The Left

Welcome back. This is most definitely one you will want to read. Because I’m about to bring about some harsh truths. Truths that a certain group of people will vehemently deny, & ones which they will more than likely attempt to expose as lies. But I can guarantee that all that follows in this article is completely true. It is all factual information. This is information that everyone should be sharing around & acknowledging, because everyone deserves to know, everyone deserves to see how these people are working against the better interests of anyone & everyone who inhabits this Earth. That’s right, the Left.

First, I’ll define the Left for those who are uncertain as to the meaning of this. The Left are a group of people who favour radical, reforming, or socialist views. That’s probably the simplest definition of this group that you will find. They are those people who want to see drastic change, the one’s who come up with & push ideas that are quite unique. Radical ideas like climate change & global warming, the gender pay gap, & much more. The Feminist Movement & the Black Lives Matter Movement are both controlled by the Left, & are both leftist principles. The Media is controlled by the Left. The Left oppose the Catholic Church. Everything the Left stands for, everything they do, can be undone by Conservatives. They know this. And that is why, if anyone makes an attempt to step in their path & make an effort to expose them, to undo them, they will be shot down. The Left will make every effort to silence them, to ruin their reputation, to discredit them. They do not want their truths exposed. Because if this occurs, people may just begin to realize what the Left really are: A group of radicals whose ideas & principles are all nonsense.

I’ll begin with the Media. I’ve personally wanted to slam the media for a while now on their unadulterated bias. The media report on anything & everything to make a quick buck. Journalists are all constantly at war with each other, with each one looking to get a story before the others do. They will likely do anything to ensure that they are the first one to report the story. And it is for this reason that all too often the real story gets lost in a pile of rubbish. And where does the majority of the rubbish come from? The Left. The Left lie. They will report false information in such a way as to fool the general public so that their narrative is believed. And many people do fall for it, because they simply aren’t clued in to what the Leftist media is doing. But it goes further than that.

Take, for example, the reporting on the recent vote to re-endorse Tony Abbott in the federal seat of Warringah. It was initially reported by many that Abbott had only garnered 55% of the vote, a slim majority. But how would the media have known this? Not even the best journalists would be able to get this information on their own. They would need a leak from those who were in the party room meeting in order to gain such statistics. Or they could just pull a number out of thin air to use in their story. But see, the initial reports of 55% & 46-38 were incorrect. They were completely invalid. And you may be wondering how these numbers were then used in stories by professional journalists. Well, there is a very simple explanation for this. The numbers were, in most cases, leaked to journalists by the Liberal Left. In some other cases, such as that of Phil Coorey’s report in the Australian Financial Times, the numbers were completely fabricated by the journalist, who did not contact the office of Tony Abbott for vote numbers or for comment. Although this does make sense, as Coorey was one of the journalists who was trusted by former Prime Minister & Leader of the Liberal Left Malcolm Turnbull. Yes, that’s right, Turnbull is the leader of this destructive faction of the Liberal Party. He may have been ousted by his former Party a month ago, but he is still on the warpath to obliterate the Liberal Party of Australia. Of course, Malcolm is not happy about what occurred within his own Party when he was challenged by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, & he is in no way going down quietly. He has been making unnecessary remarks in regards to former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott & Kevin Rudd in New York over the last month. He will no doubt continue to undermine this Party until he brings the whole thing crashing down. And you can see the tactics of the Liberal Left showing themselves already.

The Liberal Left are the troublemakers of the Liberal Party. They are the ones who really should be sitting on the opposite side of the chamber with the Labor Party & the Greens. They’re the ones who, like Turnbull, want to run the country, run the world, on their own terms. Recently, they have been employing despicable tactics in order to make their own Party appear unstable. The number one tactic used: Bullying. See, Julie Bishop, Ann Sudmalis, Julia Banks, Lucy Giuchi, Kelly O’Dwyer, & a few other Liberal women, all within the ranks of the Liberal Left, have complained of bullying within the Liberal Party. A few of them have even made the decision to step out of politics, announcing to the Parliament that they will not recontest their seat at the next federal election, expected to occur in May next year. Some have threatened to name their bullies. Ann Sudmalis even decided to actually do it. But they don’t have evidence. They can’t back these claims up. Even in the instances when they do name these alleged bullies, they are unable to show anything for it. Additionally, you’ll notice that the ‘bullies’ they refer to are male, & some that have been named do not actually work within the Party, but rather for the media. And this is typical of the rogue faction of the Liberal Party. They think that blaming the media will solve their problems. But it won’t. Look at Sky News. In a recent episode of Outsiders, Ross Cameron & Rowan Dean were discussing the bullying, & mentioned that it makes these politicians look weak to claim that they have been bullied. In all reality, the Liberal Left are merely using this as a tactic in an attempt to cause the Liberal Party to implode, & for the women of the Liberal Party to walk out of the ashes victorious, with Julie Bishop leading the way. It’s all one major ruse.

Getting back to the media now, & you’ll find that the Left control the vast majority of the media. The ABC, a taxpayer funded network, is the biggest Leftist media outlet in Australia. If you take a look at many of the presenters & journalists who work on the ABC, who have recurring shows, permanent spots on the media outlet, you’ll begin to realize that they are all part of the Left. Now look, I appreciate some of the satire on some of the shows on the ABC. Tom Gleeson is a very funny man, & I enjoy his Hard Chat segment on The Weekly, as well as his own show Hard Quiz. And whilst I have also watched shows like The Weekly & Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, it has become evident that there is Leftist bias within shows such as these, in particular Mad As Hell, which takes on a very Leftist approach to political events. The ABC is as left as they come. But there are other media outlets who have also been touched by the Left. Channel Nine have skewed towards the Left with political editor Chris Uhlmann being as Left as they come. It makes sense however, seeing as he is married to a Labor Party politician. However, 7, 9, & 10 all generally take an unbiased approach to the news & to political ideas. Except for one program: The Project. The Project is very much a Leftist program, with host Waleed Aly being one of the biggest Leftist journalists out there. The Project are constantly working with the Left against Conservatives, & make attempts to make Conservatives look bad on television. SBS is also very much a Leftist media outlet. Television networks, however, are not the only sources of media controlled by the Left. Some newspapers have also made their way into the hands of Leftist journalists. The Australian Financial Review sources news from Leftist Phil Coorey. Fairfax has also been corrupted by the Left, & this could well make its way into Nine after the recent merger. The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald are additionally Leftist media. All of these media outlets lie to Australians every day, the spread the lies of the Left. So who can Australians turn to if they seek the truth?

