Globalism 2.0: The Rise of COVID19

In times of late, with the uprising of COVID19 around the world, climate change has been relegated to the benches, not so much in the spotlight as it used to be. It may seem odd, considering climate change was the method behind the madness of the push for full blown globalism, but times have changed. A new issue has come along, and the globalists surely are all over it. COVID19 is all over the world, and it is being weaponized by globalists.

You may wonder why climate change is no longer the issue of choice for those spruiking globalism. There is a fairly simple reason behind this change in approach. COVID19 is much more real, and thereby evokes much more of a reaction in the people. Thereby, it is much easier to take advantage of and convince people to fear. Whereas many are skeptical of climate change and the narrative presented by its perpetrators, almost everyone knows the virus is a reality. And although some are still skeptical as to the ins and outs, there is no doubt that COVID19 is in circulation.

COVID19 is all over the globe. It would therefore be seen as an easier strategy to push a globalist agenda. Yet, like the globalist spruiked climate change, the impact of the virus varies from country to country. Some countries are more affected than others, with each country approaching the response to the virus in its own way. Because of this, it may not be so simple to push globalism. The key factor in doing so is fear. If one country manages to find a way out without a vaccine, it could result in other countries following suit. So far, Sweden is the only country to have almost eviscerated the virus with minimal economic damage and should be applauded for doing so. Most other countries have followed the lockdown strategy, destroying their economies while the virus is only going to continue to exist. This is exactly what globalists like those in the United Nations and its branches (including the World Health Organisation), the European Union, the World Economic Forum and several other governmental bodies want. They want to build the globalist empire on the ruins of national economies.

One of the only leaders who has stood against globalism is President of the United States Donald Trump. One of the reasons Donald Trump is loathed by his political counterparts is because he is a nationalist. In other words, he is a patriot. He puts his country before the rest of the world, or as he would put it “America First”. Contrary to the views of globalists and a fair number of those on the Left, there is nothing wrong with this. Nationalism is not a bad thing. If anything, it’s a great thing to want to put your country first and be proud of the country you reside in. We could do with more nationalism in our world because it is what keeps democracy alive and prevents a potential one world government. We should all be putting our own countries ahead of others. Sure, countries can support each other, but in prioritizing our own countries before others, we ensure that we are in a position of prosperity, rather than giving out foreign aid when we are in decline.

The climate change line is becoming much less relevant now. While climate activist Greta Thunberg and her movement are still protesting, albeit socially distanced or from home, she has even announced she is going back to school. Yes, people are attempting to link the climate change line to COVID19, and Thunberg has met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to talk to her about acknowledging and doing something about the so called “climate emergency”, however, there is no emergency in the realm of climate change. The only “emergency” anyone is concerned about now is COVID19. But they hype around the virus is even excessive.

Essentially what has happened is that the globalists of the world have found their golden goose. COVID19 is the perfect storm for these people. It has given governments too much power. It has put the people at the mercy of their elected officials and the authorities. It has screwed over businesses, destroyed people’s livelihoods, trapped people in their respective countries, even going so far as to imprison them in their own homes. And inevitably, it has led to corruption. One of the unfortunate tenets of humanity is that it is susceptible to corruption. Ultimately, it means people will do terrible things for their own personal gain. That includes exploiting a new virus.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have borne witness to corruption the world over. Agendas are being pushed, likely without many even realizing. Whilst everyone can see the governments of the world cultivating their power, there are other things that may not seem as obvious. Take the sudden opposition to hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that has been in circulation for decades. No one was against it until it was found to be effective against COVID19 if used early on. Now it is being heavily restricted or even banned in places around the world, including in Queensland and Victoria, under the threat of fines for prescription or use of the medication. Make no mistake, this is a life-saving drug, but the elites with great power do not want you to have it. The reason is simple, they want this “pandemic” to continue for as long as possible. If there is a drug that cures COVID19, how are they going to be able to ensure people still fear this virus? They can’t. They would lose their opportunity to finally push out their agenda. That is the last thing they want.

Note how the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UN arm that is supposed to prevent disease outbreaks, let alone pandemics, has been giving mixed messages since the start of COVID19? They have effectively lied every step of the way and that has not changed. They told us human to human transmission was not occurring when it was. They verbally attacked the President Trump for closing off the US to China. They told us masks were ineffective. They’re against hydroxychloroquine. And of all people that they are discussing the vaccine with, it’s tech giant Bill Gates, who isn’t even a doctor. It begs the question; how can anyone trust these people? They’re glorified bureaucrats, just like those in charge of the health response here in Australia (Take Victorian Chief Health Officer (CHO) Brett Sutton, who’s actively running and destroying the State of Victoria and the once most livable city in the world, Melbourne). These people are dangerous. What’s more, they’re globalists. They may seem like they are there to help, but, in reality, they are the ones who allowed this virus to get to where it is, to spread around the globe. If the WHO had warned people earlier, we could have prevented COVID19 from even entering our countries. We could have saved our economies. And more recently, if Brett Sutton, & by extension Daniel Andrews, had done their job, Victoria would not have been subject to a “second wave” and had to lockdown all over again. They could have spared themselves from total economic annihilation if these unelected bureaucrats had just done their damn jobs.

