Mystery Monday

Hey everyone, it’s the first bi-weekly Mystery Monday. A day on the blog where the post could be absolutely anything. There could be one post, there could be multiple posts. It could be a story, an article, or something completely different. You never know what’s going to happen. That’s why it’s called Mystery Monday. It’s a mystery. Exciting, isn’t it?

So today, on the first ever Mystery Monday, I have for you (drum roll please) …………. Poetry! Yes, poetry. This is one I composed quite recently. It just sort of popped into my head and I wrote it down. Hope you like it and enjoy!


A layer of speckled dots peppered across a soft, smooth surface,

Some huddled together,

Others spreading out,

Making their home in a small part of a vast land.

Some taking refuge on a face, an arm, a leg,

Each like a small grain of sand sprawled along an expansive beach,

A front for the vast ocean that sometimes spills over onto the shore,

Dampening these minuscule flecks.

Like a thousand shining stars glowing in the night sky,

Forming a map against their unique backdrop,

Each of them in their own way making it unique,

Making it special.

Many have them,

Some cover them up,

Some like to have them on display,

But each of these tiny faint spots add a unique beauty to their owner,

Setting them apart,

Making them different,

Making them special.

Some have more than others,

Some don’t have any at all,

But these little spots,

In all their wonder,

Are a brilliant sight,

Scattered across their surface,

Like sprinkles atop ice cream,

Adding a marvellous extra layer,

To an already spectacular individual.

A marvel to behold,

These infinitesimal specks,

Interspersed over a soft, silky layer of skin,

Instilling individuality,

Creating uniqueness,

Making someone special.

There you go, hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more posts in the coming days. And for all those who are questioning whether or not there will be a World Cup Wednesday this week, I can now exclusively reveal that the answer is yes. I’ll have maybe one or two feature articles this week too. Get excited!


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