Well, there are a few media outlets who have been left unscathed by the corruption that is the Left. Radio station 2GB, in the capable hands of Alan Jones & Ray Hadley, will expose the lies of the Left, & will allow for you to see the truths that the Left so desperately want to keep hidden. And whilst you may think that all television media has become controlled by the Left, there is still one channel that has been left untouched: Sky News. Sky News is brilliant. Its presenters & journalists all report & discuss the truths of the world, & expose the false truths flaunted by the Left. People like Peta Credlin, Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, Rowan Dean & Ross Cameron will give you the low down on what the Left are attempting to do, how they are attempting to deceive unwary Australians & silence Conservatives, & will reveal the truths of the world that will destroy the Leftist lies that are so often spread. People of the Left will have you believe that these legitimate professional presenters & journalists are wrong, & that what they are saying is complete rubbish. But what these individuals at Sky News do is call out the Left for their despicable untruths, & do so in the public eye. It’s good to see there are still some people in the media who have refused to allow for the Left to corrupt them.

The world of technology, moreover social media, has also become a victim of the Left. Facebook, Twitter. Two of the biggest social media companies in the world. Google. Probably the biggest & most used search engine in the world. All three have been corrupted by the Left. Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey, the CEOs of Facebook & Twitter respectively, have each admitted to the Left wing bias of their social media platforms. But both do not admit to their own Leftist bias. Both platforms also employ the use of a classic tool of the Left, censorship, in order to censor Conservatives. The CEOs will not admit to this, however it is very much the truth. Many Conservatives have reported being censored by these two social media giants on numerous occasions. And this further exposes the inner political working of these platforms & their operators. Google has also been the source of Left wing bias. The search engine has noticeably censored autofill phrases which would do damage to Left wing individuals, but happily ensure that any autofill searches that damage Conservative individuals make their way to the top of the search bar. This was most noticeable in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election in the US, when any autofill search that would be destructive to the campaign of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton was censored & did not appear, whilst the opposite occurred for searches relating to Republican candidate & now President, Donald Trump. See, companies like Facebook, Twitter & Google have all become compromised by the Left. And their CEOs do absolutely nothing about it, because they are the ones running this somewhat elaborate scheme. It’s really appalling how they are using their positions in order t do this, however their ways of censorship will not work.

Now onto false truths. The Left love false truths. They are practically obsessed with them. You know that person who’s always starting a rumour about someone & it gains so much traction in the daily gossip of other people that they actually believe it’s true? The Left is that person. They come up with these radical ideas that really are beyond belief. The ironic thing is that the Left are consistently calling out Conservatives & those who speak the truth for spreading ‘Fake News’. The real fake news comes from the Left. They tap into the minds of innocent individuals who aren’t all that clued in to the political spectrum, & drill into their minds these vicious untruths. And these innocent people can’t do a thing about it. The Left force their beliefs upon them, & they are left helpless & deceived. The Left spread lies, & these lies can be damaging to society.

Climate change & global warming. This is the biggest lie that you will hear from the Left. They are always harping on about how we need to reduce carbon emissions, how we need to use only renewable energy rather than coal, how we need to save the planet. Well, here’s some news for you: We can’t save the planet from something that is completely non-existent. Just because you make something up & believe in it to a great extent doesn’t make it real. Climate change & global warming are a myth, a fabrication of the Left. And sure, the weather changes, but the climate doesn’t. And there is a distinct difference between the two. Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere at a particular place & time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc., whereas climate refers to the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period. Take this as any example, Canada has a cold climate, because it is predominantly cold in Canada for the entirety of the year. Now on a few days or more, maybe even a few weeks, a few months maybe, every now & then, the weather may change to become slightly warmer. This does not mean the climate has changed. This is  simply a change in weather. This works in the same way that the Sahara Desert is hot for the majority of the year, and thus has a hot climate, which does not change. See, climate change is not real. Additionally, renewable energy is not the way of the future, coal is. Now the Left will tell you that renewable energy is cheaper & that it will lower power prices. This is ridiculously absurd rubbish. Renewables have already been used in multiple other countries, & they have in fact seen an INCREASE in power prices. Coal, however, is cheaper, & is much more stable, the logical choice. But the Left are having none of this. No, they will tell you that coal is evil & that burning coal to produce power is contributing greatly to climate change & global warming. Well here’s the truth: Coal is not evil, & burning coal does not contribute at all to climate change & global warming because these mythical constructs of the Left simply do not exist. Do not believe the lies of the Left.

