1,000 Australian Schools Are Fed Insects

Bugs are on the menu at 1000 Australian schools. From crickets and mealworms to cockroach milk, the World Economic Forum think this is the future of food.

In a video taken at one school, students are being encouraged to consume chips made from powdered crickets.

There may be attempts to normalise this, but there is nothing normal or healthy about it. And the potential consequences of consuming insects could be dire.

Read my latest for The Spectator Australia.

The Perversion Of The English Language

Language is a powerful vessel. If you control it, you can control the masses and ‘the truth.’ Over the last few years, we have seen it co-opted by ideologues who seek to manipulate truth to suit their own agendas. Definitions and meanings have been altered, distorting the lines between what is true and what is a government fiction.

In my latest piece for The Spectator Australia, I detail several examples of this perversion of the English language from the last two and a half years, and explore the social repercussions.

The World Economic Forum: Heroes Or Villains?

The mainstream media won’t talk about the World Economic Forum, likely because many of them are implicated in it.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a guide to the organisation that is plotting world domination, and quietly achieving it. Numerous important links are included in the article that I would encourage everyone to look at.

This is an important one, and I’m grateful to be able to have it published by The Spectator Australia.