Australian Jobs Held Hostage By The ‘Vaccine Wars’

The ‘Vaccine Wars’ left people unemployed or with a vaccine they never wanted to take. Employers used people’s jobs against them, pressuring them into getting the vaccine.

“Employers have been enforcing vaccine mandates, telling their employees this is how it has to be because that is what they have been told by the government, and that it’s to ‘keep us all safe’. The excuses used are nothing more than a lousy evasion of accountability. Employers saying that government mandates are being forced on their business are failing to take responsibility.”

Read my latest for The Spectator Australia here.

One thought on “Australian Jobs Held Hostage By The ‘Vaccine Wars’

  1. Debbie Barry

    So true. I could see this happening 18 months ago. But knowing and living through this time of terror is another level. We are all changed by it.


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