The Paradox of the Ideological Left

So often in the world we see people do things that we cannot stand. Yet at some point, we find ourselves doing the same thing. It is an intriguing manner of humanity. We can so easily become the very same things that we hate. Now while most of us will find ourselves in this predicament at some point or another in our lives, there are certain groups of people who are far more susceptible.

Ideologues are, by far, the worst of these. They can get so caught up in their ideology that it consumes them. This can be destructive not only to them, but to those around them. If they are in a position of power, the ramifications could be even more dire. This is because ideologues are not content with allowing others to think for themselves. No, they would rather push their views upon you until you snap and join them. That being said, some ideologies are likely worse than others. The most dangerous ideologues are those on the Left.

The concept of paradox is an interesting one. That something could be set out in such a way that a particular ending is seen as inevitable, only to have it turn in on itself and create an outcome that was thought to be virtually impossible is incredulous. To demonstrate, take Scandinavia. These countries became more progressive when it came to gender roles, attempting to socialize children through the means of gender equality. The outcome thought to be inevitable was that there would be more gender balance in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Yet the opposite effect occurred and demonstrated that countries with higher levels of gender equality consequentially have less gender balance in such fields as compared to less equal countries. This is a good example of how attempting to push an ideological ideal can backfire significantly. It is something that forms the basis for the remainder of this piece.

Currently, the United States are preparing for a Presidential Election, with a little over a month to go. The hatred for President Trump by the Left is extensive. They constantly label him such terms as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ and many more. The irony in this is that they have now become those very things themselves. Take the latest outrage regarding the Supreme Court nominee. After the tragic passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a seat on the Supreme Court opened up. As is conventional in such a situation in an election year, the President is permitted to make a nomination, considering the Senate Majority is of the same Party as the President. In the current circumstance, Donald Trump is a Republican, as is the Senate Majority. This means that President Trump has every right to make a nomination to the Supreme Court, and the Senate have every right to confirm the nominee so that he/she may sit on the Supreme Court and bring it back to nine Justices. So, the President nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who happens to be a Christian with a large family, including two adoptive children from Haiti. What happened was pure ideological consumption.

Now you would think the Left would be ecstatic to see another woman appointed to the Supreme Court. After all, they love gender equality. But it seems that equality is limited to women with their views and does not apply to Conservative women. So, instead of cheering the nomination of a woman to the Supreme Court, they do everything in their power to tear her down. They call her vile names and bring her family into the matter. It seems as if there is no depth to which they will not sink. How does one come to this conclusion? Well, all you need do is look at how these people are attacking Judge Barrett for adopting two Haitian children. Instead of praising her for being such a kind-hearted person, they discuss how “authoritarians seize children of colour for adoption by White Christians” and how “White colonizers “civilized” these “savage” children in the “superior” ways of White people.” Some have also said questions need to be asked as to the circumstances in which Barrett came to adopt her children and how they have been treated since. This is what would commonly be referred to as a smear campaign.

What these people say is no doubt shocking and appalling. It is also a good example of the paradox. They have become what they hate. They are putting on a display of not only vile racism and selective feminism, but also religious discrimination. They will do just about anything to protect their beloved abortion laws, to protect Roe v. Wade. See that is the key issue that has them in an ideological rage. If Barrett is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned, and abortion outlawed as a consequence. Fundamentally, this is a good thing because it will save countless lives. But these people do not want this to happen. They want millions more innocent lives to be lost because they have such utter contempt for humanity itself. They wish to destroy every tenant of Western Civilization and rebuild it as a Socialist Hellscape.

The treatment of Amy Coney Barrett is but one example. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is another. BLM is an inherently Marxist organisation. Their founders have admitted to being Marxists. Marxism is a doctrine of mass destruction and pure anarchy. You only need to look at what has occurred in US cities where riots have occurred to see that. It is inherently evil, as are its siblings Socialism and Communism. These are what I call the three roads to hell. That is not hell as in the religious type, but rather a hell on Earth. It would be something on par, maybe even worse, than living out your own worst nightmare. For example, the Soviet Union was hell. But I digress. BLM has used the deaths of several criminals to prop up their cause and justify mass riots. Now that is not to say that police brutality is not a reality. Indeed, it exists, and it is something that must be corrected. But BLM should not be using criminals as their poster-people. Yet they would not care about that, because they are more interested in serving their own interests and wreaking havoc on their cities rather than making any valid effort to bring about change. Indeed, in the worst show of hypocrisy, amidst the looting and rioting, one rioter, who just so happened to be African American, shot and killed retired police captain David Dorn, also African American. Dorn had attempted to stop the rioter from looting a pawn shop, tragically losing his life doing so. Was there any uproar and protest over his death? Sadly, yet predictably, no. For a group who make themselves out to care about black lives, they sure are selective. But after all the damage they do, they put the blame on Trump and the police, with Democrats echoing their sentiments. This is an archetype of the Left. They will cause damage, sometimes irreparable, then pin it on someone else so they do not have to take responsibility.

