Flashback Friday

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Flashback Friday. And yes, it’s on a Saturday again, I know, I may have forgotten to write this yesterday, and I may have only remembered late last night, but here we are, and as per last week, its probably Friday somewhere. Let’s get right into it.

First up this week, and Alex Turnbull, son of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has spoken out this week once again in a recorded video message to the people of Wentworth. He has urged voters not to vote for the Liberal Party and their candidate Dave Sharma, and instead has endorsed Labor Party candidate Tim Murray. It comes as former Opposition Leader and Liberal Party Leader John Hewson has spoken out, also urging the people of Wentworth to vote against the Liberal Party, citing their inaction on climate change. Malcolm Turnbull himself has also spoken out this week claiming the $443 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was the work of Scott Morrison and Mathias Cormann, and that they were responsible. Obviously Turnbull is just trying to snipe his former colleagues as much as possible, and bring them down entirely. Parts of the Ruddock report have also been leaked this week, which is interesting considering the Wentworth by election is only a week away. The by election will take place next Saturday, the 20th of October.

Following on from that, this week, and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has met this week and released a report, which has warned that we must stop using coal and cut down on consumption of meat so that we do not accelerate climate change. They have warned that at the current rate, climate change and global warming have become an international emergency and that we could hit the 1.5 degree mark by 2030. Now quite obviously, the Left have become obsessed by this news and have expressed their concerns, whilst Prime Minister Scott Morrison has practically dismissed them. The climate change issue is just another political ruse being weaponised by the Left, and I would encourage everyone not to be concerned about this because it is in no way shape or form an issue. It doesn’t exist. Don’t be fooled by the Left.

In sports news, and Usain Bolt has made his first start for the Central Coast Mariners, and what a match he played. Bolt had a relatively decent start and first half, but he made his presence known in the second half, scoring two goals to make his mark on football. The second goal was only a tap in, however the first was absolutely brilliant, a top class goal from a relatively new player. Bolt was praised by coach Mike Mulvey, and his goals rang out around the world. Bolt continues to trial for the Mariners, with Mulvey having previously stated that he will likely know if Bolt is worthy of a contract by January next year. A good first start for Usain Bolt, and he celebrated in style with his trademark celebration.

And finally to entertainment news, and this week saw the season finale of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, and what a finale it was. The final three, Sharn Combes, Shane Gould and Brian Lake. After a gruelling final immunity challenge which saw Shane knocked out first, followed by Brian later on after a costly mistake, Sharn was left as the winner of the immunity challenge, therefore being given the decision as to who she wished to take with her to the final two. And after an interesting tribal council, Sharn eliminated Brian from the competition, taking Shane through with her to the final two. A finaltribal council was held, and after questioning from the Jury, which saw Sharn exposed by Brian for not revealing to Mat that his name had come up, a final vote occurred, which ultimately saw Shane Gould crowned Sole Survivor in a vote of 5-4. Shane has now become the oldest winner of Survivor anywhere in the world, and fully deserved it. Well done. And in other entertainment news, the season premiere of the 11th season of Doctor Who was shown this week, being quite well received by many fans of the show. The only thing that people were somewhat critical about was the accents, which were Yorkshire accents and were somewhat difficult to understand. However, Jodie Whittaker has made her mark as The Doctor, and hopefully it will be a great season.

And that’s it for another Flashback Friday. Join me next week for more articles, stories and the like. Until then, have a good one!


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