The War On Democracy

When I said weeks ago that this was not going to be your standard US Election, I did not think we would be seeing what we are seeing now. But I should have known that they would not let President Trump win a second term so easily. In fact, it was obvious it would occur. The Democrats have been doing all they can to actively undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump since he was elected. They were bound to try something at the election. But there is one thing they have done yet again that is always their downfall, their fatal flaw: They underestimated their opponent. But we will get to that momentarily. First, I’ll break down what happened, and why the true results of this election will not be known for weeks.

When the results started coming in on Election Night, they appeared to be realistic. Obviously in some places there were a lot of votes coming in for Biden, but that was because of the way in which the votes are tallied, in that those that were coming in from city based counties were more likely to favour Biden, and were the first to be reported. The rural areas that favoured Trump came in later, so it was obvious that Trump’s votes would flow in later in the night. This is indeed what happened, turning Texas from blue to red, with the same occurring in Ohio and Iowa. The first oddity occurred when the media started calling Virginia for Biden with less than 1% of the vote counted and Trump in the lead. That was when it became apparent the media could not be trusted. As the night went on, the results looked better and better for Trump and the Republicans, who held the majority in the Senate and flipped a number of seats in the House. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell were returned to the Senate despite the tens of millions spent by the Democrats trying to unseat them. Republicans performed exceptionally well in the House, Senate, and Governorships, and Trump was winning by big margins in several key States, including Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. But then, just when it looked like Trump was bound to win these States, with leads that were highly unlikely to be beaten, the counting in all these States was ceased. This is when things turned around for Biden, and Trump’s leads began to be cut significantly. Something started to seem off.

Around this time, at around 2:15am, the President made an address, claiming that the Democrats were trying to commit a fraud on the people of America, then going on to say that “we don’t want them to be finding votes at four o’clock in the morning.” This is interesting, because it seems as if Trump knew what they would do, and has known for years. Indeed, at 4am, ballot drops came in. The Michigan ballot drop of just over 138,000 votes all went to Biden. There was not one for Trump, nor for any other candidate. That was in itself suspicious. But this was not the only time this occurred. In the days following, ballot drops came in to other key States, heavily favouring Biden, and always around 4am. There were a number of statistical impossibilities occurring. Something appeared to be very wrong. Then Wisconsin fell to Biden.

In the days following, more ballot drops came in. Biden kept getting more votes. Trump kept losing leads. Fox News called Arizona for Biden, even though there were still over a million votes to be counted, and Trump was narrowing Biden’s lead, looking like he would take the State off him. It was a call that never should have been made, and they were called out on it by many, including their own Tucker Carlson, the only political commentator on Fox News that can be trusted. Michigan fell. Trump was still ahead in Georgia when another drop of 25,000 ballots came in, again favouring Biden, wiping out Trump’s lead and resulting in the typically Red State switching to Blue. Then Pennsylvania, in which Trump had garnered an approximately 700,000 vote lead, fell. It was entirely predictable. But even though things were looking good for Biden, the Election was far from over. Indeed, it still is far from over.

What has become evident in the days since the Election is that there was a scheme constructed by the Democrats. It makes sense, and here’s why. For years, the Democrats have constantly undermined the Presidency of Donald Trump. Yet he has staved off every attempt. There was the Russian collusion hoax that led to an impeachment in the House, which fell over flat with an exoneration in the Senate. The Democrats played around with the idea of using the 25th Amendment. They stopped COVID relief so they could pin it on the President and make him look bad. Since the 2016 election, Democrats have practically refused to concede. Even though Hillary Clinton did so “officially”, it is clear both her and Barack Obama have been working to take down President Trump. The mail in ballots gave the Democrats the opportunity they needed. But Trump saw it coming.

On June 22nd, President Trump tweeted the following: “RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS. IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!” Additionally, in 2012, Trump tweeted the quote from Joseph Stalin “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Trump knew the Democrats would try to pull a coup with the mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots are easily hijacked, making the system easily corruptible. Indeed, there should be no such ballots in a democratic system. People should vote in person. It would prevent fraud and ensure a fair election where the people are choosing their leader, rather than elites.

