Saving Society: The World In The Balance

This will probably be the most important article I write. So please read it carefully and in full. It appears that we have begun our journey down that road that leads to hell on Earth, and it will only get worse as it progresses. That is, unless the people unite, stand up, speak out, and fight back. There is no greater force than a united front against tyranny. Allow me to explain what we are fighting here, and what is on the line.

On January 6, Vice President Mike Pence, in the company of the joint Congress of Senators and House Representatives, certified the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden. In doing so, they essentially confirmed that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris would be sworn in on the January 20 as the new President and Vice President of the United States of America. On the same day, protests occurred at the Capitol building where Trump supporters had gathered for a rally. However, somehow a number of people managed to get into the Capitol itself, a feat that would be near impossible with the level of security surrounding that building, unless of course they were let in (which would imply that there was someone on the inside). Given the footage that emerged showing these people being let in, that would attest to the former speculative thought. Thus, the question arises: why were they let in?

While we may not know the answer to this, we can make some fairly reasoned observations that would allow us to come to a viable conclusion. First, the Capitol was breached as objections were being made to the Electoral College vote for certain States, beginning with Arizona. Now why would Trump supporters storm the Capitol when such a thing was occurring. After all, they wanted it to happen. They wanted objections to be made. Why throw those objections into chaos and confusion and risk them going awry? Unless, of course, those that stormed the Capitol were not real Trump supporters, but rather members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter posing as Trump supporters so that they would be made to look terrible and dangerous publicly. It has since been demonstrated that there were Antifa and BLM members amongst those who entered the Capitol, so this is definitely not out of the question, and makes much more logical sense. It could also be inferred that the Democrats may have, at least to some degree, been involved in setting this up so that they would have a way of convincing most of those who would object to the vote to backflip and side with them, as well as manufacturing a reason to make another impeachment attempt on President Trump, or indeed invoke the 25th Amendment and have Trump removed from office immediately.

Tragically, 5 people died as a result of the destructive event that took place in the Capitol. It is terrible. Now if you listen to those in the media, the Democrats, or indeed social media “platforms” (in inverted commas because they act more like publishers), they will have you believe President Trump incited such violence. Let me make this clear: Donald Trump did not incite violence. In fact, he called out and condemned the violence multiple times, and told his supporters to go home via a video message released on his social media. But Silicon Valley did something extraordinary uncalled for (and this was only the beginning). They removed the video and subsequent messages calling for peace, claiming Trump was inciting violence. Then Facebook, and by extension Instagram (owned by Facebook) suspended Trump for at least two weeks (until the Inauguration). Democrats began drafting articles of impeachment and calling for Pence to invoke the 25th. But things were only just beginning, and they got much worse.

On January 8, Facebook and Instagram permanently suspended the President of the United States. Soon after, Twitter did the same. In addition to these, Trump has now been banned from Google, YouTube, Apple, Reddit, Shopify, Pinterest, Spotify, Snapchat, Twitch and TikTok. This is where this article gets extremely important.

After Twitter banned Trump, they started going all out on a purge of Conservative account. They took out lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. They banned General Michael Flynn and journalist Tracy Beanz. They went after a multitude of other well known Conservative accounts. Then they started going after others; people who were not high profile but simply shared Conservative views and supported President Trump. Some bigger accounts reported losing tens of thousands of followers in mere hours. I personally lost roughly 100 followers in the space of a day. But Twitter went further than just banning people. What they did next was absolutely spine-chilling. When President Trump tweeted a thread from the official President of the United States account (@POTUS), Twitter removed it, then locked the President out of this account and the official White House account (@TheWhiteHouse). In doing this, Twitter have demonstrated that they think they run the US. It sets a dangerous precedent that Big Tech can deplatform the President of the United States, eradicating his line of communication to the people. Indeed, it could be viewed as a national emergency.

So where are those Republicans who said they were going after Big Tech? Where are Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley? Some Republicans have spoken out on the matter, calling out Big Tech and even going so far as to say they would go after Section 230. But they never will. These Republicans talk a big game, but when push comes to shove, they never take action. They just sit back and let these tech tyrants do as they wish. They did the same when it came to objections to the Electoral College vote. Only six Republican Senators (or thereabouts) objected. All others who said they would object, including Kelly Loeffler, who announced she would do so just two days before at the final rally before the Georgia Runoffs (which, surprise surprise, the Republicans lost thanks to votes again being “found” in the early hours of the morning), backflipped and did not support the objections on the day it mattered. And therein lies the problem.

