The Hidden Truths Of COVID-19

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook stating that “Healthy people should not be forced to wear masks.” While I stand by this statement, I feel it needs a little more context, but instead of writing another post, I thought it would be apt to write an article explaining my views on this matter, in addition to providing a number of sources explaining how masks are likely barely, if at all, effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Here are my views for clarification. I have no qualms with people wearing masks if they so choose to. That is their choice, and so be it. In particular for those who have other pre-existing conditions, masks may be more important. Now I can see why masks should be worn by those who are sick, although if you are sick you probably shouldn’t be going out anyway. But for those who are healthy, masks should not be a necessity. Even for those who are asymptomatic, masks are unnecessary. Why? Because if you are not displaying any symptoms, you cannot spread a virus. It’s fairly straightforward reasoning.

But when it comes to masks, the question that many seem to refuse to conduct their own research into is this: Do they really work? Many people appear to have blind trust in the media and politicians and will take them at their word when they say masks work to prevent the virus from spreading. But if you were to spend some time researching the matter, you would find that masks are not doing this. In fact, in most places around the world where masks have been mandated, cases of COVID-19 have increased following the mandates. Studies into asymptomatic cases have shown that their close contacts have not become infected with the virus, and that they have a much lower quantity of viral load and a shorter duration of viral shedding, decreasing the risk of transmission. In addition to this, the pores of masks are around 300 nanometers in size, while the size of COVID-19 particles are between 65-125 nanometers. This means that COVID-19 particles are able to move through the pores of the masks rather than being blocked from entry/exit. Yet it does not end there. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) even conducted a study and found masks to be ineffective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, even for those who consistently wear them. Within their study, the majority of those who wore masks contracted the virus, while less than 4% became unwell after not wearing a mask.

Now I understand the hype around wearing a mask but allow me to put it to you another way. If masks were so effective in preventing viral respiratory illnesses, why have they not been widely used, even mandated, in years gone by to prevent the spread of flu? I would also like to point you all to the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Now many may not know this, but most deaths in that pandemic were not actually caused by the influenza virus. Rather they were a resultant of bacterial pneumonia. This bacterial pneumonia was caused by common upper respiratory flora, essentially a resultant of various bacteria. If these secondary bacterial infections had not occurred, it is believed that many patients may have indeed survived. But what does this have to do with masks? Well, masks were also enforced in the 1918 pandemic. Now we know that the bacterial pneumonia that occurred and resulted in most of the deaths at the time were from “common upper respiratory flora”. That means that they were caused by waste that the body was attempting to naturally expel, as is its function. But when you put a mask in front of your mouth, that waste that the body is trying to expel can end up re-entering your body. This is what leads to respiratory illnesses, including the bacterial pneumonia that caused the deaths of far too many people in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. This is how unnecessary illnesses and deaths are caused.

Now this all comes back to my main point: healthy people should not be forced to wear masks. If you want to wear a mask, that should be your choice. Politicians should not be permitted the power to enforce mask mandates on everyone, whereby the penalty for non-compliance is a fine of any nature (in NSW it is currently $200). In fact, as far as I am aware, there is no law that gives Governments the power to enforce such mandates and punish citizens for not complying. It would hardly surprise me if people took the fines to court and they were thrown out for being unlawful.

But while we are on the subject, I would like to bring up a few other issues surrounding COVID-19 and what you are being lied to about. First, the testing. The testing method currently used in most places is a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. It is essentially a diagnostic test that determines if you are infected by analyzing a sample to see if it contains genetic material from the virus. Now the media and politicians will not tell you this next bit, but I am dedicated to the truth, so here it is. PCR tests are unreliable. There are far too many false positives that occur from these tests. Because other illnesses like the common cold and the flu are also both coronaviruses, there is a decent chance that a test will come back positive for COVID-19 when you have one of these other illnesses, due to the genetic material being from the same family of viruses. Even the World Health Organization has admitted that these tests have a problem, albeit after hundreds of thousands of doctors and medical professionals around the world made this known for months. Even the test’s inventor said it was never designed to diagnose diseases. The WHO’s admission claims the problem is that many cycles are required to detect virus, and that the distinction between background noise and actual presence of the target virus can be difficult to ascertain in some circumstances. Now it would be interesting to see just how many people who have tested “positive” for COVID-19 actually had the virus, rather than having something else which produced a false positive result. The WHO are now facing multiple lawsuits over the matter.

The WHO’s manipulation, however, does not end there. In a 1984 Ministry of Truth fashion, they have quietly attempted to change the facts surrounding herd immunity. On 9 June 2020, the WHO’s website, under the question “What is herd immunity?” provided the following answer:

Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection. This means that even people who haven’t been infected, or in whom an infection hasn’t triggered an immune response, they are protected because people around them who are immune can act as buffers between them and an infected person. The threshold for establishing herd immunity for COVID-19 is not yet clear.

On 13 November 2020, that answer was changed to the following:

‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.

Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not exposing them to it.


Notice the significant change there? Herd immunity was something that could occur via immunity through either vaccination or previous exposure, until of course the vaccine came along, and the WHO changed their definition to make it seem as if herd immunity was merely a “concept”, with vaccination being the only way of achieving it. Now it is at this point that I would advise you to read my previous article on the vaccine and the dangers it poses (Link here: Since I published that particular piece, a number of people have experienced significant adverse effects after receiving the vaccine, some becoming very ill, some just happening to end up with COVID-19 days later, and some even dying in the hours and days following their vaccination (although suddenly co-morbidities have become recognized again given these deaths). (Links to this information will be available at the end of this article). I warned that this vaccine, being rushed, is likely to be unreliable, even harmful. Some adverse effects may not be known for years to come. And it is of great importance to understand that if they can mandate masks, they can mandate the vaccine. It’s a slippery slope. In the realm of herd immunity however, vaccinations are not the only way. The definition of herd immunity has long pertained to the fact that it can be achieved through exposure to a disease as well as vaccination. The WHO cannot be trusted if they are going to continue to change the facts to suit whatever bureaucratic agenda they have up their sleeves.

Now look, I understand that people are afraid of this virus. I understand why people will believe whatever they are told by politicians and the media. It provides a sense of stability and safety. I get it. But if everyone just looked at the facts, looked at reality, they would see that much of what they are being told is not exactly trustworthy. Politicians and unelected bureaucrats are overwhelmingly self-serving in nature. It is an unfortunate reality. There are some good ones out there who do not fall into this category, but they are typically censored, batted down as conspiracy theorists. Indeed, almost anyone who tries to bring the facts to light these days is branded a conspiracy theorist or whatever else. I have faced this challenge myself in attempting to do just this. There is a quote from the great Athenian philosopher Plato that springs to mind here: “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” This could not be more apt for the times we are in. I encourage everyone to, rather than just listen to politicians and the media and take what they say as gospel, do your own research. Think for yourself. These are important skills to have in your life.

So that you may see the facts I have stated here for yourself, I have included links to the information below. I encourage you to read through them.


Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence. – Swiss Policy Research (

Study: Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 not significant (

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks ( – this contains a hyperlink to the CDC study on the CDC’s site:

Membrane makeover turns N95 respirator into a reusable mask (

German aged care workers develop flu-like symptoms after vaccine overdose | Sky News Australia

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