affect their lives even more greatly. They will suffer throughout their lives. For some, living may become too much, & they may contemplate suicide. Some may even take their own lives. The reason for all this: the unrelenting power of a disgruntled woman.

See, rape is a serious matter. There is nothing funny about rape, because it can destroy the lives of whoever it affects. It is physical abuse. And that is exactly why it needs to be taken seriously by everyone. But when women of the feminist movement go ahead & use it for their own personal gain, things begin to spiral well out of control. If a woman makes an accusation of rape, it has to be legitimate. We can’t continue to go through multiple cases where allegations of rape are made that are completely false, & in which a woman has devised a fitting story for the occasion. It is despicable. I just want to make this clear. I am in no way attempting to disrespect anyone here. I am simply stating that an allegation of rape is highly serious, & you cannot simply throw one out there just for the sake of doing it. It’s not a game, it is a serious matter. Do not make false accusations for your own personal gain. Quite simply, a false accusation is a waste of the authorities’ time. When they could be investigating serious cases, they are investigating a case which is completely made up. It is actually criminal to do this. So take matters like this seriously.

Now there’s something else I’d like to take some time to discuss. That is feminism in politics. Feminism is a political nightmare. Feminists in government are becoming all too common, & the impact is never truly positive. The issue is that individuals in political parties who proclaim feminist views are tearing the fabrics of the Parliament apart. Take a look at the most recent epidemic in the Australian Parliament: Bullying. After recent events took place & saw the leader of the Liberal Left Malcolm Turnbull out of all leadership positions & Parliament altogether, the feminists of the Liberal Left took it upon themselves to seek retribution for the actions of the Conservative, right wing of the party. Their tactic? Play the victim card. Mind you, this is not an uncommon strategy amongst the Left. If they can play the victim, they can achieve personal gain for their faction. It’s clever, but it’s not fooling anyone. Accusations have been made by female members of the Liberal Party against some of their male counterparts. Julia Banks, Lucy Giuchi, Ann Sudmalis, Kelly O’Dwyer, & former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Julie Bishop have all spoken of bullying & intimidation occurring within the Liberal Party. It’s no surprise that this is occurring, in particular with Bishop. Julie Bishop made an attempt to gain the Prime Ministership in the second spill tha occurred a few weeks ago, & only received 11 votes, subsequently being knocked out in the first round. But it is obvious that Bishop so desperately wanted that position. She has been waiting to take the position from somebody for so long. She even turned on Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister & joined ranks with Malcolm Turnbull so that she could maintain the role of Deputy Leader. She is only & has only ever been thinking about herself. Even now, she has decided to recontest her seat at the next federal election, & has been talking up the claims of bullying & intimidation from the backbench, running wild against new Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It just proves that she herself is willing to undermine others for her own personal gain. It is reminiscent of Malcolm Turnbull’s own agenda which came into play when he knifed Abbott.

The amusing thing about these claims of bullying is that they are hypocritical in nature. Julia Banks & Julie Bishop have both been involved in the intimidation of others in the Parliament. And here’s the sweetener. Julie Bishop has claimed that bullying & intimidation has been occurring in the Parliament for a long time, many years in fact. The thing is, Julie Bishop has been in the Parliament for twenty years. Two decades. So why would she only start talking about the so-called bullying & intimidation now? Well there’s a very simple answer for that. She’s disgruntled with her colleagues for not giving her the job. The major chance she had at being both Prime Minister & Leader of the Liberal Party, & she’s lost it. But she’s not going to go down quietly. And neither is Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull still thinks he has a voice in Parliament. And quite simply, he doesn’t. But that’s for another article. Julie Bishop, however, is the perfect example of rogue feminists in the Parliament. And the others who are in there are running rampant. They want quotas for how many women should be required to be in the Liberal Party. The women of the Labor Party agree. The feminist movement has reared its head in the Parliament, & it needs to be stopped before it causes anymore carnage.

I want to wrap this by making a few final remarks. The feminist movement is fueled by hate, that is no secret. Feminism was once something that actually made valid points, & stood for something worth standing for. But now, it has become a hateful, dangerous society. A society which is waging a bitter war against anyone & everyone who stands in its way. These radical feminists will attempt to take down anyone who does them the slightest wrong. They will ensue to silence those who voice truths averse to their movement, truths which expose them for what they truly are. Truths alike the ones explored in this article. What the feminist movement do not realize is that they are in fact doing more harm to women than good. They are actually fighting a war against their own cause. One which may persist until an inevitable implosion.

Short Story Sunday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Short Story Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, but here we are. Hope you enjoy.

