Trumping COVID19: How The President Will Return Better Than Ever

As if this year could not get any crazier, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has tested positive for COVID19. When he announced via Twitter on Friday that both he and the First Lady had received a positive result and were going into quarantine for two weeks, there were two vastly different kinds of reactions. From those on the Right, there was nothing but sympathy and well wishes, accompanied by enthusiasm for Trump to recover and return stronger than ever to win a second term in office. Now while there were also some on the Left who wished the President and First Lady well, there were many that chose to go down another path, one which lacks all moral decency.

Many on the Left were in fact celebrating Trump contracting COVID19. They were out on social media expressing their elation that there “may be some hope for America after all”. There were those who said he deserved it. There were those who made light of the situation by saying he should drink bleach or inject disinfectant. Even Queensland’s Deputy Premier Steven Miles joined in, tweeting “Have you considered intravenous disinfectant?” Appalling behaviour from a representative of Australia, let alone the Deputy Premier and Health Minister of Queensland. But he was not the worst of the bunch. There have in fact been far too many wishing suffering and death upon Trump. I have seen some absolutely deplorable tweets over the last couple of days, with some joking about pulling the plug on Trump’s life support and others just saying they hope he dies. Some even hoped that his family and others in his administration would contract the virus.

The irony in all this is that only days before, these same people were upset at Trump for “not denouncing white supremacists” and allowing hate to spread. Yet here they are, mere days later, spreading some of the most vile and hateful comments you would ever see. For those who preach tolerance and hold others to certain standards, they sure do not practice what they preach. Clearly, it is one set of standards for them, and one set for those they despise.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects in the media have made fools out of themselves, being unable to choose between two extremes. The first, Trump does not actually have COVID19 and is faking the whole thing. The second, Trump is worse than he seems and is practically on death’s door. Trump has single handedly exposed the extensive lack of credibility in the media. Even today, after the President was driven in a car around the outside of Walter Reed hospital, where he has been staying so that his condition can be monitored, to wave to his supporters, media types like Brian Stelter and others at CNN and the typically anti-Trump media, alongside many others on the Left, including doctors and politicians, were outraged that he would do this. Why? Because they claim it would have put the Secret Service that travel with him at risk of infection. These are the very same people who for months on end have been calling for the police to be defunded, and now they suddenly care about the Secret Service. The irony is immense.

Trump will, no doubt, be fine and beat COVID19. But what does this mean for the campaign? Well, the campaign is likely as good as over, at least for Trump personally. It will be up to others in his campaign team and administration to continue spreading his message, to continue on the trail for him now. Vice President Mike Pence will still debate Biden’s VP nominee Kamala Harris this week, and will no doubt do his best to fight on Trump’s behalf.

The President himself continues to work hard from the Presidential office in Walter Reed, and it just goes to show his dedication to the American people. Trump does not stop working, even with COVID19, while his opponent Joe Biden consistently calls lids just after 9am every other day. For those unfamiliar with the lingo, a lid is called when a candidate does not plan to do any more public events nor appearances for the remainder of that day.

It would seem, however, that even though Trump is unable to host his famous rallies and attend events, even though the campaign trail for him personally may have come to an end, he has done enough to secure a second term. Some may be skeptical of this, in particular those who are not supporters of the President. Even those who are Trump supporters have shown concern, particularly after the first debate. However, as one would learn from ex-Secret Serviceman Dan Bongino, there was a strategy. Allow me to explain.

First, some background. Presidential Elections typically go a certain way. The voters are usually divided up as follows: 40% vote Republican, 40% vote Democrat, and 20% are what you might call “fence-sitters”. This 20% have not made up their mind and are basically up for grabs by either side. Typically, the Presidential candidates campaign to ensure not only their own voters, or “bases”, turn up, but also to get at least 11% of the 20% of undecided voters on their side, so that they can win the election. Now because the United States has non-compulsory voting, not everyone is going to show up to vote. In your usual Election, each side would get maybe 20% of their 40% to actually vote, which means those undecided voters become so much more important.

However, this Presidential Election is different. It is what Bongino refers to as a “base election”. Again, for those unfamiliar with this political lingo, a Party’s “base” is the group of voters that practically always supports that Party and its candidates. So, the base election is one where the two Parties’ bases become more important than the undecided voters. Now President Trump and his team seem to have worked this out. Over the course of this election campaign, Trump has held events, rallies, and fired up at the debate. Each time, he has attracted incredibly large crowds, his supporters, his base, showing out in droves. This demonstrates the enthusiasm of his base. Biden, on the other hand, has had far smaller numbers turn out to his events, and many days has forgone holding events at all. Thereby, his base was already fairly unenthusiastic.

When the debate occurred last week, it appeared on the surface to be a disaster. The moderator, Chris Wallace, was clearly biased, interrupting the President 76 times as compared to Biden’s 15. The President made a fair few interruptions himself when Biden was speaking, some more warranted than others. And at one point, Biden told President Trump to “just shut up”. There were mixed opinions on the debate, with Trump supporters even uncertain as to whether he had done well. But while Biden claimed victory, he was far from victorious.

See, Bongino provided one of the best takes on the debate and demonstrated how Trump actually won. Some may have thought that Trump would have lost voters. That is incorrect. Bongino received a host of messages from Trump supporters post-debate telling him how they though it was a train wreck. But when Bongino asked if they were still voting for Trump, they all said yes. Trump’s base is far more loyal to the man, and it shows.

But Trump did something far more spectacular that night than not losing a vote. He got Joe Biden to disown his base. The current base of the Democrats is not your standard Left-Wing base. Rather, it is the radical Left, the ones who would align with Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, the lovers of the Green New Deal. Yes, the same Green New Deal that Biden claimed he does not support at the debate. But Trump also said something else that was key to destabilizing Biden’s campaign. When Trump told Biden that he was being dominated by the Socialists, Biden said he was not, claimed he was not a Socialist, and then uttered the line “I am the Democrat Party.” In doing so, he made it clear that he does not represent the Socialist Left, the radical Left of the Party, the base of the Democrat Party, disowning them. This will result in a far less enthusiastic base, something which bodes terribly for Biden, given his base lacked enthusiasm as it were.

Trump has already won this election. Why? Because in firing up his own base, he is likely to have somewhere around 80% of his 40% turn up to vote. Considering the mail-in voting is tarnished by corruption, the vast majority of his voters will be more inclined to turn up on the day. In getting Biden to disown his own base, Trump is practically guaranteed to win, with Biden likely to get less than the standard 20% of his 40% to turn out to vote. The President does not even need to win over any of the undecided voters to win this election. His base will do enough.

So, while President Donald Trump may be off the campaign trail for now, while he may never return to the trail as he recovers from COVID19, you can be sure he will be back better than ever. He will trump COVID19 and move forward triumphantly to claim victory and four more years as the leader of the free world.

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