Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Flashback Friday. It’s been a big week of news this week, so let’s get right into it.

First, let’s address the big news of the week, the division in the Liberal National Government. During the week, there has been a lot of talk about the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and it has caused high levels of tension and dissent in the parliament, but not just between parties, it’s also caused issues between members of the Liberal National Government, and the cracks are starting to grow. With 9 MPs in the government now threatening to cross the floor over the NEG, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews, George Christensen, Andrew Hastie, Craig Kelly, Andrew Gee, Tony Pasin and Barry O’Sullivan, as well as one of the Liberal frontbenchers Keith Pitt considering resigning over the legislation, it was a wonder this thing hadn’t absolutely destroyed the government and ripped the party apart. But then it went further. This piece of legislation has now taken a severe turn, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership coming under threat, after it was revealed that a leadership spill could be on the cards, and that threat has now been confirmed to be legitimate, with Liberal cabinet minister Peter Dutton being the one who is teed up to be the one who will challenge the Prime Minister’s leadership if certain events do not occur with the NEG. If Turnbull does manage to lose the Prime Ministership in the coming weeks, it would be the second time he’s lost the leadership of the Liberal Party. Make sure you watch this space for more to come on the political landscape very soon.

In some other news this week, and the Powerball stood at $100 million this week going into Thursday night. And after the draw took place, it was revealed that the jackpot had indeed gone off, and that there were in fact two lucky winners who had each won $50 million each, something everyone dreams of. The winning tickets were purchased in Melbourne and southwest Sydney. The Melbourne winner has come forward to claim his prize, however the Sydney winner has not yet come forward, which means that someone could be yet to discover that they have become a multi millionaire, and is walking around with a lottery ticket worth $50 million. It’s great news for the winners, and better luck next time for everyone else who purchased a ticket.

In sports news, today current Football Federation Australia (FFA) chairman Steven Lowy formally announced he will not be re-contesting for the chairmanship when his term concludes in November. Whilst in office, Lowy has, alongside CEO David Gallop, caused high levels of controversy and made some highly questionable moves and decisions which have in many ways impacted the game of football in Australia. His announcement comes only weeks after a FIFA backed working group put forward a 100 page plan for the A-League to become independent from the FFA, which could allow for the league to grow and become much better than it currently is. The document, which would have to gain 75% of a vote at an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) next month, was criticised by Lowy and the FFA over the last couple of weeks, however FIFA have threatened to step in and bar the Socceroos from playing in international tournaments, including the Asian Cup next year in which they are defending champions, if the document is not passed next month. Lowy could still be sacked by FIFA if they do eventually step in over the next couple of months, however it is more likely he will see out the remainder of his term, and will step down from the position of FFA Chairman in November.

To entertainment news, and this week, more specifically last night, the world lost a music legend in the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. The legendary songstress became gravely ill earlier this week, and sadly passed away in the company of family and friends last night after a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 76. Franklin will be remembered by many as an inspirational woman, and one of the greatest singers to ever grace this world with her voice. Tributes have flowed out for Franklin since her passing, and her songs, including Natural Woman, Respect, and I Say A Little Prayer, will most certainly never be forgotten and will be played on in the years to come. Our hearts and thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.

And that’s it for another rFlashback Friday. We’ll be back next week with more news. And make sure to stay tuned for more to come very soon. I’ll be posting any updates on the potential leadership spill if it does end up taking place in the coming week. Have a good one!


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