Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, here’s another Flashback Friday, after another massive week of news.

Well, I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t mention the obvious news this week. Early in the week, there was pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to spill the leadership. And so he did, with Peter Dutton putting his hand up to contest the leadership. It was 48-35 with Malcolm retaining the leadership, however there was still pressure on Turnbull, and after Dutton resigned to the backbench along with some other ministers, it was always going to stay. After a petition was started to have another party room meeting for another spill, after Dutton’s eligibility to sit in Parliament was questioned, after the House of Representatives was adjourned for the first time in history after failed no confidence motions from the Labor Party, and after a number of resignations from the frontbench, meetings in Turnbull’s office, two other candidates emerging, threats from Turnbull, strong opinions from the media, delays, cheap tactics from Turnbull, and a signed petition, a party room meeting was convened. The leadership was spilled with a vote of 45-40, and Turnbull subsequently resigned from the position of leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister. Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, and Julie Bishop all contested the position. There were two rounds, with Bishop knocked out in the first, and Morrison emerging victorious after the second in a vote of 45-40. Josh Frydenberg, Steve Ciobo and Greg Hunt contested Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, with Frydenberg emerging the clear winner. Turnbull addressed the media this afternoon for the final time. Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg addressed the media later on, with a well thought out speech. They were both sworn in as Prime Minister and Treasurer by the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove this evening, and will now lead the government. A cabinet will be put together next week. A chaotic week for the Government, and it will be interesting to see whether or not the party can heal and come together united under their new leader.

Meanwhile, in some sports news, Usain Bolt arrived in Australia earlier this week, and has begun his trial with the Central Coast Mariners. He was greeted by many at the airport, drawing one of the largest crowds of welcome. He has already been praised by Head Coach Mike Mulvey, who revealed he was impressed with Bolt after what he had seen so far. Bolt has said that he is happy to be with the team and that he just wants to be treated as one of the boys. He will continue to trial with the Mariners indefinitely, and could play in their upcoming trial match against a local Central Coast club within the next week, although this isn’t certain yet.

In some other news, the heaviest rain so far this year has been forecast to occur over this weekend in parts of NSW and QLD in what is being labelled a substantial rain event. The good news is that this will most likely aid the farmers in getting some relief from the drought, in particular those in northern NSW. The rain event is due to a low pressure system working its way up to the eastern states from South Australia. The ACT and Victoria have also experience some rain already. About 15-40mm of rain is expected to fall from southern NSW up to the Sunshine Coast with Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Gold Coast and Brisbane all to experience a very rainy weekend. Rains and thunderstorms are predicted, some potentially being severe, with flash flooding being a possibility. Make sure to be wary of the weather this weekend.

And in a bit of entertainment news, Pilot Week has been airing on the Ten Network this week, with 7 of the 8 shows having now been aired. So far Kinne Tonight has had the best ratings, whilst Trial By Kyle has been seen as so bad it’s actually good. Meanwhile, there was some controversy over some skits on Skit Happens, whilst Sam Dastyari’s new show Disgrace! actually gained some decent ratings and reviews. Only one show will remain on television, gaining a full season next year, whilst the rest will all be dumped for now based upon viewer voting. The eight and final show, Saturday Night, hosted by Rove McManus, a live show, will be aired tomorrow night.

And that’s it for the week. Be on the lookout for a more in depth article on the events that have occurred in Parliament and in the Government this week, which will probably be out sometime in the next two weeks. Have a good one.


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