An Open Letter to The Prime Minister

Prime Minister,

Australia was once a great nation. It was once a free country, full of joy and prosperity. We were the lucky country. Now, we are anything but.

Since COVID19 entered this country, it has fallen so far from what it was. The swift and overbearing response was, to a degree, acceptable towards the start. However, once we learnt more about the virus and figured out ways of dealing with it and living with it, most of the restrictions should have ended.

Prime Minister, the National Cabinet was a grave mistake. You handed more power over to the Premiers, practically rendering yourself powerless. This has allowed them to run rampant, doing whatever they wish. All you can do is watch and fulfill any requests they make. The majority of the States have done well in curbing the virus, albeit many still have unnecessary measures in place, including border closures. The borders should not be used as a weapon in their political arsenal. Surely you can agree with this.

In giving the Premiers a power boost, you gave them the excuse to play politics with people’s lives. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has gone completely rogue. He has brought in far too many arbitrary measures, practically turning Melbourne into one giant prison complex. People have been imprisoned in their homes day in and day out for months. Small business will die out. Many businesses have shut their doors for good, unable to continue to operate with the constant restrictions. Many Victorians have lost their livelihoods, their jobs, jobs that will not be returned to them because of the state Victoria is in.

People cannot even protest against these draconian measures without being arrested. I am sure you have seen the footage from the Freedom Protests in Victoria and around the country, Prime Minister. It should serve as a message to you, this must end. Premier Andrews and all those that surround him in the relevant Ministries and bureaucratic positions cannot even remember what happened several months ago. How can anyone possibly expect them to get Victoria out of the mess they have created? How can anyone have confidence in this Government to do their jobs, when they do not even seem to know what their jobs are?

Now the Victorian Premier wants to pass a Bill to allow anyone the Government deems fit to detain anyone they even think might break the rules indefinitely. What ever happened to habeas corpus, Prime Minister? What ever happened to protecting the people of this country from authoritarian rule? What ever happened to the Constitution?

Prime Minister, Australia is becoming something it never should be. This once great democratic nation is being overrun by power-hungry Premiers with only their own interests in mind. Politicians are letting this country down. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see even one State of this nation brought to its knees, falling to a leader corrupted by power. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see any place in Australia lose touch with democracy. Yet here we are, living through that time right now.

Prime Minister, I think I speak for many when I say that I am genuinely concerned with the way this nation is headed. Overreaching draconian measures, Border Wars, citizens being detained for protest, one of the very tenants of democracy itself, and politicians failing to be accountable for their incredibly self-serving destructive tendencies. All these things and more are tearing apart the very fabric of this country. A nation of mateship and freedom is being replaced by one of fear and subservience to government. This cannot go on.

Prime Minister, I implore you to use the Constitution to the benefit of this nation. Listen to people like Bronwyn Bishop, who has been referring to specific Sections and how to use them. You would do well to take her advice on board because this could be the only way to regain your power and restore this once great nation to its former glory. If you did such a thing, you could practically guarantee yourself another term in government.

In addition, it would be wise to set up a Royal Commission into what has occurred in Victoria. I say this because the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry is not at all going as it should. No-one wants to own up to their errors, and they are being permitted to get away with it. Each and every individual who had a role to play who is questioned does not provide any clear answers. The sheer incompetence is beyond belief. The whole purpose of the inquiry was to get answers for Victorians. It has not done so thus far.

The curfew may also be unlawful, something that is being explored in the Supreme Court currently. The Victorian Government have attempted to stifle the Court from retrieving important documents relating to the curfew, which should be frowned upon, yet were unable to keep them secret once the Court took action to obtain them and forced the Government’s hand. It is clear that the curfew was not imposed based on medical advice, nor the advice of the Chief Police Commissioner, which likely means it was never a lawful curfew from the beginning. If this is found to be true, surely there should be consequences for those who imposed it? After all, they would have unlawfully kept Victorians locked in their homes at night for no justifiable reason.

Prime Minister, this has gone on long enough. It is time for the Commonwealth to take back its power. It is time for you to step up and lead this nation back to true democracy, back to greatness. It is time to re-empower the Australian Constitution, the most powerful weapon in your political arsenal. It is time to end this.

Prime Minister, it is time to take this nation back.  

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