Now before I go any further with this, I want to go to voting irregularities. Earlier, I mentioned that the Republicans performed exceptionally well in the House, Senate, and Governorship races. So, to any logical human being, it would stand to reason that if Republicans are performing well, so would Trump, and he would be likely to win the swing States he needed, and by way of that re-election. Yet somehow Biden managed to so something which makes no logical sense. He outperformed Senators in swing states, while underperforming in Virginia, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. He underperformed as compared to Hillary and Obama in cities, except in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin, all key swing states that Trump was winning. This means he underperformed in all cities/urban areas except for the cities of Detroit (Michigan), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Atlanta (Georgia), and Milwaukee (Wisconsin). These just happened to be the four cities where counters were not allowing Republican poll watchers and obscuring the ballot boxes by putting up cardboard on the windows. They also just happened to be the four cities where ballot drops for Biden occurred in the early hours of the morning, usually around 4am. He had dumps of mail-in ballots with margins of 100%. And furthermore, the Republicans did not lose ONE race in the House and, despite receiving currently over 74 million votes, not one State legislative chamber was flipped, meaning a lot of people would have had to have filled out only the top part of their ballot, which does not really make sense. None of this adds up.

Now to the fraud. First, there were numerous reports across the US on Election Day of odd occurrences. Sharpies were being given to voters to fill out their ballots. Ballot machines “stopped working”, poll workers telling voters to give them their ballot and they would scan it later when the machines started working again. Some of these voters refused to do so, wanting to scan them themselves, and as if by magic, the machines “started working” again. Poll watchers/scrutineers were kept out or distanced far from the counting stations so they could not really monitor what was occurring. Post-Election Day, scrutineers/watchers were again locked out or distanced, despite the Republicans obtaining court orders for them, which the Democrats appealed. Now why would Democrats appeal it if there wasn’t anything suspicious going on inside these counting sites? Why would they appeal it if they wanted transparency? In addition, those inside counting blocked the view of watchers by placing large pieces of cardboard on the windows. This was occurring in key States like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Then came the discovery of ballots being cancelled. In Arizona, another State that could easily come back to Trump, people were opening up their online tracking to make sure their ballots were counted, and instead found that their ballots had been cancelled. The interesting thing about this is that there has not been one person thus far with a cancelled ballot that voted for Biden. In fact, all of them are Trump voters. That means that many votes that were supposed to go to Trump did not. This has a major influence on the Election outcome. In addition to this, people discovered that their dead relatives had somehow voted. Interestingly enough, it has come to light that dead people tend to vote for Democrats. I suppose President Trump should have campaigned at cemeteries.

In some counties, particularly in Wisconsin, it was found that there were more votes counted than registered voters. Of the 327 voting wards in Milwaukee, 90 reported a turnout greater than 90%. 90% voter turnout is impossible. Why? Because there are still dead people on the voter rolls, and it is likely that at least 20% of residents did not vote. Seven districts in Milwaukee also reported higher than 100% turnout, some as high as 202%. Again, the math clearly does not add up. You cannot have higher than 100% turnout. 202% would require people voting twice. That is illegal.

In addition, Project Veritas, a group led by James O’Keefe that uncover fraud and corruption, had whistleblowers from the USPS come forward to admit that they were backdating ballots to the 3rd of November so that they would count. This is electoral/mail fraud. One of these officials in Pennsylvania agreed to go on record and is willing to testify under oath. There will surely be more to come.

