Vaccine Skepticism Is Justified

As COVID-19 continues to remain a part of our lives, solutions continue to be sought. There are numerous vaccines in the works, some now approved and being administered to the public. As an elderly woman in the United Kingdom became the first member of the general public to receive the Pfizer vaccine this week, it once again became a major topic of conversation. However, opinion … Continue reading Vaccine Skepticism Is Justified

Truth In A World Of Lies

The world today brings with it many challenges. One of those is locating truth. To find the truth today, one must navigate a sea of lies until they strike buried treasure. Because that is what the truth has become; buried underneath tonnes of untruths and misinformation. If you really want to track it down, you must be willing to put in the effort. Depending on … Continue reading Truth In A World Of Lies

Support For Dominion Rises

Dominion, the voting system company at the centre of claims of election fraud, have seen a surge in support in the last couple of weeks. A Dominion spokesperson said that, since the November election, the company has received thousands of calls requesting the software for “research purposes”. Allegedly, one of the callers sounded like attorney Sidney Powell, who has been investigating the claims of fraud … Continue reading Support For Dominion Rises

Bringing Religion and Politics Back To The Table

There has long been an unspoken rule observed by many to “never discuss politics or religion in polite company”. That means refraining from discussing these two topics in the presence of family and friends. This line of thinking serves one purpose and one purpose only: to avoid conflict. But as human beings, how are we expected to learn if not from each other. Yes, it … Continue reading Bringing Religion and Politics Back To The Table