Mystery Monday

Hey there everyone, welcome back to Mystery Monday. This blog is sure keeping me busy. So for today’s Mystery Monday, you all get another poem, this one being one I wrote last year. Thought it would be good to share though, so enjoy it!

The Potato

There was once a potato,
Who was nice and round,
He was large for his size,
And he lay on the ground.

He minded his own business,
And kept it at that,
But this potato was different,
Cause he wore a hat.

But that was not all,
Because as was his root,
This classy potato,
Well, he wore a suit.

That was not it though,
Cause this little guy,
Wore on his suit,
A little red tie.

And yet there was more,
What else might you ask?
Well this little potato,
Had a little moustache.

Yet that was not all,
Cause as was his type,
This little potato,
Smoked a little brown pipe.

But see this potato,
He needed carrying space,
And so carried with him,
A small black suitcase.

And within this suitcase,
We’re not business tips,
Surprisingly instead,
There was a bag of potato chips.

That little potato,
What an odd little guy,
He was once my friend,
But now, he’s a French fry.

And there you have it. Another Mystery Monday. If you want Part 2 of the potato story (because there is a Part 2), like the post, give the blog a follow and leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed this one!


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