Today, something new came to light. In a county in Michigan, the county clerk noticed a “glitch” in the software being used to tabulate the votes. This “glitch” switched 6000 votes for Trump to votes for Biden. This was confirmed after these votes were counted by hand. This same software is used in at least 47 counties across Michigan, as well as in the other swing states, the states that are still in question. It is likely it was also used in a number of other states, including the key swing states, and as many as 30 States in total. This would no doubt have a major impact on the outcome of the Election, considering it would have likely switched votes for Trump to votes for Biden in numerous counties across these States. In fact, once the “glitch” was fixed in this county, Michigan Republican Adam Kochenderfer, who was down by 104 votes, won his race by 1127 votes. If this can result in a Republican almost losing his race, imagine the influence it could have on who wins the Presidency. To get to the bottom of this and ensure the integrity of this election, audits should be carried out.

As I said at the start of this piece, the Democrats have underestimated their opponent. Trump did not go through his entire term thus far being undermined just to let the Democrats get one over him by stealing the Presidency. Trump is a fighter. He has a team of lawyers getting affidavits and testimony from various players in this election and launching legal challenges in the courts at State and Federal levels. Chances are this will also go to the Supreme Court. But there is something else that many do not seem to be aware of.

See, President Trump is a smart man. He saw this coming. Back in 2018, after the midterm elections, Trump established a new agency within the Department of Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). One of the things that falls under the banner of protection for this agency is elections. They are considered to be national infrastructure, and so their integrity and security is of the utmost importance. Now I’m not going to try to predict what might occur with all the fraud going on. But if I may offer some thoughts, it is these: CISA is likely involved. In fact, I would warrant a guess they are already working behind the scenes. If they are involved, it is likely arrests will follow. Indeed, the legal cases, while being very real, may be a sort of distraction from the real strategy. There is a classic move every good magician uses: make the audience think the magic is going on over there while the real trick is going on over here. If you were to ask me, I would say Trump was ready for this. Why else would you establish an agency withing the DHS with the chief role of protecting elections?

While the media have “projected” and crowned Biden the President-Elect, it is important to remember that this is far from over. There is no place in the Constitution that gives the media the power to determine who is the President. In fact, it was highly irresponsible of them to make such a call knowing full well there is litigation being pursued and recounts that will occur. But I think this was a necessary evil. I think Biden had to be crowned by the media before Trump made his move. Trump would have wanted the media to do this, so that he could show the world how little integrity and credibility they have. Indeed, if Trump prevails, not only will the media be brought down, but also Big Tech, in particular Twitter and Facebook. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in particular would be in deep trouble after all the censoring and banning Twitter are doing of Conservative accounts post-election, including censoring almost every tweet the President posts. Big Tech and the media are complicit in the cover-up.

I know many Conservatives have lost heart over the last few days. I know many are starting to give up. But know this: we are now in the eye of the storm. We are in a battle for Western Civilization itself. It is important to remember that President Trump has fought to protect this for four years. Now we must stand by him, we must fight for him. If you have a platform, use it. If you are religious, pray. To Americans who read this blog, keep up the fight. Go out and make your voices heard. Demand a fair and transparent election. You can also take part in the rallies, protests, and marches, including the Jericho Marches. Do not give up. That is exactly what they want you to do. They want you to just give in and let them take the election. But if you do that, they will just keep getting away with it, making it extremely difficult to get a Republican elected as President ever again. Fight like there is no 2024 Election. Fight like your lives depend on it.

Let them gloat. Let them celebrate. Let them have their moment. They will become complacent. This will be their downfall. On Monday in the US, the court cases will begin. What they have done will all start to come out, it will all begin to unravel. There is a Bible Verse, Luke 8:17, that says:

There is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered; nothing kept secret that shall not be known clearly.

Remember, this is far from over. We may not know the true results for weeks or longer. Biden may think he has won, the Democrats might think they have won, but this has happened before. The media might think they can declare the winner, but they have tried this before. Back in 2000, Al Gore and the media thought he was President for 36 days before George W. Bush was declared the true winner by the Supreme Court.

Even the devil thought he had won until three days later.

This is a war on democracy. This is a war on Western Civilization. This is a war we must win.

Keep fighting. Keep praying. Keep hope alive.

All that is done in darkness will be brought to light.

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