Let’s move on. Identity politics. Identity politics have become one of the most irritating things used by the Left. Now there is a whole sea of ideas that fall under the broad banner of identity politics. First, the gender pay gap. Now I know I covered this in Part 2 of this series, but I will delve into it again here. As I have previously pointed out, the gender pay gap is a myth. It is a ridiculous fabrication of the Left. There is no truth to it at all. The Left will have you believe that women are paid less than men for doing the exact same job under the exact same circumstance in the exact same workplace with the exact same qualifications. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In a situation such as this, both men & women would be paid the exact same. See, when relevant factors, such as those of career choice, are factored in, the alleged gender pay gap becomes entirely non-existent. It’s just as mythical as climate change & global warming. Women tend to steer themselves towards careers in communicative roles, such as childcare, psychology, etc. rather than occupations such as engineering, physics, etc.. Women are not paid any less than a man would be if he had the same occupation as they did. They are the ones who choose their careers, & ultimately they will be paid accordingly based on their own decision. There is no gender pay gap. It is simply another Leftist lie.

More recently, the talk of the town, more so in the Australian political climate, has been quotas. The Labor Party, entirely Left, are scolding the Liberal Party for not having gender quotas. Now the Labor Party, Leftists by nature, have gender quotas, so that there is a 50% presence of women in their Party in the Parliament. The Liberal Party do not have this, & quite frankly they do not need it. It would potentially ruin the Party just as much as it has the Labor Party. Additionally, note how hypocritical this is coming from the Labor Party, who for the majority have members who have been selected from trade unions. Is there any diversity in representation in that? And now the Leader of the Labor Party, Bill Shorten, is being pressured by his own Party to follow through on a promise he made to them, a promise for quotas for gay & Indigenous individuals in the Party. This is where a simple question comes into play. If you’re going to start adding in other quotas, just how far are these quotas going to go? I would highly encourage the Opposition Leader to back down from this promise, because it’s a death trap for the Party, & for the Australian Parliament. See, by introducing quotas, individuals are preselected & run for office, some even winning seats, based entirely on their personality, on their identity. In all reality, a politician should be sitting in Parliament based on their own MERIT, not on identity. Let me put this into an analogical scenario. Let’s say you need to have an operation done, any kind of surgery. When it comes to the doctor who is performing the surgery on you, would you rather have a doctor who is fully trained, qualified, & highly experienced in this procedure, or a doctor who is there simply because of their identity, be it gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or any other form of identity? Personally, I’d prefer to have a doctor who is experienced, someone who is in this role due to merit, rather than someone who is there to fill a quota. And I think any sane individual would agree. It’s the same when it comes to politics. We need people who are in the Parliament representing us based on their merit, not on their identity. Quotas are a backwards step. The Left will no doubt continue to flaunt this radical idea, to make attempts to ensure that quotas are introduced into the Parliament for all major parties. But this is not the way forward, it is merely a leap in the wrong direction, & something which could have severe repercussions on the Parliament & on Australia.

Staying on identity politics for a moment, & I’d like to address another branch of it. It’s one I’ve discussed before in detail, but I’d like to touch on it again in this article, because I think it does speak to the Left in some sense. The LGBTQI+ community, & the Feminist Movement, are both somewhat tied to the Left. The Feminist Movement is probably more so linked to the Left than the LGBTQI+ community, however, both do find themselves in the midst of the Left in numerous ways. First, the LGBTQI+ community, seeing as they are likely less influenced by Leftists. The LGBTQI+ community have made constant attempts to force their beliefs & values upon the broader society, including those who do not necessarily support these beliefs, & those of faith who have beliefs & values which are averse to those of the LGBTQI+ community. This is in some ways a Leftist principle, or at least a method of the Left. It is typical of the Left to attempt to force their beliefs & values onto those who do not support those beliefs, & to make them look like bad people if they do not agree with them. The LGBTQI+ community has a version of this where they will happily call you homophobic or transphobic or the like if you do not agree with their beliefs & values. The Left will happily refer to you as a troll or insult you in any other way possible if you do not agree with them. I’ll get into this a bit more a little later in the article, but it is a point worth raising throughout. It seems that in a world where free speech is a basic human right, censorship is becoming all too common, & in doing so is unjustly stripping individuals of their freedom of speech.

The Feminist Movement is much more Left wing. You’ll find that many feminists tend to at least have beliefs & adopt principles which are aligned with the Left. Many are even Leftists themselves. There are some major similarities between the feminist movement & the Left. First, both have an issue with so called ‘privileged’ individuals. Feminists will constantly insult & trash people who they refer to as ‘privileged white males’. The Left are currently upset over the decision by the Morrison government to give a boost in funding to the Catholic & independent sector of education. Their reasoning? They believe that Morrison is giving a handout to ‘privileged’ students & their families, whilst the public sector, allegedly full of ‘poor’ students & their families, receives less funding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Both the public & private sectors of education receive practically the same amount of funding. It’s what they do with the funding which counts. Personally, I went through the public education sector. I went to a public primary school, & a public high school. Now I do not come from an extremely wealthy, ‘privileged’ family, nor do I come from a ‘poor’ family. However, what I noticed within the 6 years in which I went through my high school education was that the school was receiving a significant amount of funding, but wasting it by spending it on things that were entirely unnecessary. Now I have also been able to compare this to a school in the independent sector, & I have seen that they have also received a significant amount of funding, but, averse to the public sector, have spent it wisely on things that will improve the education of their students. See, the truth is, it’s not about the amount of funding being received. It’s about how the schools use it to better the education of students, not that the education system is actually great anyway (but we’ll leave that for the next article). But back to the links between feminists & the Left. Feminists are always harping on about the so-called gender pay gap, as are the Left. I’ve already cleared up that this is nonexistent when relevant factors such as career choice are factored in, so I’ll move on. The other big thing that both feminists & the Left harp on about is abortion. Now I’ve covered this in my previous article (Part 2 of the series) in depth, so I’ll try to keep this short & succinct. First, for those who think there is a difference between a baby & a fetus, here’s the definition of a fetus: an unborn or unhatched offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human more than eight weeks after conception. That’s correct, a fetus is a baby. Now here’s the harsh reality: it is not ok to take the life of an innocent, unborn human being. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as scenarios like those of pregnancy stemming from violence, rape, or any other scenario alike to these, then an abortion could be seen as reasonable (however, an innocent unborn life hangs in the balance, & this child has every right to be born & have a life of their own). However, in the case of those women who wish to fall pregnant, subsequently fall pregnant, & then decide whilst they are pregnant that they no longer wish to give birth, or any scenario alike to this, an abortion is not acceptable. In cases such as these, abortion could be seen as murder. And it could also have repercussions on the mental health of the individual who has had the abortion. Feminists & the Left would tell you that you should respect a woman’s choice to have an abortion, because after all it is her body. But what they fail to see is that there is another human life that is being taken away every time an unnecessary abortion takes place. It’s sad to see. Finally, like that of the Left, the feminist movement will make every attempt to silence & discredit those who stand against them. Both will throw insults, both will call you names, but in doing so, both the feminist movement & the Left are practically admitting they are wrong.