The Maze

Detective Carter Henry had been on the job for twelve years now. It had been a long stint, but it was completely worth it. The countless cases he had solved, the lives he had saved, the families he had brought closure to, & all the people he had met along the way. It all made the job worth doing. The Detective still remembered the day he had been promoted to this very special position. He had been a regular cop for five years before he had been recognized as one of the best, & had subsequently been handed a detective’s badge with his name & face on it. The detective job had always been his dream. As a kid on the streets, he had played games with his friends, many a day pretending to be a skilled detective. And now here he was, twelve years in & still going strong. Mind you, it did take a slight toll on his mentality at times. There would be late nights & early mornings, days where he was downing coffees just to keep himself awake. And then there were the cases.

Some of the cases Detective Henry had worked were light, & there wasn’t too much in them. They were relatively clean & simple. But then there were the ones which were harsh, confronting, something else entirely, a world apart from the others. There had been some really brutal ones. Crime scenes from hell. Places soaked in the blood of innocent victims. Although there had been a few cases where the victims weren’t always innocent, but they were few in number. The thing about being a detective was that you had to be ready to face absolutely anything. You had to mentally prepare yourself. You had to have garnered complete control over your emotions. It was absolutely essential. However, for Detective Henry, one who had capably centred his emotional & mental state, there had been a few cases that were simply too much. The crazed lunatics who had created these crime scenes had gone way overboard. It seemed as if these criminal had absolutely lost their minds. Yet they were still found, prosecuted, & locked up thanks to the Detective. Because whilst the job wasn’t always pretty, it had to be done.

Of all the cases the Detective had seen, nothing could have prepared him for the one he had just been assigned. He had been through a lot in his life, & seen a multitude of crime scenes, some similar in nature, some different. But this one was exquisitely unique. It was something that only a delusional mastermind could accomplish. The Detective was out on a fifty acre block of land. Now on any other day, he may have found a nice big house, maybe some animals living out in the remainder of the land, or maybe even a community building, or a theme park, or anything other than what he was looking at right now. In front of the Detective was a giant maze. Cut from deep green hedges which were at least seven metres tall, and spanning at least three quarters of the block of land, it was like nothing he had ever seen before. This was allegedly something which needed to be investigated due to its unnatural & mysterious nature. And there he was, standing at the entrance. There was only one way to investigate, & that was to enter the maze. And so into the depths he stepped.

The Detective followed the maze around for about three minutes before he came to an intersection. He chose to veer right. After continuing on for another two minutes, he noticed something different about the small leaves on the hedge to his right. Their colour was dissimilar to the rest of the maze, or at least what he had walked through so far. They were a deep red. He took a closer look, reaching out & lightly touching this part of the hedge. He rubbed some of the leaves between his forefinger & thumb, attempting to determine if they had a different texture. As he pulled his hand away, he looked down, & noticed a section of the ground he was standing on was also a deep red in colour. He knelt down, reached inside his coat & pulled out a torch. Shining the torch into the hedge, he began to notice something inside it. He decided to reach in, just to check if something was indeed hidden inside the leafy walls of this maze. He could feel something soft in the hedge. He got a grip on it & pulled it out. As soon as the Detective saw what it was, he immediately dropped it. His eyes had widened, his jaw dropped. He felt feint. He thought he could pass out at any moment. This was pure evil.

What the Detective had seen was truly horrendous. Whoever had done this had been completely corrupted by all forms of evil. He knew he had to call this in right away. He had to get a team out here. A search team, a forensics team, the whole nine yards. This was not something which could just be done by one experienced Detective. It was so much bigger than that. For what this humble Detective had just seen, what he had just physically held, was the work of nightmares, something he would never wish upon any other human being. It was worse than being in a horror film. This practically was one. The Detective, going against all his better instincts, glimpsed down once more just to be certain this was real, that what he saw was actually there. And sure enough, there it was, a severed human head.

When the teams he had requested had arrived, the Detective had remained on the scene for a while, searching with them, combing the maze for anything hidden within it. After a few hours, he had decided it was best for him to go home & attempt to rebuild the wall that had just come crashing down in his mind. As the search went on, it was found that there were human body parts scattered throughout the maze. Many were hidden, some were left out in the open for anyone who walked through to see. It took a few weeks to search the entire maze, & after multiple searches were carried out, it was found that the remains of at least 42 people had been scattered all over this real-life nightmare. Detective Henry was astounded. He was genuinely appalled, disgusted at what was such a vicious crime, something which had never been seen anywhere in the world. But he knew that he had a duty, no matter how hard it was, to find whoever had done this, for the sake of those who had known these people. He had to close this case so that he could get justice for them. It wasn’t going to be easy, & it wasn’t going to be pretty, but it had to be done. No matter what.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it!