There is something else that should have also caught the attention of the people. It is somewhat subtle, but it is there, nonetheless. There has been much talk about vaccines of late. Many governments and health officials, including unelected bureaucrats, have touted the vaccine as the only way out of this virus. Even though hydroxychloroquine is readily available and cheap, they want us to adjust to some “new normal”, or as some have referred to it “COVID normal”, never allowing us to go back to life as it was before COVID19 until a viable vaccine is in play. What’s more, our Australian Government are going to attempt to force us to take a vaccine which has been developed fairly quickly compared to others that take years, from a company that has made itself not liable for any issues that arise and which has had to pay out over $1.14 billion in penalties for violations since 2000. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. The vaccine may create side effects unknown until potentially years after it is taken. All you need do is think back to the thalidomide epidemic, a drug that was said to be fine at the time, but which ended up resulting in devastating side effects, including the deaths of thousands of children, and birth defects of thousands more. We should not have a rushed vaccine pushed on us. It’s plain dangerous. Yet the government and unelected health bureaucrats are touting “no jab no pay”, a system in which if you aren’t vaccinated, you will not be able to work, and will likely be unable to go to various venues, including cafes and restaurants. They will take your rights away from you simply because you are cautious about what you are putting into your body. It is reprehensible.

I want to make it clear that I am no anti-vaxxer. I have personally chosen to have all vaccines provided throughout high school, and for travel, as well as the flu shot each year. However, the more I look into this vaccine and all that surrounds it, the more skeptical I become of it. The one Australia is signing up for is the Oxford one developed by a company called AstraZeneca. This company has chosen to use a cell line in their vaccine that is taken from an aborted foetus. That’s right, an aborted human baby. This is no rarity in vaccine production. In fact, it is shockingly common. If you’re skeptical, I encourage you to look up VAQTA, HAVRIX, PRIORIX and Varivax, all commonly used vaccines, with the term MRC-5, which are the cell lines used from aborted human foetuses (I’ll leave links to each one at the bottom of this article). This raises a major ethical dilemma, with many being against abortion, and thus against having a product made using aborted babies injected into them. When coupled with the government’s veiled threat to remove some of our rights, as well as our jobs, if we refuse to take the vaccine, it results in a conundrum of great proportions. Essentially, you face losing your job/freedoms or going against your own values/morals. There are also concerns that have previously been raised around vaccines made using cell lines from aborted foetuses, primarily the risk of insertional mutagenesis, the creation of DNA mutations which can cause cancer. If anything, this vaccine is not all sunshine and roses.

As if things could not get any lower, one more thing that has been occurring during the time of COVID19 is fraud surrounding the death toll. Medical facilities are receiving more funding for each COVID19 death they record. That’s right, they are exploiting people’s deaths for money. There have been a number of cases where family members have had doctors ask to record deaths from a range of other conditions, including terminal cancer, as COVID deaths. This has been occurring in Australia, particularly in Victoria. On August 20, Victorian CHO Brett Sutton was asked about classification of COVID deaths. He responded with the following answer:

“For deaths from coronavirus, anyone who’s a confirmed case who dies is classified amongst coronavirus deaths. So, it doesn’t have to be definitively from coronavirus. And in some instances, in aged care, there would have been some residents who were already receiving palliative care who became infected with coronavirus, so it’s not definitive about whether they’ve died with or from coronavirus…but for classification purposes, for recording purposes, that’s the definition.”

In that response, Sutton has effectively admitted that deaths that have been recorded as COVID deaths may not have resulted from COVID, thus resulting in inflated numbers to cause even more fear. This is fraud. It should trigger alarm bells for everyone. If they can do this so easily, imagine what else they are capable of. You will also very rarely, if ever, hear the recovery rates, because they would help to dispel fear, and thus put a pin in the hopes of globalists. Why? Because the recovery rates are very high. Make no mistake, this is all about increasing fear. What these people are doing is criminal.

Globalism has created many of the problems we now face. If COVID19 has taught us anything, it is that bureaucrats should not be running countries, and that we cannot allow a globalist regime to occur. Globalists are going to use COVID19 as an excuse to continue towards their goal of ultimate power and pursue some sort of one world government. We should have known from the start that they would exploit this virus for their own personal and political gain. You really have to think about this: COVID19 is nowhere near as bad as they have made it out to be. Yes, it has taken lives, a tragedy in every way. Yet tens, even hundreds, of thousands die from the flu and related respiratory illnesses each year and we do not lockdown and destroy the economy. Thousands die in car accidents each year, but we do not remove vehicles from the roads. Millions die from abortion each year, yet we allow abortion facilities to continue to operate, even going so far as to legislate in its favour in some States.

We need to start thinking about what happens if there is no vaccine. We need to start rebuilding our economy before globalists take advantage of the destruction. Globalism is the true virus. It leads to the destruction of democracy. It puts us at the mercy of other countries. It leads to absurd laws that end free speech and results in self-censorship. We cannot allow the tendrils of globalism to get a grasp on our country, on our world.

That will only end in despair.


Links to vaccines that use cell lines from aborted foetuses:

VAQTA:  (Read 11. DESCRIPTION pg. 11)

HAVRIX: (Read 11. DESCRIPTION pg. 9)



Look for the term “MRC-5”.


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