What’s Going On? – Refugees And Asylum Seekers

Note: Originally Published On June 15th 2017

In the modern world, the one thing that all countries hope to someday achieve is peace. Peace is something that eludes so many individuals and so many nations these days. It appears to be constantly out of reach. And it appears this is to continue for a while yet. The issue is, if peace cannot come to the world, then inevitably, we are going to be subject to a force which may be unstoppable: chaos. And if chaos is allowed to reign over one nation, it will spread like wildfire, like a disease, until it infects the entire globe. And so it must be stopped before this occurs, because how would the world go on attempting to achieve peace when chaos is knocking on their doors?

One of the major issues in our world is that of refugees and asylum seekers transporting themselves from country to country, attempting to seek out a place of safety, away from the wars that are occurring within their respective home nations. For example, those who are seeking asylum from countries such as Syria and Iraq, mainly Middle Eastern countries where war has broken out over the years. Currently, a war is being fought in Syria on a range of fronts. Put simply, the war started out as a civil war between the State and a group of Rebels, who were extremely dissatisfied with Syrian President Bashaar Al-Assad’s regime, and simple protests quickly escalated into riots and broke out into an all out civil war. However, the civil war became something much bigger when, somewhat inevitably, a third party decided to use the war as a means of undertaking their own plots; the terrorist organisation known by many a name, but quite commonly as Islamic State. This terrorist group has since launched and carried out terror plots in nations worldwide, such as in France, and more recently, Manchester and London. They aim to invoke terror in all people who are in areas that are attacked. And in order to combat this, people must unite together, stand together as one, and display courage and strength, both in number and as individuals. In doing this, terror can be eradicated, in fact it may actually happen sooner than later.

And now, back to the topic of refugees and asylum seekers. These individuals are travelling, most often by boat, to countries where they hope to find peace and live a quiet, easier life than they have in the war torn nations which they have recently escaped from. They just want peace for pity’s sake. And the majority of them aren’t getting it. Why? Because of the governments. Take a look at Australia for example. So many individuals flee their respective countries to come to a somewhat peaceful nation that is Australia every year. And what happens when they arrive? Well, to put it simply, they are sent to live even more miserable lives. They are denied entry into the country, and then sent off to detention centres, basically prisons, to live out their lives indefinitely, unless of course they are eventually released at an undefined point in time because the government finally found some generosity in their heart. But you know, we can’t blame the government entirely. I mean, they’re only trying to keep the country safe from terrorists. And rightly so, because who knows whether or not a terrorist is hiding amongst asylum seekers, attempting to disguise themselves so that they can gain entry to a country in which they aim to wreak havoc. It is quite true that this could happen. But why should these other people, these other terrified human beings, have to be punished? Why should they have to endure a very similar life to the one they only just escaped from? Sometimes, one individual has to ruin it for everyone else. Sometimes it’s because one person has done damage to the country previously and the government simply cannot allow for that to occur again. And we wouldn’t even have this problem relating to asylum seekers entering the country the wrong way if those individuals who’s responsibility it is at the embassies actually did their jobs and processed requests for migration to other nations from individuals living in the real-life nightmares that are war torn countries like Syria. It’s not a question of whether asylum seekers and refugees are doing things the right way, it’s a question of why they have to resort to going this way rather than taking the legal options. Some food for thought there.

And there we are, another analysis of another issue held in place by the world. I sincerely hope you found this an interesting and intriguing read. As always, make sure to leave any suggestions or ideas in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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