Thought Bubble: Science Fiction

Note: Originally Published June 15th 2017

Science fiction, commonly known by many as, quite simply, sci-fi. A genre of immense and expansive proportions. And quite a fun one at that. It’s quite interesting in some regards, as some of the obscure, dreamy ideas of sorts that come from the realm of science fiction, are being looked into and could in some sense become a reality at some point in the future. I personally am a big fan of the genre, and become enthralled in the many concepts that are presented in science fiction texts, television shows and films on a regular basis. I actually find it quite fun to just imagine the wide range of possibilities that could be within this small world of ours, how much more there is to see out there, beyond our own planet.

I often sit back and wonder what the future may be like. All the possibilities, however extensive, are displayed within science fiction based texts, TV shows and films, and they occasionally will show some promise of actually being a premise for a reality of some form within the future, whether it be distant or maybe even at a point quite close in proximity to the time of now. Many recurring themes and ideas present themselves in the world of science fiction. For example, the prospect of time travel and teleportation is a recurrent, as well as the never-ending, ever-changing idea of superhuman, or supernatural abnormalities (put simply, ‘superpowers’ and note: that’s going to sound somewhat amusing coming from me seeing as I may endeavour in this area at some point in the future😁).

It would be brilliant to see some of these well-known ideas become a reality at some point in the future. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to be able to just travel anywhere at will, even if it is with the aid of an ever-powerful machine? Wouldn’t you love to be able to travel through time and space to any point across the universe at any point in time? Wouldn’t it be great to have the capability to jump into a range of other dimensions and parallel universes? I’m sure that occasionally some individuals will wonder what’s really out there, and what humanity is capable of achieving in terms of technological advances in the future. Some may even give thought to whether or not there may be other various versions of their own selves living out there in parallel universes/dimensions. The universe really is a wonder.

Of all the things that we’ve seen in shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and for those who know of it, The Twilight Zone, as well as films like the Star Wars franchise, The Matrix, the Marvel cinematic franchise (The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor, Ant-Man, etc.), and the Back To The Future series, and science fiction novels like the Skulduggery Pleasant series, the ever-popular Harry Potter series, and The Hunger Games series, we have basically seen next to none of these things become a reality. Although, there is one thing. Hoverboards. Although the hoverboards we were promised in Back To The Future Part II had less wheels and more hover. And I don’t believe they exploded either. We’ve also had a breakthrough in that the Nike self lacing shoes have become a reality, however an expensive one. And so we still wait on a reality of time travel, teleportation, and spectacular superhuman powers. And no matter how long it takes for these prospects to become a reality, we will still wait in anticipation, and in the meantime be entertained by the endless possibilities of the science fiction realm.

Hope you all enjoyed this one. A bit of a change from the detailed analysis of the world and everything, but a bit of a fun imaginative idea. As usual, any suggestions or ideas you might have are welcome in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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