Back To The Basement

Joe Biden had just one job. After being off the campaign trail all week thus far, all he had to do was pull off at least a semi-decent performance at the final Presidential debate. He’d had practically four whole days to practice, to rehearse his pieces to camera. But even Biden could not maintain the “Orange Man Bad” strategy without several gaffes, and a policy revelation that had many doing a double take. It would have left even the Democrats reeling, likely thinking he would have just been better off kept in the basement. Trump won the debate convincingly, taking a measured approach and calling Joe out on his flip flopping on a range of policies, summing up Biden with one notable line: “You’re all talk and no action.”

Biden’s gaffes were something else at this debate. We have become used to this sort of thing from the former Vice President, but this time it got worse, as Biden claimed, “Abraham Lincoln over there is the most racist President.” Here’s the thing: Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. If anything, Trump should take it as a compliment, given he has also done a lot for the black community himself, including bringing down the black unemployment rate. Now you would think implying Lincoln was a racist is about as absurd as it can get. But no, it only gets worse. In addition to this remark, Biden also labelled the leaders of North Korea and Russia as “thugs”, something you probably should not do if you could be the next President of the United States of America. By the tone Biden was taking, it almost sounded as if he would go to war with North Korea if he became President, which is not a path anyone would want to go down. But then, Biden likened Kim Jong-Un to Hitler. Trump spoke of the work he had done in relation to North Korea, including the meetings he had undertaken with their leader, something no other President has managed during their time in office. Biden’s rebuttal? “We had a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded.” When it comes to debates, a general rule of thumb is that whoever invokes the Nazis first is generally losing the debate. In this case, it was Joe Biden.

Throughout the debate, Trump was masterful. Taking a more measured approach this time around, he answered the questions posed to him with precision, focusing for the most part on policy, and maintaining the line that Biden is a politician, whereas he is not. This is in part why Trump has been arguably one of the best Presidents the United States has seen. He is not just your typical Washington politician. He is a businessman, he understands the economy, he understands trade, and he understands how to make deals. There is a reason why Trump was the one who got Middle Eastern countries talking and agreeing to peace deals. There is a reason the US economy was in one of the strongest positions it has ever been in pre-COVID. We saw that same President at the debate, skillfully setting traps for his opponent, who stumbled into them so very easily.

The debate really heated up when it reached the topic of National Security. Biden attempted to link Trump to the Russians, going so far as to make the crucial error of mentioning former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani. This opened the door for Trump to bring up Biden’s dealings with Russia through his son, Hunter Biden, whereby he brought up the emails that have become a major story over the last week. When China was brought up, similar events occurred, in which Trump took the opportunity to discuss the Biden family’s dealings with them and the Ukraine, again discussing the emails, and mentioning the “Laptop from hell”, a reference to Hunter Biden’s laptop that is the source of all the information coming to light. He even referred to Joe as “The Big Guy”, a reference to emails on the laptop that detail Hunter’s business dealings. The laptop is currently in possession of the FBI, and, despite claims from 50 former intelligence officials/analysts that it is a Russian disinformation campaign, a claim that the media and even Biden himself have made, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI have both dispelled this, confirming that it is not. More will likely come of this in the coming days and weeks.

Throughout the debate, Biden made many claims that were untrue. He claimed he had not called Trump a xenophobe for closing the borders to China, a claim debunked quickly by those on Twitter who located the tweet from March 18 where Biden said “Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.” This was in response to Trump’s March 18 tweet where he brought up his early decision to close the borders to China. Biden also claimed that Obamacare did not result in anyone losing their health insurance plan. That was also false. In fact, this was not the first time this lie was told. There is a reason it was PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year in 2013. Then came the discussion on climate change and energy, which inevitably lead to the subject of fracking. This is an issue that the Biden/Harris campaign have flip flopped on. Throughout the Democrat primaries, Biden and Kamala Harris both said they would end fracking. After the primaries, when they became the Democrat nominees, they started saying they would not ban fracking. When the topic was brought up at this debate, Joe Biden again claimed that he was not going to end it, but Trump reminded him of his previous comments on the matter, and soon after tweeted a clip of these comments. But fracking ended up being the least of Joe’s worries after what he said next.