So long as the Republican Establishment remains, the Republican Party will never actually take necessary actions to defend democracy and freedom in the United States of America. Establishment Republicans are only in it for themselves. They used Trump to get themselves re-elected, and then proceeded to stab him in the back. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell both faced highly contested races, the Democrats spending tens of millions in their efforts to unseat them. But thanks to Trump’s energized base, they were both re-elected. But did they defend Trump? Did they help the man who had helped return them to their cushy jobs? No. Instead they began lining up with the Democrats, making it known they wanted to work with them and the Biden administration. Graham was even seen bumping elbows with Kamala Harris on the Senate floor. The Establishment do not care about the people. They only care about themselves. Only the Republican President cared about the people of America. Only he was willing to take aim at both sides of Congress and call them out. This is why there has been minimal support for him from Republicans. They do not want to be exposed; they do not want to be called out. They want to be able to continue in their positions with not a care in the world about Americans. Trump went against the grain, and they really did not like it. As I have mentioned before, there is a lot of corruption in this world. It runs deep, and it likely runs throughout both the Democrat and Republican Parties in the United States. That is why it is crucial that the people of America, those who value democracy, who value their freedoms, unite and stand up to these people. If that comes in the form of a new major Party, so be it. I have seen increasing support for a Patriot Party, and that may be the future of Conservatives in America. If Republicans want to keep their voters, they must start fighting for them like President Trump has done for the last four years. Otherwise, it is almost certain many will lose their spots come time to face the public.

Back to Silicon Valley for a moment. It is important to note that over the past few days, Big Tech have not only gone on a mass censorship spree of Conservatives but have also conspired to bring down a new platform for them to speak freely on. Parler, a social media app similar to Twitter, created by political commentator Dan Bongino and launched last year, and refuses to engage in censorship. For this reason, combined with the mass exodus from Twitter to Parler following Twitter’s banning of the President and others (which led to a fall in their stock price), Big Tech went on an all-out assault on the relatively new platform. Apple and Google told Parler they needed to start moderating what people said on their platform, otherwise they would be removed from each of their App Stores. Google removed Parler from the Play Store not long after the warning was given, Apple following suit at the end of the 24-hour deadline they gave the social media platform. It was egregious, but Parler was still accessible via a web browser. However, Amazon then chimed in, saying they would remove Parler from their web servers, effectively shutting the platform down. Through their actions, Google, Apple, and Amazon, likely alongside Facebook and Twitter, have conspired to bring down Twitter’s competition, which could easily be seen as a violation of America’s Antitrust laws. It is however unlikely that they will be punished, considering the incoming administration seems to be perfectly fine with silencing their opposition.

This is however but one of an increasing number of major issues that we now face, issues that threaten our freedom and life as we know it on this Earth. As mentioned previously, COVID-19 has given Governments and unelected bureaucrats far too much power and control over our lives. It has provided them with every excuse necessary to do what they want and force us to submit to their will. This is on a global scale. I said before the US Election that if Trump wins, we all win, but if Biden wins, we all lose. I said that if Biden were to take the reins, Democrats, notoriously socialists (which always leads to Communism), would control America, setting the scene for Socialism to run rampant throughout the world. Already Conservatives are being silenced on social media, and Biden hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. It is highly likely that the Democrats, now having control of the White House, the House, and the Senate, will attempt to enact a nationwide lockdown. Small businesses will be run out of operation, leaving only big corporations to control the market. The free market will essentially be dead. Mask mandates will occur. This will be followed by vaccine mandates. Chances are if you want to travel, you will have to get the vaccine. Otherwise, you will be forced to remain in your country, and likely your State.

This extends to Australia. Already we are seeing this nation falling apart. State Premiers are all high on power, as are the unelected bureaucrats they consult: The Chief Health Officers. They are using the borders as political tools, restricting entry and exit to and from their States. Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews and his Government have now established a permit system for those wishing to enter Victoria. If you are in what they have termed a “Green Zone”, you are allowed in but must first obtain a permit. If you are in an “Orange Zone”, you must obtain a permit, and must also get tested and isolate until receiving a negative result. If you have been in a “Red Zone” in the last 14 days, you will not be permitted entry into the State. If you do not have a permit upon entry, you will face a $5000 fine. In addition to this, Victorians leaving the State will need a permit to do so and will only be permitted to travel to “Green Zones”. This sort of permit system is something you would expect to see in a Communist nation, or at the very least a totalitarian State. Victorians have to get a permit to enter their own State. Victorians need a permit to leave their own State. Australians have to get a permit to enter a State in their own country. This has no place in a free and democratic nation.

