Canada Rising

Over the last two years, Canada has been rapidly declining into a tyrannical totalitarian state, ruled by a clueless and downright incompetent man, Justin Trudeau. What has become of a nation that has in large part been typically benevolent is, in all senses of the word, shameful.

The Canadian government has been eroding the freedoms of its citizens, dissent being shut down as soon as it springs up. People have been arrested for opposing mandates and arbitrary restrictions, churches have been overrun by the state, police have shown up to people’s doors because they have one too many guests at their home, and the vaccines have been forced upon far too many. Trudeau’s government have ruled with an iron fist, targeting dissidents and doing all they can to silence them.

More recently, Canada devolved into further tyranny, utilizing methods alike to those used by the Nazis. After a father refused to have his young child vaccinated (which is fair given the risks outweigh the benefits, which even the Swedish health department have admitted), the Canadian authorities announced they were hunting them down. This is not normal. People will likely be upset with the comparison to Nazi Germany, yet it is that unwillingness to make the substantive comparison that allows these disturbing actions to continue to take place.

The Canadian government also decided to take a leaf out of the handbook of the Party described in George Orwell’s 1984, creating a new rule for people with children in their home. Under the rule, these people were not permitted to disparage the vaccine in front of their kids at home. Thoughtcrime became a reality.

The insanity described above, alongside continued mandates, another wave of vaccines, and more people facing the prospect of losing their jobs, had Canada on edge. The government had even imposed a rule that anyone seeking to leave the country had to be fully vaccinated, Canada had become a prison nation, much like its Commonwealth counterpart Australia.

Canadians and Australians are, in fact, very similar in that both are slow to anger. But once they do, anyone who has infuriated them has a serious problem on their hands. Because they are not going to back down until it is all over – no compromises.

These are not the people who start wars. They end them.

And Canada just awakened the monster within.

In what they have wrought upon their people throughout the last two years, the Canadian government have indeed brought people together by keeping them apart, just not in the way they would have hoped.

Last week, a convoy of truckers began a journey into Canada’s capital, Ottawa, the home of Parliament Hill. As they travelled, the government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself, disparaged them as “terrorists” and a “small fringe minority.” But this was no mere minority. The convoy stretched out for miles along the highway. So too did their supporters, who braved the freezing cold to stand along the roads and on bridges, cheering the truckers on as they passed.

As the convoy neared its destination, it was announced that Trudeau had been a close contact and would have to isolate for five days. This was despite him being triple jabbed and symptomless. It was all too convenient.

On Saturday morning, tens of thousands had gathered in the capital to welcome the truckers as heroes. As they arrived and began to join their supporters, something truly incredible was broadcast to the world:

Justin Trudeau had fled the city.

Where Trudeau went is not publicly known. All we know at this point is that Trudeau and his family have travelled to an undisclosed location. It is profound that a leader would go into hiding from his own people at a time like this, yet it is entirely predictable. Rather than face the consequences of his actions, the Prime Minister of Canada has run away.

If you are wondering why this is the course of action he has chosen for himself, the answer is fairly straightforward. It appears that Trudeau likely knows deep down that what he has been a part of throughout the Covid era is disgraceful and wrong. But he does not want to admit that. He does not want to take responsibility, and he will go to any length necessary to avoid being held accountable.

In short, Justin Trudeau is a coward.

Only a coward would abscond when his detractors turn up to tell him how they feel about what he has done. Only a coward would refuse to face the people he has systematically oppressed. If he was indeed a close contact, he is now tested positive for COWARD-19.

But there is something more to this that explains the cowardice Trudeau has put on full display to the world.

In banding together to say “no more” to the government, the truckers have created a unified front. They have united the people of Canada against the government. In that unity, there is immense strength. And that does not bode well for the government.

The truckers have worked out everything to a tee. They have organised food, water, and supplies for those protesting, and a system to get it to them. When asked by a reporter if that think this will change something, one trucker said:

“Oh, 100%. Because we’re not leaving until it does.”

I will reiterate what I said above. Canadians and Australians do not start wars – they end them. When you draw the ire of Canadians, you know you have made a huge mistake. The Canadian truckers have arrived on the scene to end all of the Covid insanity. They will not leave until they have.

If there is one thing governments around the world are terrified of, and will work to prevent at all costs, it is unity against them. The Canadian government are now scared of their own people, to the point where their leader, rather than come out and face them, has made a run for it. There is an analogy that captures this concept extremely well:

“A single bee is ignored, But when millions come together, even the bravest run in fear. The one thing the government fears is the day we stand together.”

For Canada, today is that day. Australia is likely not far behind, given huge turnouts at protests and now the undertaking of a convoy of our own that has travelled to Canberra to protest outside Parliament House. Courage is contagious, and it’s spreading from Canada to several other nations already, including Australia.

The fact that the truckers are willing to stay where they are in Ottawa for as long as it takes is a nightmare for the government. It is bound to cause them a political headache, given these truckers are a key segment of the supply chain. Without them transporting goods to stores, shops will not be able to stock up. People will be without food and essential items. But no matter how much the government try to blame the truckers for this, it is not their fault. Responsibility for this lies squarely on the shoulders of a government trying to protect its own interests.

For those who may complain about shelves being empty or the like while the truckers make their stand against the tyrannical overlords of Canada, Sydney Watson sums it up best:

“If you aren’t willing to be uncomfortable or go without so freedom can prevail, you don’t deserve it in the first place.”

I do not think any of us really expected Canada to be the bastion of the freedom movement in the world right now. But that is what it has become. This could be the catalyst for a revival we have all been patiently waiting for.

Politicians and those whose power is threatened by the protestors will no doubt continue to paint them in a terrible light. But remember, these truckers are fighting for the freedoms of all Canadians, not just themselves. They are regular people fighting against powerful elites. They are you and me. We must get behind them and support them with all we have. This is not just a protest. This is not just a movement.

This is a revolution.

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