One more topic on feminism & the Left: the #MeToo Movement. This movement all began after allegations were made against former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Now some of these allegations were found to be legitimate, & Weinstein has now been charged, & has been released on bail, with investigations & the case ongoing. Since then however, the Me Too Movement has become a weapon of the Left. Many allegations have been made by many women against many men. A number of Hollywood actors have found themselves being called out by this movement, but it hasn’t stopped there. Television actors, directors, politicians, & many others have become the targets of the Me Too movement. Now some of those accused of sexual misconduct or the like have since faced punishment from their industries, & with some allegations seemingly true. However, there have also been many others who have been accused who have lost out themselves simply because of a few accusations from a group of Leftist feminists. More recently, the Brett Kavanaugh case has taken the limelight, with a woman by the name of Dr Christine Blasey Ford coming forward with accusations of attempted rape & sexual assault against the Judge, who has been endorsed to become a Supreme Court Justice by US President Donald Trump. Since then, another two women have come forward with their own allegations against Kavanaugh. The thing about this case is that it has sprung up just when Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court was set to be voted on. And see, many women on the side of Christine Blasey Ford seem to have forgotten that people are innocent until proven guilty. When Charlie Kirk, founder & president of Turning Point USA, a movement which organizes conservative activism on campuses in the US, attempted to have a civil conversation with a female protester on the streets of America about how Kavanaugh is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the woman, backed up by a group of other female protesters, began yelling at Kirk, insulting him & saying he was in the wrong. However, if anyone was in the wrong, it was these women protesting on the streets. See, this is what the Left do. They will do anything & everything in their power in order to destroy those who stand in their way. They will continue to lie, continue to censor, & will do anything they can in order to bring down & destroy Conservatives. The Me Too Movement has become a product of the Left, & of feminists alike. It is now going too far. Men who find themselves falling victim to this now vicious movement are losing parts of their lives they may never recover. It’s shocking, but it’s true. This movement should never have got to this point. Women are now coming out left, right & centre to make accusations against any man they have an issue with. It’s wrong, it’s destructive. There are false accusations being made by so many women who just seem to want to join in for the fun of it. What they don’t seem to realize is that these false accusations can actually ruin people’s lives. It’s despicable. The Me Too movement is simply a Leftist, feminist movement which has really become a platform for personal vendettas, particularly against those who are Conservative. It has simply become another platform for the Left to spread lies.

Moving on, I want to touch on the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a movement that is also very hypocritical, & could be seen to be aligned with the Left. The Black Lives Matter movement are all about ‘protecting’ the lives of black people. They most often do this by speaking out against white police officers who shoot black people, calling them murderers amongst a variety of other things. The ironic thing is that the police actually protect the lives of black people. More often, black people are killed by other black people associated with gangs. More black homicides are committed by those of the black community rather than those in the police force. Black people have even killed cops. Here’s a few statistics for you. Between 1980 & 2008, 93% of black homicide victims were killed by other black people. In 2014, there were 238 black deaths at the hands of the police force, however, in the same year, there were also 6095 victims of homicide at the hands of another black individual. See, by protesting & making a large amount of noise about a loss of black lives at the hands of the police, The Black Lives Matter movement actually makes things worse, & are actually working against the better interests of the black community. They are working against themselves, & are themselves prejudiced. Quite similar to the Left. The other thing this movement do is accuse people of being racist. It’s not surprising. Accusing people of being racist &/or white supremacists or even both is something this movement thrives on. And these accusation have also weaseled their way into the Australian Parliament.

In recent times, One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson, a politician who has been through a lot, & who always seems to come across as somewhat controversial, has once again become the point of controversy in the Australian Parliament. At the end of the most recent sitting week of Parliament, it was revealed that the Senator had given notice to the Senate that she wished to move that the Senate acknowledge: a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism & attacks on Western civilization b) It is okay to be white. Many slammed Pauline Hanson for this proposed motion, & many in the Left did what they do best, they attempted to silence her. They will most likely do so again when this resurfaces when Parliament resumes in a few weeks time. Those who are likely to attempt to censor this will be those associated with Parties of the Left, Parties such as the Labor Party & the Greens. The Liberal Left will also dismiss it as nonsense. But members of Parties such as the Australian Conservatives, One Nation, & those Conservatives within the Liberal Party, will more likely acknowledge what Senator Hanson is revealing here, & will most likely support her motion. See, the truth is, white racism is all to real. There have been many instances in Australia & throughout the world in which discrimination against white people has occurred. And in a world that is being overrun by the Left, you best watch your back if you are both white & a Conservative, because you will be one of the number one targets of the Left. Many on the Left will dismiss white racism as nonsense, & will attempt to censor this issue. But this is because the Left live in a constant state of denial. They simply do not care for the truth, because they cannot accept it. Why? Because they cannot accept that they are wrong, & that they have been wrong for a very long time. Now, Pauline Hanson has already been called a white supremacist because of this motion, because she is speaking the truth. She will most likely continue to be called a white supremacist when this matter resurfaces in a matter of weeks. But take a look at this. One of the leaders & co-founders of Black Lives Matter in Toronto, Canada, has described white skin as “sub-human” & claimed that white people are a “genetic defect of blackness” & that melanin, which is the pigment that gives human ski its colour, “directly communicates with cosmic energy”, thereby proclaiming that black people were in fact “superhumxn” (the x is a favoured alteration, a trend if you will, amongst intersectionalists, of the word ‘man’). Now this seems more like supremacy, & black supremacy at that. Now you may think, what does a black supremacist in Toronto have to do with any of this? The answer is simple. It speaks to the fact that anti-white racism is real. It does exist. The Left may have you believe otherwise, but this is indeed the truth. And it is brilliant to see people like Pauline Hanson exposing this, & in doing so calling out the lies of the Left.

