A New Age Of Christian Persecution

A new age of Christian persecution is upon us. But this time, the persecution is coming from leaders of so-called Christian countries. Andrew Thorburn was a symptom of a much larger issue occurring throughout society.

And while Daniel Andrews may claim to be Catholic, there is nothing Catholic about the way he acts.

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Australia’s Catholic Church: Politics, Paganism And Pandering

Two weeks ago, the Plenary Council met in Sydney for the second time, and quickly descended into radical activism.

The lack of courage from those who should be defending the faith was palpable as Bishops voted in favour of incorporating pagan symbols and rituals into the liturgy.

There were only two who voted against it.

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TNT Radio Interview With Rick Munn – 18/4/22

If you missed my latest appearance on TNT Radio’s Locked and Loaded with Rick Munn, here it is (albeit, I’ve uploaded it a little late, but it’s still relevant). This time we chatted about how politicians are using the Christian faith as a platform to appeal to religious voters, a bit about the Covid vaxxes and adverse effects, including the difference between science and “The Science,” and why it is important to live out our faith values, not just preach them.

An Unholy Affair: Wooing Religious Voters On The Cheap

“When I see a politician turn up to church for mass after years of absence, I know we must be getting close to an election. As a Catholic, it infuriates me because they are not coming to mass for the right reasons – they are attending to portray themselves as part of the Christian community.”

Politicians are now turning up to church. But it’s not because they’re religious. They’re just trying to get religious voters on side in a cheap attempt to bolster their electoral hopes.

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The Agius Hour Ep#2 – Kurt Mahlburg

Western Civilization is under attack. Certain ideological forces are attempting to undermine Western culture to break it down and usher in an ideal of their own. In order to achieve this, they are trying to weed out the roots of the West – Christianity.

In Episode 2 of The Agius Hour, writer and author of “Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?” Kurt Mahlburg joins me to discuss the state of Western Civilization and how turning away from Christianity is leading the world down a dangerous path.

You can get a copy of Kurt’s book, Cross and Culture, here: https://kurtmahlburg.blog/product/book/

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