What’s Going On? – Politics

Note: Originally Published on June 13th 2017

Currently the world over, we are seeing a wide spanning range of political differences and instability. Now, each country that is dealing with these instabilities of sorts each have their own reasons for how it has come to be this way, but there seems to be some commonalities between countries in which changes are occurring. The most prominent of these is the increase in the number of individuals, in particular younger individuals, who have decided to undertake that occasional task that is voting. Each country is obviously different in some way in how they go about the process of voting and all that follows, however, each and every one of them (well, bar the dictatorships) is the same in that a leader is elected by the vote of the people. And in recent years, moreover recent months, we have see a surge in the amount of young people who have turned out to polling booths all over their respective countries to vote, and their votes have somewhat changed the leadership environment of the country in which they inhabit.

Two countries in particular have caught the world’s eye more recently; that is the U.K. and of course the United States of America (or divided states to some). The UK has more recently had their vote, only last week, and yes, there was a significant increase in the amount of people who turned out to the polls, particularly the younger individuals. Now the two major parties are those of the Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, and the Labor Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn. Now, in May’s idealisation, she thought that calling an election three years early with an extended campaign was a good idea, primarily because she thought it would bring some stability to the government of the United Kingdom. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? She sounds like someone else a bit closer to home, right? Maybe even someone who has the same initials as herself, just switched around. TM the opposite way around is MT. That’s right, you guessed it! Malcolm Turnbull. Mr Turnbull, similarly, decided to call a double dissolution, also with an extensive, three month campaign, for the basic purpose of cementing his place and gaining some increase in stability. And they each faced a very similar outcome; a severe loss of seats in parliament and an increase in instability. And a fun fact; each of their respective campaigns were managed by the same individual. My advice: I would not go hiring that guy if you want to keep your government in tact. Right now, the Labor parties on both countries are waiting for their chance to seize power, and it may not be all that long for some.

Meanwhile, over in the US, we’ve seen some months of increasing uncertainties, since the election of Mr Billionaire Businessman, Donald Trump. Trump has, in some senses, created some division between individuals in the US, and even in other countries. This has come about stemming from a variety of purposes, such as his unique policies. For example, the immigration restrictions on those who come from Muslim nations, of which the policies, or the movements of which have been created for them, have been barred by judges at least twice. What this has created is somewhat of a prejudice within the so called ‘United’ States of America, which has become more of a divided nation. Not to say that this prejudice hasn’t been around for a greater period of time, it has just become even greater more recently. The current issue with the US, however, is that Trump, who has become overly used to firing people in the past, has now taken it to a whole new level, firing the Director, or former Director, of the FBI, James Comey. The reason behind this was never stated, but now it appears, through Comey’s testimony and statements, that there was something else going on that Trump wanted hidden from the world. And coupled with his tweets, he’s really not doing himself any favours. I think some would agree that he himself didn’t realise how much harder this job would be than he realised. And does anyone know what ‘covefefe’ means yet? All I’ve managed to come up with is that he’s coding something, or this may in fact be the nuclear codes. Anyway, Trump still has some work to do, and, doubtful though it may seem, impeachment is something on many minds. It’s not entirely impossible, but highly unlikely due to the majority of all levels of government in the US comprising of Republicans over Democrats. However, it could still happen, although with some major work in persuasion from the Democrats. Who knows what’ll happen in America these days?

So there you go, a bit of a commentary on the politics of the world at the moment. Hope you got something out of it, and if there’s any suggestions for future articles/commentaries or even ideas on what ‘covefefe’ means, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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