Moving on. Catholicism, Christianity, people of faith. You may wonder where this is going. Here’s your answer. The Left seem to have some sort of vendetta against people of faith. It seems that religion is something the Left cannot tolerate. It infuriates them, & you’ll often find Leftists taking pot shots at those who follow a certain faith. But there is a certain religion that makes the spines of the Left tingle more than any other, one which they just cannot allow to spread: Christianity/Catholicism. Now before I continue, I’d like to acknowledge that Catholicism & Christianity both come under the same branch of faith, although there are a few slight differences. Catholicism is sometimes referred to as ‘true’ Christianity. And whilst there is some alteration in beliefs, both Christianity & Catholicism are highly similar, in fact they are practically the same. In essence, both share the belief in one God, & in Jesus Christ his Son. Just wanted to clarify this before I continue. Back to the point now.

The Left cannot stand the Christian faith. It’s a wonder why. First, the Left are aligned with the radical feminists of the modern day Feminist Movement, who are all about allowing women decide what to do with their bodies, & will not stand for men, especially so-called ‘privileged white males’, telling women what to do with their bodies. These radicals & the Left therefore allow for unacceptable abortions to take place, thereby allowing for innocent unborn human life to be murdered. Now, as previously mentioned, there are certain scenarios with extenuating circumstances where abortion reasonable (although there is still an innocent unborn human life that has every right to be born). However, the Left & their associate radical feminists allow for abortions to take place despite the circumstances being unaligned with such extenuating ones. On the other hand, you have Christians & Catholics, people of faith. These individuals are on the side of pro-life. The believe that unnecessary abortions carry with them the weight of the unjust taking of an innocent unborn human life. Now see, what the Left & the radical feminists will commonly argue is that people of faith, & anyone for that matter, cannot make the choice for the woman, that it is her choice, & her choice alone. There have also been some who have argued that a fetus is not a human being. This argument is completely invalid & untrue. A fetus is simply an unborn human being. If you are unsure, take a look back at the definition stated earlier on in this article. Or you could even just consult a dictionary. Now I want to get something straight with the Left. People of faith, be they Christian, Catholic, or any other faith for that matter, have morals. We know that, at the end of the day, it is ultimately the woman’s choice as to whether or not she has an abortion. And we also know that sometimes an abortion can be reasonable, because of what someone has been through & the circumstances in which the pregnancy has come about. However, we know that when a woman falls pregnant, there is another innocent unborn human life growing within her, & that ultimately, this is a human life. And, by sense of morality, we know that, in circumstances where this life was not conceived by means of violence, rape or without choice, it is ultimately wrong to take the life of an innocent unborn human being who has no say in the matter. Even in these cases of violence, it can still be wrong to take the life of another human being. That human being can still be born, & if it is too much for the mother, they can adopt the child out. We live by our own morals. They guide us through our lives. It just seems that, for some individuals, they have become clouded.

Continuing with the Left’s deterrence of those of faith. The thing about the Left is that they have an obsession. What is this unhealthy obsession, you may ask? Censorship. The Left love it. They simply cannot get enough of it. In a world where freedom of speech is a basic human right, they are more than happy to take it away from any individual who crosses their path. This includes people of faith. However, with these people, they take it a step further. They do not simply just take their freedom of speech from them. No, that would be letting them off way too lightly. See, the Left absolutely love persecution, & so it makes perfect sense that they will happily take our freedom of religion (another basic human right) too. It’s also something that again ties the Left to the LGBTQI+ community. They are also quite content with trying to take our freedom of religion, because it isn’t what they believe in, so why should Christians/Catholics be allowed to practice it? Here’s something you may not know: the Left have an ideal. The idealistic world of the Left is one that is completely secular, one in which religion has no place, & is entirely non-existent. If you are of the Catholic/Christian faith, you will know of the persecution of Christians which took place for many years before & in the time of Jesus Christ. You’ll also know of how Jesus himself was persecuted by many, ultimately leading to His death upon the cross, a sacrifice to take away the sins of all human beings, including those who had persecuted Him & the many Christians of the time. The tragic thing is, people of faith, including Christians & Catholics, are still being persecuted in the modern world. Some will tell you that this persecution is taking place in other countries. The truth is, it’s happening here in Australia as well. Take a look at our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. The new PM has only been in the job for around a month, but has already copped some harsh criticism. Where is it coming from? The Left. But see, Morrison is prime target number one. Why? Because not only is Morrison more to the Conservative side of things, he’s also a Christian. And if there’s one type of person that the Left love to persecute more than any other, it’s a Right Wing Christian. Upon his first few weeks in the job, Morrison spoke on numerous occasions, to both the media & to other members of the public, & on more than one occasion, has openly embraced his Christian faith. And, instinctively, the Left caught onto this. They realized that this man was embracing his Christian faith in the open, for all of Australia to see. But the Left took this & made it out to be something it wasn’t. They did what they typically do, & used a precarious method to take a shot at Morrison. In this case, they decided over-exaggeration was the best means for them to use, & so claimed that Morrison was ‘preaching’. He clearly wasn’t. But the Left will do this when they are faced with someone, in particular a politician, embracing their faith in the open.