But this is likely only the beginning of a very slippery slope into the abyss where our freedoms no longer exist. Soon enough, more States will join in with this system, until Australia is divided State by State, whereby you must obtain different permits depending on which State you wish to travel to. Then you can expect it to escalate to the next level: If you want to leave your State, you must get the vaccine. In fact, despite the Prime Minister’s reassurance that the vaccine will not be mandatory, it is highly likely they will do everything they can to get everyone to take it. Indeed, I expect them to make life a misery for anyone who chooses not to put a rushed vaccine (that could have a multitude of serious side effects down the track) in their body. The most likely scenario is that there will be a set of rules for those who choose not to get the vaccine, and a different set for those who comply. Those who comply will be freer, while those who do not will have restrictions put upon their lives in what I would term psychological warfare. What I mean by this is that the restrictions imposed upon these individuals would be so mentally taxing, they would be driven to the edge, some potentially to the point where they only see two options: Get the vaccine and return to society or be driven to mental hell. Likely restrictions include loss of job opportunities, restrictions on movement, socializing and so forth. It is essentially alienation from society.

Now some may say: “The Government would never do such a thing.” Incorrect. The Government would do such a thing, they just wouldn’t frame it as such. Already Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has said he cannot rule out vaccine passports. Already Scott Morrison has said the vaccine may be made compulsory by some workplaces. And while the official position of the National Cabinet on dealing with COVID-19 is suppression, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan has made it clear he thinks all States bar NSW are going for elimination, which in his mind appears to be the right strategy. If you needed any more indication that these politicians and bureaucrats are out of control, all you need do is look at what happened in Brisbane over the past weekend. After a hotel quarantine worker tested positive to the UK variant of COVID-19, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk put a hard 3-day lockdown on Brisbane. Was this necessary? The facts tell us it was not. All close contacts of the positive case tested negative, and there were no new cases every day. But this did not stop the Queensland Government from imposing one of the most absurd rules to date: If you were leaving your home, you must wear a mask at all times, including while in your car. Yes, that’s right, you had to wear a mask while driving in your own car. I challenge anyone to justify this rule. Unless you can somehow give yourself the virus while driving, or the virus can penetrate the metal of your vehicle, then this rule makes zero sense. Even the Queensland Government must have known this, given upon the lifting of the Brisbane lockdown, they scrapped the rule. The rule existed for three days. How it existed at all is questionable, but it goes to the heart of the matter at hand.

Now to the vaccine again. It is unlikely this vaccine will be enough to eradicate COIVD-19. This is a coronavirus, and coronaviruses have a knack for mutating. Take the flu for example. Every year, a new vaccine is rolled out, because the influenza virus mutates, and so the vaccine you had one year won’t necessarily protect you the next. Each year, people make a choice as to whether or not they want to get the flu vaccine, and life goes on as normal. With COVID-19, the vaccines developed thus far have been rushed, created in the space of months rather than the usual 8-10 years it would take for a safe and effective vaccine to be produced. As I wrote in a previous article on the vaccine, everyone has a right to be skeptical of it. There is no telling what effect it could have in say 5-10 years, what adverse effects may occur. In the article I wrote about the vaccine, I listed a whole range of these that have come directly from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). They included things like brain diseases, autoimmune diseases, and even infertility amongst others. That last one is something I just want to expand on a little more.

It was revealed yesterday in Australia that the vaccination campaign would be targeting women and migrants, in particular young women. Now I want to take you back to something I wrote about in my article pertaining to the vaccine. Back in 2014, a vaccine that the World Health Organization had claimed to be a simple tetanus vaccine for those in less developed nations turned out to do much more than just protect against tetanus. The vaccine had been created by WHO researchers, who conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). When injected into a woman, this combination causes their immune system to attack their pregnancy hormones, leading to two possible outcomes depending on whether or not the woman is pregnant. If she is, it leads to a miscarriage, if not, it leads to infertility. This vaccine was termed a “birth-control vaccine”, and although the WHO denied using such a thing, three accredited biochemistry labs in Nairobi tested samples taken from vials of the WHO’s vaccine, finding hCG was indeed present when it should not have been. What’s more, people were told they needed to have multiple doses of the vaccine, which was in fact just ensuring continued infertility. This was likely an experiment in depopulation. Bringing it back to today, it is pertinent to consider the following: Why would young women in particular be the target of a vaccination campaign for a vaccine that has been rushed through production? Sure, the vaccine could appear harmless, but can we be certain that they have not added something we do not know about? Keep in mind that with these vaccines they have been playing around with mRNA and DNA, and the WHO have not been trustworthy in the past when it comes to these sorts of things, particularly with the aforementioned tetanus vaccine. This vaccine also requires multiple doses, and there are likely to be further vaccines on at least an annual basis, considering the habitual mutation of this virus. So, can we really have faith in it?