The energy segment of the debate dropped the biggest bombshell of all. Just before it wrapped up, Trump prodded Biden on oil and what he would do about it. It was a subtle trap that Biden fell right into, making the career-ending decision to tell the people of America that he would transition out of oil. I think everyone would have done a double take here, some probably spitting out their tea/coffee/water/whatever you were drinking at the time. That’s right, Biden said he would end the US Oil Industry. Refined and Crude Petroleum (oil) is America’s top commodity, exporting approximately $71.32 billion annually. They are the leading exporters of refined and crude petroleum, with 15% of the market share. Ending the US Oil Industry is like blowing up the economy. Some people said after the debate concluded that Trump did not deliver a knock-out blow. He didn’t have to. Biden did it to himself. All Trump had to do was set it up.

Without trying to sound too harsh here, what Joe Biden did was about the dumbest thing anyone running for President of the United States of America could do. Not only is oil the US’s biggest commodity, it is important to the people of Texas (TX) and Pennsylvania (PA), two of four key States in this election (the others being Florida (FL) and North Carolina (NC). Now Texas is fairly Conservative, and was already more than likely to stay Red. If anything, this just solidifies it. But Pennsylvania is far more unpredictable. It is a wild card of sorts, in that the government there at all levels is split evenly in a general sense. The Governor is a Democrat, but both Houses of State legislature are controlled by Republicans. Similarly, at a Federal level, PA has both a Democrat and Republican Senator. Before the debate, it could have easily been anyone’s to win. However, Biden’s remarks on ending the Oil Industry has almost certainly lost him PA, and, due to the cruciality of this State to winning the Presidency, the election. Effectively, Biden just committed political suicide. (Pro tip: If you are running for President and you actually want to have even a shot at winning, do not say you’re going to end the industry that produces your country’s top commodity.)

Energy industry workers would have been horrified to hear what Biden so passively said. Even the debate moderator, Kristen Welker, asked him “Why would you do that?” This just goes to show how unbelievable this remark was. Those energy workers who have already voted for Biden, in addition to some others, would likely be regretting voting early, and they have every reason to. This would, after all, take away their jobs and damage the US economy all in one hit. In fact, just today Steven Crowder posted an image on Twitter showing Google search statistics for the search term “can I change my vote”, which had increased significantly just after the debate. They will no doubt be holding out hope that those who have not yet voted will save them from Biden and his destructive policy.

Since the debate, Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield has sought to “clarify” Biden’s remarks on the oil industry, saying that the former VP was referring to ending oil subsidies. This is pure spin for the purpose of damage control. It was predictable, given this is a PR nightmare for the Biden campaign team. Yet no amount of spin can undo the words spoken by Joe Biden himself. They are not fooling anyone. After all, in the age of the internet, video clips are forever.

The problem with Joe Biden is that, much of the time, he makes some very odd and absurd remarks. He appears unfit to lead the United States of America, both in a mental capacity, and in the capacity that he is likely compromised by China. Investigations will no doubt continue into the emails and other evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who worked on these foreign deals with the Bidens, will be talking with the FBI. By the looks of things, Biden’s chances at becoming the 46th President of the United States are low. Even early voting is unlikely to save him, considering it seems somewhat underwhelming for the Democrats. It is beginning to appear as if Trump may actually achieve an historic landslide win, despite having to fight against Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, celebrities, the cancel culture liberals, and of course the Democrats, some of which are likely also corrupt and have been doing everything in their power to attempt to bring down the Trump Presidency. It would truly be the greatest political story ever told.

And as for Joe Biden, he would be much better off calling a lid not only on his campaign, but on his entire political career.

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