Mystery Monday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Mystery Monday. Today it’s a bit of a different one. I’m going to share with you all some of the books I’ve read, some of my personal favourites and a few recommendations. Hope you enjoy it.

Skulduggery Pleasant Series: This is my all time favourite series of novels. Derek Landy writes so well, and is able to masterfully intertwine multiple events and story lines into each of the novels in this series. The series actually ‘ended’ after book 9, but it was so popular, and so after wrapping and releasing the third and final book of a separate trilogy, Landy announced the return of Skulduggery Pleasant, with Book 10 of the series. The series is now at 11 books, as well as some additional short stories and novellas. Additionally, there’s great humour throughout the series. I would highly recommend it.

Gone Series: This series by Michael Grant is all about the people of an American town, more specifically, the children in that town, and how they must survive after a dome of sorts covers the entire town and everyone over the age of 15 disappears. It’s a very interesting series, one I read a few years ago, spanning six novels. The story is thrilling and intriguing, and really makes you think.

Harry Potter Series: Obviously this is going to be on my list. The Harry Potter Series is one of the greatest series of all time, and will stand as a pure masterpiece for decades to come. The series is written brilliantly by J.K. Rowling, and is full of magic and wonder, so you can really let your imagination run wild. The films are great, but there is so much more packed into the novels. They are more than definitely worth a read, and I’d highly recommend them.

IT: Stephen King has a way of writing, of telling a story, that is so completely unique to him, and that really no one else could replicate. The terrors and horrors he implicates into his stories are just something else, and the detail he writes in just adds volumes to the terrifying ideas he brings to life. IT is a true horror story, but it’s written so well, and Stephen King always does his story justice. It’s not for the faint hearted, but if you like a good horror story, then give it a read.

Dangerous: This is more of an analytical book. Written by political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, it focuses on political correctness, social justice and a variety of other topics and movements which Milo discusses in depth. He details and commentates on ideas and issues which can be controversial, and speaks harsh truths, which some may disagree with. He is quite clever in his commentary, and this autobiography is very much worth the read.

The Phoenix Files Series: This six novel series written by Australia author Chris Morphew is one I would recommend for anyone into science fiction based thrillers. The series is set in the town of Phoenix, run by the Shackleton Cooperative, and where the inhabitants have no access to the internet, phones, or cars. The plot becomes more intriguing as the series progresses, and Morphew is able to capture the teenage voice so well. The series is for the majority based around teenage characters, and will keep you hooked the entire time, so much so that you won’t want to put the book down. Definitely worth a read.

The Great Gatsby: I’ve put this one in for a reason. I’m not someone who generally reads classic novels per say. I often prefer to read science fiction and thrillers amongst other genres of novels. But Gatsby, a classic novel, was genuinely a good read, and I personally enjoyed the story and the way in which it was told. Telling the story through the eyes of one character is an interesting concept, and one I was intrigued by. F. Scott Fitzgerald writes masterfully, and this is one classic novel which I could see myself reading again, one which I’d recommend.

And that’s it from me. There are many more novels, books, and series I could mention, but then this could go on for a while. I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe you might feel like picking up one of these books after reading this. The other thing I’ll say is this: if you want to read a book, it’s always better to get a physical copy, rather than read it on your phone or an e-reader or any other device. Having a physical paper book is something else, and it feels great to be able to turn the page physically as you make your way through the story that’s told in any book. Anyway, have a good one and I’ll be back soon.


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