Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Flashback Friday, with yet another week of news. Let’s get right into it.

We’ll start with some political news this week, and it was revealed today that the government man National Energy Guarantee (NEG) looks set to go through, however without the unconditional support of the state and territory governments. The draft legislation for the NEG will be released for the consultation of the public if it makes it through a coalition party room meeting next week, although there have been a number of concerns based around the emissions reduction target. Environment groups have been welcoming of the news that state and territory governments are holding back their approval for the NEG. The Victorian state government has been particularly hard to crack, taking a hard stance and making it clear that they won’t support the NEG unless certain conditions that they have set out are met. There are also a number of backbenchers who have expressed their own concerns, inclusive of Tony Pasin, Craig Kelly, and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The aim of the NEG is to reduce carbon emissions whilst delivering cheaper and more reliable power. Retailers such as solar, gas and wind farm owners would be required to sign a contract under the policy agreeing to supply a minimum energy amount that would be available at any and all times. In all reality, this is obviously a push to combat the effects of climate change, and move towards creating a country that runs on renewable energy. However, realistically, we have enough coal to keep the country powered, and climate change is an unrealistic excuse used by politicians all over the globe.

In some more tragic news now, and a major earthquake occurred on the island of Lombok in Indonesia this week. And it got even worse after a further two strong earthquakes continue to shake the island, the third coming on Thursday. Tragically, the death toll has now topped 300, with 319 lives lost after the original magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The most recent quake was a magnitude 5.9, causing more damage to buildings, landslides, panic and injuries. It is also suspected the death toll will continue to rise, as victims of the first quake are still being found by rescue workers in the rubble and ruins of buildings that have collapsed. Approximately 68000 homes have been destroyed, and around 270000 people are now homeless or otherwise displaced. It has been a tragic week for Lombok, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people on the island and the friends and family of those who have lost loved ones in the tragedy at this time.

In some other news this week, it came to light during the week that all Australian citizens are legally entitled, under the ‘constituents’ request program’, to request and receive ‘nationhood material’, which is inclusive of Australian flags recordings of the National Anthem, and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. You can also request a portrait of Prince Phillip. This is only for Australians, and if you wish to receive your own portrait, you can request it by emailing your request to your local MP. Since this news came to light, it has been revealed that MPs have been inundated with requests for portraits of the Queen from many Australians. The program itself is a government funded one that was introduced in the Parliamentary Entitles Act 1990. It’s quite something.

And in entertainment news this week, the Ten Network has begun the promotion of Pilot Week, a week where a new show will be debuted every night, Sunday through Saturday. The fate of each show will be decided by the general public of Australia, a somewhat exciting prospect. Some of the shows star some well known Australian entertainers. The shows on trial this year are: Trial By Kyle (starring Kyle Sandilands), Disgrace! (a show starring former Labor Party Senator Sam Dastyari), Dave (a comedy show featuring Dave O’Neil), Drunk History (featuring Rhys Darby and Stephen Curry), Taboo (featuring Harley Breen), Kinne Tonight (featuring Troy Kinne), Skit Happens (a show featuring a range of Australian comedians), and Bring Back Saturday Night (starring Rove McManus). It will be really interesting to see how each of the seven shows performs, and how Australians receive them. Pilot Week begins on Sunday August 19. Also, the long awaited third season of Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures began on Sunday, and it was well received by Australians, with a similar but renewed humour interlaced in the show making viewers laugh, and entertaining many. The show continues at 7:30pm Sunday on Ten. Be sure to be watching.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Thanks for tuning in once again, and as always, be sure to keep an eye out for more to come soon. Have a good one.


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