Jesus Says “Vaccinate Or Leave!”

“It is past time that Christians who are supporting vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and any other coercive measures to essentially pressure and force people to take the vaccine against their will or better judgement understand that nothing about this is Christian.” Read my latest piece for The Good Sauce, where I break down the arguments being used by Christians to get other Christians to have … Continue reading Jesus Says “Vaccinate Or Leave!”

Catholic/Christian Conundrums #1 – The Christian Response To COVID-19

Introduction: Before we begin this piece, I’d like to provide you all with an introduction to what it is. This piece is the first in a series that will be published on a monthly basis. This is a collaborative series, that is, a series containing written parts from more than one author. It is the first collaboration you will see on this platform (hopefully the … Continue reading Catholic/Christian Conundrums #1 – The Christian Response To COVID-19

Spirit & Truth #2 – Redemption

As human beings, we all fall sometimes. I think in some sense we are all destined to at some point in our lives. If we do not, we cannot truly learn how to be better people. It is in the mistakes we make that we learn valuable lessons. We begin to recognize right from wrong, we get a better sense of the people we choose … Continue reading Spirit & Truth #2 – Redemption

Spirit & Truth #1 – Praise

Some of the most difficult times in life arise from the unknown. I think, as human beings, we can be so consumed by what is not known to us, what is known only to God. It drives us to a point of fear, of impatience and of sorrow. We struggle to contend with the seemingly infinite number of possibilities that swarm our minds. We worry … Continue reading Spirit & Truth #1 – Praise

Live Stream With Dia Beltran And Jesse Bell

Had the opportunity to go back on my friend Dia’s Live Show last night. Was a bit last minute so didn’t have a chance to share it, but if you want to have a watch, you can do so below! Dia and I are also collaborating on a project which will be announced very soon, so keep an eye out for that. Continue reading Live Stream With Dia Beltran And Jesse Bell