Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Flashback Friday. Let’s get right into it.

Starting with the food contamination crisis this week, and it has been a tumultuous week for the food industry and for farmers this week, with a saboteur inserting needles into strawberries in an effort to harm people who purchase them. The saboteur still hasn’t been found, however an investigation is underway, with police looking for any information that might lead them to the culprit. However, the incident was not isolated, with multiple copycat incidents now having taken place in addition to the incidents related to the initial finding, and with multiple types of fruit being contaminated. Six brands of Australian strawberries have now been taken off the shelves, and New Zealand have stopped importing Australian strawberries altogether. Woolworths have also pulled sewing needles and other types of needles from their shelves in an effort to prevent further contamination incidents. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with Health Minister Greg Hunt and Attorney General Christian Porter, have also made an amendment to contamination laws, one which was passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday, which strengthens the laws in relation to contamination and increases the penalty from 10 years to 15 years max in prison in an effort to put a stop to the contamination crisis. More to come on this in the coming weeks.

In general Parliamentary news now, and this week saw Scott Morrison’s second sitting week as the new PM in Parliament. And Labor and the Greens did not make it an easy one for him. After a Labor dominated Senate inquiry into the decisions Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton made on a few au pairs reported back that Dutton had in fact misled the Parliament, Greens MP Adam Bandt attempted to have a motion of no confidence moved through the House of Representatives. The motion was defeated by one vote, 68-67, with many saying that Dutton saved himself. Morrison was also criticised by the Labor Party for the funding boost he announced yesterday for the Catholic and independent schools. The main criticism was that there was lack of funding for public schools, however they are practically on par with, if not receiving more funding than the Catholic and independent schools, so this criticism is unnecessary. What was amusing about this week in Parliament however, was the one question repeatedly asked in question time. Bill Shorten found a new way each sitting day of the last two weeks to ask why Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t the Prime Minister. The question has just become a joke. Additionally this week, Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis announced she will not recontest her seat in the next federal election, following in the footsteps of Julia Banks, citing bullying as one of the reasons. And a royal commission into aged care has also been announced this week by the government. The Parliament is now on a three week break.

In a bit more political news now, and Pauline Hanson has once again caused a stir this week with a motion she wishes to present to the Senate, one which will now be presented when Parliament returns after a three week break. The motion was to be put forward yesterday, however time was running short and it could not occur. The motion is that the Senate acknowledge a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation b) It is ok to be white. The motion has caused a stir, becoming controversial almost instantly. Many are saying that Hanson is wrong, and that this is a ridiculous motion, that there is no such thing as racism towards white people. But Hanson is actually right. She is standing up for something that needs recognition, and racism against white people is very much a real thing. Now obviously, the Left are going to be all over this. In fact, they already are. And they will do everything they can to ridicule the motion and Pauline Hanson and attempt to shut her and this down. But this is the Left attempting to blind people once again. And I’ll have more on this in the next Exposé article coming soon. But for now, well done to Pauline Hanson for standing up for something completely valid.

And in entertainment news this week, it was announced that, 22 years after the first film was released, a second Space Jam movie is in the works. The first movie starred NBA star Michael Jordan, with the sequel set to star NBA star Lebron James. The film will once again feature the Looney Tunes characters, and is set to be released sometime in 2019, 23 years after the first film’s release. And, keeping with films, the first Captain Marvel trailer was released this week, showing off Brie Larson as the major Marvel superhero. The film, set in the 1990s, is set to be released on March 6 2019, with the trailer already garnering over one hundred million views in its first day. And another exciting film has been released today, that being the highly anticipated Johnny English Strikes Again. The film, starring Rowan Atkinson as British Spy Johnny English, is the third film in the series, being released seven years after Johnny English Reborn, the sequel to the first film, was released. It is in cinemas now and it should be worth seeing.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Join me next week for another Mystery Monday, another Exposé, another Flashback Friday, and maybe even more. Have a good one!


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