North Korea And Nuclear Weapons

Note: Originally Published on September 3rd 2017

Today, North Korea went too far. Look, they’ve been testing missiles and nuclear weapons for a long time now, and there seems to be no way they’ll back down from their testing anytime soon. And sure, the UN has put sanctions on what they’re doing, and many countries have spoken out against North Korea, condemning the weapon tests, inclusive of the US and Australia. But the rogue country will not listen, they will not back down. And the individual of high concern is leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. The fearless leader of NK is unwilling to back down from any missile testing, any nuclear weapons testing, despite the sanctions handed down by the UN. The real problem is, he just doesn’t care. He couldn’t care less what others say, what others think. He only cares about himself and his missiles. And in some aspect, that really does make him a dangerous leader. He’s practically leading a brainwashed nation of North Korean civilians who will follow his rule without question. There is no rebellion, because if there was, if anyone even tried, they could be locked up or even killed. It’s a terrible place to live in.

But let’s get to what makes it all so relevant, so much worse as of today. Now sure, North Korea have threatened the US with missile attacks, more recently on Guam, and have also launched missiles in the direction of Japan, with threats being made to them and South Korea as well. Even Darwin, Australia has come under threat, as Australia has been aiding the US in terms of military. But now Kim Jong-Un and his weapons testing have gone too far. They’ve taken it to a whole new level, a height that should never have been reached. Because today, they’ve claimed to have successfully tested something else. A weapon ultimately more destructive than any other that has been tested in their history. A weapon that could ultimately wipe out millions if dropped. The ultimate weapon of mass destruction. North Korea have a H-Bomb.

The H-Bomb. A fearsome weapon that could wreak major havoc on any area on which it is dropped. Hopefully it never will be dropped. Here’s a run down on what exactly this weapon is. A H-Bomb, or Hydrogen Bomb, is an explosive which uses regular fission atomic bombs as their primer charge. The heat, the pressure, and the radiation from that prime explosion acts as a detonator in itself, setting off a second charge which compresses the hydrogen isotope fuel and creates what is referred to as a fusion reaction. The bomb derives its energy through the fusion of atoms. Now let’s be honest, most of us probably wouldn’t understand any of what I just said. And in all honesty, I don’t even know what it means. In reality, only a chemist or the like would actually understand what in the world any of that means. But I’ll put it in simpler terms for everyone else, who, like me, cannot understand it. Basically, the H-Bomb is an explosive which creates a big explosion wherever it is dropped. In even simpler terms, massive BOOM. And when I say massive, I mean an explosion of immense proportions. And to demonstrate the effect it could have, I’ll talk in terms of an explosion that’s already happened. Hypothetically, a 1 megaton hydrogen bomb, if detonated on the Earth’s surface, the blast power would be 80 times that of the one which resulted from the 1945 Bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This would create a 200 foot (60.96 metres) deep crater, 1000 feet (304.8 metres) in diameter. So in all perspective, it would literally be one of the worst case explosions the world would ever see.

Now that North Korea have claimed to have successfully carried out tests on a H-Bomb, it should be the top priority on the agenda of all world leaders and their governments, in particular those within close proximity, and those in range, of North Korea and its weapons. This is, in reality, a threat to the world. It is an international emergency. One which has an impact on some more than others, but still one which impacts the entire world. Something needs to be done. All countries should be cutting off any ties they have to North Korea. The country should ultimately be left in isolation. In all honesty, other than that, I really don’t know how they can stop Kim Jong-Un and his nation from doing what they’re doing. I really do hope that nothing happens, that no bombs are dropped, especially a H-Bomb. All we can do is just hope that Kim Jong-Un sees the light, that he finally has some sense, because if he doesn’t, the world could feel the effects.


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