Morrison was also mocked by the Leftist media. Moreover, his Christian faith was mocked & criticized by the Leftist media. And it should come as no surprise that the media outlet that was culpable for this was none other than the so-called ‘most trusted’ media source in Australia, the ABC. The ABC have very recently undergone a crisis of their own, which is unsurprising to say the least. See, the ABC is likely the most Leftist media outlet in Australia. In recent times, particularly in the wake of the recent crisis in which Managing Director Michelle Guthrie was sacked & Chairman Justin Milne resigned, many individuals have claimed that the ABC is completely unbiased. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ABC is extremely biased towards the Left, there is no doubt in that. Both Milne & Guthrie are Leftists, & Milne himself was gifted the job in the first place by none other than the biggest Leftists of them all, Malcolm Turnbull. It is of no surprise whatsoever that the ABC has seen a collapse in recent days. It was practically an implosion of the Left. The ABC is full of Leftists. Many, if not all, of the ABC’s journalists & presenters are Lefties. Any Conservative would struggle to get a permanent job at the ABC. However, when you actually call the ABC out for Leftist bias, you won’t be able to simply do it in peace. Rather, you’ll be greeted by the Leftist brigade, a battalion of like-minded individuals who seem to be one hundred percent certain that there is no bias at all in the ABC. Ironically, some will even argue that the ABC is biased towards the Right. I’m really not sure how that makes sense, but then again, when does anything the Left say make sense? Again, the Left are in denial. Back to how this all ties in with the persecution & mockery of Morrison & the Christian faith however. When Morrison became Prime Minister, a show on the ABC, the Tonightly with Tom Ballard, a show which has since been axed, decided to run a segment in which the Christian faith was openly mocked. It was extremely distasteful & should never have made it to air. It’s no surprise that this show was axed, particularly after an episode in which a member of the Australian Conservatives was referred to as a highly vulgar term. This program & those who present it, in particular Tom Ballard, who has shown absolutely no remorse whatsoever for his foul & distasteful show, are all biased towards the Left. And openly mocking the Christian faith, held by many Australians across the nation, just shows how far gone the Left are. The Left will tell you that Parliament must be secular. This is all too radical. Every single human being is entitled to their human rights, which includes freedom of speech & freedom of religion. All individuals are entitled to embrace their faith in public & in private. It’s the definition of freedom of religion after all. The Left may continue to try to take away our freedom of speech, & our freedom of religion, but we will continue to fight every single day, because it is our right as a human being. You can continue to persecute us, to mock our faith, but we will continue to speak of it, & to live by it. There is no need for Parliament to be a secular place. Look at it this way: When same sex marriage was legalized in the Parliament, the Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson, a member of the Parliament, stood up & proposed to his partner during a Parliamentary sitting in the House of Representatives. If a gay member of Parliament can stand up & openly propose on the floor of Parliament, why can’t the Prime Minister, another member of Parliament, stand up & openly embrace his faith?

Before I move on, there is one more thing that needs to be said. The Left may not want to hear about religion. They may not want anything to do with it. But if there’s one thing that sets them apart from everyone else, it is their absolute blatant disrespect for those of faith. Respect is something that can be hard to come by. It shouldn’t be. Many Leftists will argue that respect is not given, it is earned. But realistically, everyone is worthy of respect unless deemed otherwise. It’s very similar to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Everyone is worthy of respect. But see, the Left cannot seem to understand this. Rather than show any shred of respect towards those who are of faith, be it Christian, Catholic, or any other, the Left are more than happy to mock & disrespect that faith in many ways. I should know, I’ve come across some individuals who have extremely disrespected the Christian/Catholic faith. Now the majority of the time, the Leftists that do this are atheists. And personally, I respect that they are atheists & that they do not want anything to do with the Christian/Catholic faith. But if you don’t want anything to do with it, why would you openly mock it? It doesn’t really make sense. The thing is, those on the Left who are atheists seem to have & show nothing but disrespect towards the Christian/Catholic faith. However, on quite the opposite, Conservative atheists have shown respect towards those who are of faith. Take for example Paul Murray of Sky News. Murray has openly acknowledged that he is an atheist. However, instead of absolutely slamming Scott Morrison for his faith, he has shown great respect towards Morrison & his Christian faith. There is a big difference between those on the Left & Conservatives. One group will show respect towards others, no strings attached, the other will openly & blatantly show nothing but disrespect. I have known Leftists to mock religion, to refer to God as an ‘imaginary friend’, or as ‘the man in the clouds’, or as ‘a figment of your imagination’. I have known them to refer to Christianity/Catholicism as a delusion, & as a mental illness. And I’ve heard so many invalid arguments about Christianity/Catholicism from the Left, arguments which I will address in a future article. But this is what needs to be said. It’s really quite shocking what the Left say, & what they try to do. If they cannot show respect for others, how do they expect to gain any respect themselves? If the Left want to progress in this world, they must learn respect, what it is, & how to show it. Otherwise, they will be left behind whilst the rest of the world moves forward.

