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Hey everyone, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, and you’ve probably been waiting for something to happen for a couple months now. I’m do apologise for the significant lack of content. But I’m getting back to my blog now. I’ve been busy working on a few projects while I’ve been away from this, and they will hopefully be coming together a bit more over the coming months. One things I’ve discovered is that writing a book, in particular a novel, takes a lot of time and effort, and I really do mean a lot. And there will be a few little sneak peeks coming soon of some ideas/concepts I’m working on, but it will be a while yet. I do, however really need to get back to this blog, and in order to keep me back in the swing of things for this I’m going to be releasing a schedule of how things will work on this blog. This schedule will take effect as of next week. It is also subject to change, although it will probably stay in it’s current state for the foreseeable future, with some new additions being made every so often, depending on how well it works. You can see the schedule below:

Blog Schedule:

⁃ Short Story Sunday: Every Second Sunday – A short story to entertain

⁃ Flashback Friday: Every Friday – A flashback on the week’s events

⁃ Mystery Monday: Every Second Monday (may end up being every Monday) – Could be anything

⁃ Feature Articles: Any feature article I write will be published when it is complete, and may be published at any point during the week. I will however try to have at least one feature article out every week, although this will depend on my own schedule.

⁃ Special Events: World Cup Wednesday – Next Wednesday I’ll be publishing a special article previewing the 2018 FIFA World Cup, taking place in Russia beginning next Friday. There may be further World Cup Wednesdays throughout the following weeks for the duration of the World Cup.

So this is the schedule as of today. I will do all I can to stick to it myself and make sure I get things out on time. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming content on the blog, and I hope the schedule allows you to anticipate what’s to come. Enjoy!


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