It is something we see reflected in Australia. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his Government have made a right mess of hotel quarantine and by extension the State of Victoria itself, yet no one, not even the leader who said the buck stops with him, wants to take responsibility, nor be held accountable for their actions. Yet the Leftist ideologues in Victoria, even around the country, even so far as around the world, praise him for his “hard work”. If by hard work they mean annihilating the State of Victoria, then they would be correct. Now make no mistake, if the shoe were on the other foot, and a Conservative Government had committed the destruction that Victorian Labor have, there would be hell to pay. The Left would be baying for blood, but not for the right reasons. It should not matter which Party causes such destruction; it should be denounced regardless. As a Conservative, I would be just as critical of a Conservative Government who wreaked such havoc as I am of the Andrews Government, as I am sure many Conservatives would. It seems this does not apply to Leftist ideologues.

What really puts their blatant hypocrisy on full display is the contempt they have for journalists. Take Rachel Baxendale for example. Baxendale works for The Australian, typically seen to be a more right-leaning publication. She is one of the only journalists who has been holding Andrews to account at his daily press conferences. She asks the tough questions that any good journalist would because she is trying to get answers for the public. That is what journalists are obligated to do. They ask questions on behalf of the public so that we remain informed. Yet because of her adamancy to do her job well, the Leftist ideologues, many of whom appear to idolize Daniel Andrews, emerge from their underground dwellings, launching vicious attacks at Baxendale and calling her all manner of vile names. All because she dared to do her job. If anything, we need more journalists like Rachel Baxendale in the world; good and honest journalists who are not afraid to ask the tough questions and will go as far as they can to get answers, journalists who report the truth, not some false constructed narrative to push an agenda. Those who seek the truth are subject to excessive hatred. But if you are copping hate for doing your job as a journalist and telling the public the truth, chances are you are doing your job well.

Even Daniel Andrews himself has shown contempt for Baxendale, in particular over the past few days, when he spoke in a manner as if he was talking down to her, and coined the phrase “What’s the issue, Rachel?”, which became a trending hashtag on Twitter for the Leftist ideologues to jump on board and hurl even more abuse at her. Yet if this were to happen to a journalist from a left-leaning media outlet, these same ideologues would be in an uproar, outraged that anyone would dare question the integrity of their beloved media. Compare their treatment of Baxendale to their treatment of former ABC Chief Economics Correspondent Emma Alberici. When Alberici was cut from the national broadcaster, they were outraged (they tend to be outraged in one form or another on most occasions). So much so that they started the hashtag ‘#IStandWithEmma’. See the difference? When it is a Left-Wing woman, she is brilliant and does not deserve anything but the best, and everyone should love her. But when it is a Conservative woman, she deserves nothing but scorn and contempt because she is evil. When it is a Left-Wing woman, if she is attacked, it is likely due to misogyny or sexism or the like. But when it is a Conservative woman, if she is attacked, she probably deserves it, and it is definitely not misogyny nor sexism. It is a paradox of incredulous proportions.

It is clear that ideologues are consumed by their ideology. Leftist ideologues are far worse, considering that, if they manage to weasel their way into a position of power, they can instill one of the three roads to hell within society and tear apart the very fabric that holds it together. In their quest for world conquest, the Left have become the very terms they label others; racists, sexists, misogynists, the list goes on. They have truly become everything which they hate. It is a truly tragic reflection on what that side of the political spectrum has become.

It does, however, clearly demonstrate something which we must take heed of: Marxism, Socialism and Communism, the social constructs of Leftist ideologues, the three roads to hell, should be avoided at all costs. For if we go down even one of those roads, it will only end in a living nightmare.

So, here is a message to those young people who are becoming corrupted by Leftist ideology, particularly in universities: Do not pay heed to what your university professors tell you. Think for yourselves. You are capable of doing so, so why allow some highly paid university professor who only has their personal interests in mind to shape your worldview for you? Leftist ideology only leads to misery. No matter how many times Leftist ideologues tell you Socialism, Communism and Marxism work, they are dead wrong. Even if they argue that it just wasn’t done right previously, say in the Soviet Union, they are dead wrong. Quite literally so, as over 20 million died in the Soviet Union, and over 100 million have been killed by Communism. These social constructs can never be “done right” because human beings are inherently susceptible to corruption.

These are all one-way roads. They all lead to hell on Earth.  

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