Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to Flashback Friday. You’ll notice however that’s it’s actually Saturday. That’s because it may have slipped my mind that I hadn’t put out a Flashback Friday yesterday when it was all too late to do so. But it’s probably still Friday somewhere in the world. So let’s get into it.

First up this week, and over in the US, Malcolm Turnbull has been caught on a secret tape, revealed by Nine’s Chief Political Editor Chris Uhlmann, referring to former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd as ‘miserable ghosts’. Within the tape, Turnbull has been caught taking swipes at the former Prime Ministers, however, it is uncertain as to how he is qualified to make these statements, seeing as he himself seems to still be upset about being rolled. Former PM Paul Keating spoke out about Turnbull, labelling him as having ‘failed miserably’ as Prime Minister of Australia. Additionally in political news this week, Liberal MP Craig Kelly has spoken out to the NSW Liberal Party this week saying that fossil fuels are protecting us. His statements have been met with criticism by many on the Left, after practically denying climate change and stating that coal is the future. It’s good to see someone in our government standing up for what is right.

Additionally this week, Andrew Bolt has interviewed Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on his Sky News program The Bolt Report, ahead of Milo’s return to Australia for another speaking tour, this time accompanied by fellow Conservative Ann Coulter. In the interview, Milo has spoken of a toxin that is spreading to Australia that will try to rid the country of free speech. He has also declared that Australia is the world’s last hope to defend free speech. Since the interview, many Leftists have come out of the woodworks, demanding that he not be allowed back into Australia. It just goes to show that exposing the Left makes them run scared and angry. Milo has also announced that he is writing a book that is to be entitled ‘Australia, You’re My Only Hope’. His tour of Australia with Ann Coulter entitled Ann and Milo Live begins on the 29th of November on the Gold Coast.

To sport now, and this week saw two big footy finals played, one which was extremely close, the other not so. The Grand Final weekend kicked off with the AFL Grand Final between the Collingwood Magpies and the West Coast Eagles. The Black Eyed Peas and Jimmy Barnes opened the Grand Final as the entertainment with great performances, before all the action kicked off. The Magpies had a good 29 point lead at an early stage in the match, however the Eagles closed the gap, and even managed to get ahead. The game became very tight in the final two quarters, with each team continuing to score to level the playing field. In the end however, the Eagles made a break and managed to score the final goal of the match, which saw them crowned Premiers 79-74. A tough result for the Magpies, but well played nonetheless. The following night the NRL Grand Final took centre stage, with the Melbourne Storm taking on the Sydney Roosters. Billy Slater was set to play his final match of professional NRL. Cooper Cronk was confirmed to play at the last minute. And it seemed that Cronk, despite doing little on the field in terms of playing the ball, was the magic man that the Roosters needed, with his on field coaching getting them well ahead of the Storm and dominating the game, with the Roosters ultimately taking the match 21-6. Billy Slater now enters retirement. Well done to the Roosters on the Grand Final win.

And now to entertainment news, and this week saw the season finale of Ten’s reality television show The Bachelor, which saw many viewers shocked with the end result. After a walk out in the top three, the final two jetted off to New Caledonia with Bachelor Nick Cummins, only to find that he would ultimately choose neither of them. For the first time in Bachelor history, the Bachelor chose no-one, ultimately wasting the time of many people. It would be a wonder if anyone decided to apply for the show after this year’s season. And in a bit of other television news, the 11th Season of Doctor Who starts this Monday (8th October) in Australia, with an all new female Doctor and three new companions. It all kicks off at 5:55pm on Monday 8th October on the ABC.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Now after much work on Part 3 of the Exposé Series, I can say that I will likely have it out on Monday, although I can’t guarantee that. But very likely Monday. Also, don’t forget to change your clocks tonight as daylight saving starts here in Australia tomorrow. Have a good one.


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