Now to the most important point. The thing about the Left is that, at least in their opinion, they are always right. And if you disagree with them, if you start to prove their lies, if you even utter one word about how they are wrong, they will happily do everything in their power to censor you. They will silence those who are against them by any means necessary. Why? Because they don’t want anyone exposing them. They don’t want anyone revealing that they have been lying to everyone the entire time. They don’t want the individuals they have brainwashed into thinking their way to suddenly realize the truth & join their enemies. The Left fear exposure. They fear the truth. They know that if their miserable untruths are exposed, those who follow them may turn away, & their support base may be culled. That is why, when a Conservative or any individual for that matter makes a point that is entirely valid, but which proves the Left wrong, they will often do one of two things: Silence/censor, or insult. Take a look, for example, at what happened to Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt late last year. When Bolt brought up on his show, The Bolt Report, that a Coalition MP, now known to be Nationals MP George Christensen, had revealed to Bolt that he would resign from the government if Turnbull was not sacked as Prime Minister that week, Turnbull was not content. Bolt revealed later on that Malcolm Turnbull, who had previously refused to make an appearance on his show, had gone behind his back to his bosses at Sky News multiple times in order to have his boss ‘bring me into line’. Quite obviously, this was an attempt by Turnbull to have Andrew Bolt silenced. And Bolt would not be silenced by this Leftist leader. See, for those of you who do not know, Malcolm Turnbull has been and always will be a Leftist. Initially, he attempted to join the Labor Party, but was rejected by them. That in itself speaks volumes. To be rejected by the Labor Party, the Leftist Party of this nation, Turnbull must have been even too Far Left for them. However, John Howard welcomed him into the Liberal Party, a decision that ultimately shaped the future of the Australian Parliament. To allow for a Labor Party reject to enter the Liberal Party was a grave mistake. And this allowed for Turnbull to begin the undertaking of his plan to rise to the top of the Party, ultimately taking the position of Prime Minister from a Conservative who actually had direction for the country.

Getting back to the point however, the Left will do anything in their power to censor those who work against them, those who stand in their way. And they will support those people & corporations who can spread their propaganda & their lies to the world. All you have to do is look at how the Labor Party & the rest of the Left are throwing their support behind the ABC, allegedly the broadcaster most trusted by the Australian people. The Left attempt to silence individuals who stand in their way & who prove them wrong because they know they are wrong. The know it, yet they cannot accept it. Why? Because the Left are living in a constant state of denial. It is the same reason for which they insult those who prove a point which exposes their lies & utter nonsense. They will often hurl insults at anyone who does this, particularly Conservatives. And whilst there are a range of various buzzwords they will use in order to ensure they feel good about themselves, ‘troll’ is a favorite amongst this group of radical individuals. They absolutely adore the word, it is practically their sole description of Conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with them for that matter. I should know, I’ve been called a ‘troll’ myself on numerous occasions when proving Leftists wrong in a civil manner. I think, for the most part, Leftists are just angry that they are always wrong. See, this state of constant denial in which the Left live out their lives is somewhat unfortunate. If they could just see sense in the world, they may actually find peace, or at least a bit of it. But for many, they cannot seem to do this.

Continuing with this point, the Left’s censorship is their attempt at the destruction of freedom of speech. Every human being has the right to free speech. It is, after all, a basic human right. However, the Left seem to think that they’re right to free speech trumps everyone else’s right to the same, which ultimately results in the Left trying to take away a basic human right from anyone & everyone they can who does not agree with them. This is utter hypocrisy. In particular, the Left love taking this basic human right from their sworn enemies, Conservatives. See, the Left have this idea that if they can censor all Conservatives, they can have their way with the world. They will have all the power, all the control they’ve ever wanted. But we can’t let them do this. Conservatives need to fight the Left so that we can maintain order in the world. Because if we do not, chaos could reign supreme. We need to ensure that the Left are kept at bay. Conservatives need to fight against the Left in the culture war. The Left are having their way in the media & in pop culture, in Hollywood & in film & television. Conservatives need to take some degree of control in these mediums in order to keep it level. They need to ensure that the Left are not able to brainwash anymore children, or adults for that matter, into thinking that their way is the only way. We must do everything we can to take back our freedom of speech, & to maintain it. We must call out the Left on their lies, on their radical nonsense. Because only Conservatives can put a stop to this growing force of radical individuals.

The Left are the most angry, unrelenting group of people out there in the world. They do not play nicely, nor do they know how to. They are hooked on radical ideas, with one above all the rest: They are always right. In their eyes, nobody else can be right. They are the only ones who have woken up to the world & seen the light. To them, Conservatives are all very wrong, & highly delusional. As one Leftist I have come across on Twitter puts it in their ‘bio’, ‘Conservatives are not necessarily stupid but most stupid people are Conservatives’, a quote taken from British philosopher, political economist & civil servant John Stuart Mill. The same Leftist made a quite disrespectful remark regarding Conservative LNP member Craig Kelly. The Left are realistically a group of individuals whose goals consist of telling people what they believe to be true, which are typically lies they refer to as ‘knowledge’, taking basic human rights like freedom of speech & freedom of religion away from those who stand up to them & against them, & attempting to ensure that all Conservatives are silenced so that they may rule the world with their regime full of lies & deceit. You know, it’s not even deceit, it’s just nonsense.

Here are the truths: Climate Change & Global Warming are nonexistent. Renewables are not the way forward, & will just increase power prices, as has already been proven in a number of other countries. Coal is a reliable source of power that has been used for many, many decades, & will continue to be a reliable power source that is undeniably cheaper & will allow for power prices to decrease. The majority of the Media has become compromised by & is incredibly biased towards the Left. The ABC is a Leftist biased media outlet, full of Leftist propaganda, that is a fact. Chris Uhlmann, the chief political editor for the Nine Network, is a Leftist. The Project, on the Ten Network, is also incredibly biased towards the Left, with Waleed Aly the Leftist in Chief. The Liberal Left, led by their extremely Leftist leaders Malcolm Turnbull & Julie Bishop, will not cease to undermine the working of the Liberal Part in the Australian Parliament. Feminists are radical Leftists, & will stop at nothing to silence those who disagree with them. Abortion is wrong, it is the taking of an innocent unborn human life who has no say in the matter & who has every right to be born & have a life of their own, it is murder. There are circumstances in which abortion may be seen as reasonable, but nevertheless, it is still the taking of an innocent life, which has every right to live a life of their own. The gender pay gap is non-existent, & is merely a fabrication of the Left for their own political gain. The Me Too Movement is a product of the Left, & is becoming increasingly dangerous. It has become extremely radical, & must be put to a stop. Every human being is entitled to their freedom of religion. They are entitled to practice & embrace this religion in public & in private, & if that public space is the Australian Parliament, then so be it. Mockery & utter disrespect of the Christian/Catholic faith, or any other faith for that matter, is entirely unacceptable. And finally, every single human being is entitled to their freedom of speech. It is a basic human right which simply cannot be denied of anyone. The Left cannot & will not continue to censor & silence those who use their right to freedom of speech to speak against them. It is extremely unacceptable, & will not be tolerated.

