Mystery Monday

Hey everyone, Mystery Monday is back. This week I have the second part of the poem about a potato for you. Enjoy.

The Return Of Mr Potato

Mr Potato,
Had turned into a fry,
But it didn’t end there,
For this clever little guy.

As before this potato,
Had been deep fried,
He had left behind,
Another of his kind.

Yes that smart little potato,
Before becoming a dud,
Had left in his place,
One last little spud.

This new little potato,
He was such a lad,
So much so that,
He took after his dad.

He wore that fancy little suit,
That fancy little tie,
That smart looking hat,
What a smart looking guy.

This potato was in fact,
A very clever type,
So smart that he lacked,
The little brown pipe.

This little potato,
Took it up a notch,
As he also wore,
A sparkling gold watch.

For this little guy,
There was no need for space,
He had an idetic memory,
Something new to his race.

This intelligent potato.
He became short of cash,
Maybe that’s why,
He turned into a mash.

Hope you liked it. Leave a comment if you want to see more like this. Share it around. Keep an eye out for more to come soon. Have a good one.


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