These are the individuals you can trust to tell the truth: Milo Yiannopoulos, Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, Peta Credlin, Rowan Dean, Ross Cameron, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Lauren Southern, Pauline Hanson, Cory Bernardi & the Australian Conservatives, Tony Abbott, Nigel Farage, Ann Coulter, Charlie Kirk. There are more, these are just the main ones. They all see through the lies of the Left, & I would encourage you to do the same & ensure that you are not fooled by Leftists.

There is one more individual I would like to discuss before I wrap this all up. That is none other than one of the greatest Conservative provocateurs of our time, Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo is brilliant. He takes down the Left with ease whenever & wherever he can. And he has absolutely no regrets about what he does. He calls the Left out on their lies & their utter hypocrisy, exposing them for what they truly are. Now the Left have made attempts to censor Milo, & to shut down his tirade on their cause for good. They have called him a Neo-Nazi, a member of the alt-right, homophobic, racist, a white supremacist. They have referred to him as someone who endorses pedophilia & the killing of journalists, & someone who aligns himself with criminals. But this is typical of the Left. Because these are all lies & nonsense. If anything, it just proves that they know he’s right, & they are scared because they are being openly exposed to the world. They are scared because they know he may destroy their support, & he may destroy them. See, Milo takes no nonsense from the Left, from feminists, from Black Lives Matter, from the compromised Leftist media, from the alt-right, & from social media & tech companies like Twitter, Facebook & Google. Instead, he exposes them for the Leftist liars they are. He takes them down, & does it with glee. The world needs more Conservatives who are prepared to do this, to follow in the footsteps of Milo Yiannopoulos & call out fight against the Left. Many people have tried to silence Milo. Twitter even banned him from their platform for hate speech. Realistically, Milo was calling out a Leftist feminist actress, Leslie Jones, for her hate speech on Twitter after she was criticized for her role in the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters. The film never needed a reboot, however, in a world where political correctness has taken over, Sony felt that they must to this to ensure they keep up with the trends. Those who work at Twitter actually took Milo’s verification tick on his account away first, then banned him after Leslie Jones closed her account. Jones meanwhile had been tweeting & encouraging hate speech against Milo, despite the numerous other individuals who had been criticizing her, who she had simply insulted seeing as she saw she had a real target now. She retweeted sycophants who had been accusing Milo of being a ‘Gay Uncle Tom’, retweets she later claimed were due to someone hacking her account, in reality a miserable Leftist excuse. Individuals at Twitter were also against Milo from the start, & were just looking for an opportunity to take him down. They tried to censor him for alleged hate speech, when in reality, the hate speech was being thrown back at him. I would challenge Twitter to unban Milo Yiannopoulos, because if they can’t ban those who were throwing hate speech around, if they can’t do anything about those who are still throwing hate speech around the social media platform, then why should Milo remain banned? Twitter are entirely biased against Conservatives. It is no surprise. Their CEO Jack Dorsey is a Leftist. Milo was banned because of his Conservative views, & because he called the Left out on their radical nonsense & lies. Other Conservatives are also having their tweets censored by Twitter for doing the same thing. It’s despicable. Twitter are hypocrites. They will happily allow hateful comments & abuse to occur on their platform, but will not do anything about it unless it comes from a Conservative individual. I implore Twitter to address this issue & to unban Milo. I will mention in addition that Milo has a book out currently, an autobiography entitled Dangerous, in which he exposes the Left & their followers & reveals their many lies, & just why they hate him with a passion. It’s a great read, & I personally highly recommend it.

And now to wrap this whole thing up. The Left are a group of individuals who spread lies, who spread hate, & who do not care about anyone else’s opinions but their own. They are so self-centered. They will shoot down anyone who disagrees with them, & anyone who attempts to expose them. And they will do this by any means necessary. They will insult, harass, intimidate, abuse, throw hatred, lie, cheat, steal. They will wish ill will upon you, simply because you stand in their way. Many of the things they do to get ahead are deplorable. The Left are a vicious force. They spread their propaganda in the media, they spread their hate through feminism. They have no issue with violence. They will often attempt to use ridiculous arguments to validate their lies, but when the going gets tough, when they know they cannot win, it’s simply back to insults, name calling, & all the rest of it. They will ask you to prove your point, & if it has anything to do with climate change or the like, ask you to prove it using science. Don’t bother. Because they will only refute this evidence anyway. The Left will happily deny the truth. They will censor & silence anyone who attempts to expose their lies & display the truth. Censorship is after all their number one political weapon. The Left are a group of denialists who somehow cannot be changed. I encourage Conservatives to get out there, to speak & be heard, to debate these Leftists on any & every topic, to prove them wrong. I encourage you to stand up to these individuals, to stand up for what is right, to stand up for the truth. Do not let yourself be silenced, because if we are all silenced, then there will be no free speech left in this world. Free speech is, unfortunately, a dying breed. We need to do everything we can to keep it alive.


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