I think that brings us to one of the deepest questions we must all ask ourselves at this point: Who can we really trust? There is a lot of corruption in this world, that is for certain. Politicians and unelected bureaucrats are amongst those who typically become corrupt. The United Nations has seated on its Huma Rights Council some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet. The World Health Organization could not even do its job to prevent the global outbreak of a virus. Around the globe, politicians and health bureaucrats have taken advantage of the situation to take more power than is given to them by the people, thus giving them unfounded levels of control that they should never be permitted. So, I think it is probably wise to be skeptical of these major organisations and politicians who push an agenda of control. If you look at the United Kingdom currently, they are in their third lockdown, a harsh one that continues to escalate and essentially keeps citizens locked inside their homes all day every day. Then you look at the US, where Biden had said he would be a President for all Americans, where his whole campaign was based on ‘uniting America’. But now he has essentially labelled the Capitol Police racists (in saying that if Black Lives Matter had infiltrated the Capitol there would have been more people killed as compared to those who did enter) and called out Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for objecting to the Electoral College vote, something which so happens to be their democratic right (in fact, Democrats objected to the vote back in 2016, 2004, and 2000). Biden has also announced that under his administration, the priority would be “Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, and women-owned businesses”, effectively segregating small business owners. In addition to this, Democrats have called for Trump supporters to be put on lists, rounded up, re-educated, and the like. And now the Democrats are going to launch another impeachment attempt on President Trump (when his term expires in just 9 days). This rhetoric is not one of unity. It seeks only to divide.

Division is exactly what is needed by those in positions of power. COVID-19 has helped them to divide us against each other. People are reporting their neighbours for having more people than the government permits over to their home. Such an event occurred in Canada, where someone reported their neigbour to the police for having one more than permitted. The police turned up and used force to remove people from the person’s apartment. This is what society is coming to. Then there are those who scold people for not wearing masks. There are a multitude of reasons a person may not be wearing a mask, including medical conditions, trauma, anxiety and more. Instead of judging someone, consider they may have a genuine reason for not wearing one. At the end of the day, if you consider a mask to protect you, and you are wearing one, why should you be concerned about what someone else does? There is no need for division between those who wear masks and those who do not. It is the same when it comes to the vaccine. If you want to take the vaccine, by all means go ahead. But if someone decides they do not wish to receive it, do not persecute them for their choice. There is no need for division between those who want the vaccine and those who do not.

Continuing this point, it is important that a certain issue is addressed. In order to prevent division in our society, we must not alienate those who choose not to get the vaccine. It is concerning that some are of the view that those who do not get vaccinated should minimize socialization, or even be socially isolated. The mental health repercussions of such a line of thought would be devastating. No one should be controlling other people’s lives like that. It saddens me that people would think like this. It is also deeply saddening that these things could come between friends, and prevent them from seeing each other. Trying times like these show you who you can truly rely upon.

Division only leads to the collapse of society. It is so very important that each and every one of us understands this. If we continue down the path we are currently on, where politicians, bureaucrats and various other elites seek to divide us, society will collapse in on itself and give these people exactly what they want. That would only end in misery for all of us, not just one side or the other.

There is only one way to prevent all this. There is only one way to stop these people from getting what they want. There is only one way that we can protect society and protect our freedoms. It is one word, but it is a powerful word: Unity.

Unity strikes fear in the hearts of many, even the most powerful. If a society were to unite and stand up to their government or leader, no matter how tyrannical they are, they would run scared. They use division as a tool to split society so that they can maintain and grow their hold upon it. But if the people overcome this tactic and band together, they can prevent power-hungry politicians from getting their way. As the old adage goes: “In unity, there is strength.”

Now more than ever it is vital to the future of our nations, our lives, and our freedoms that we unite, rise, stand up and speak out against all those who seek to tear society apart and establish a New World where they have all the power and control. Our grandfathers went to war to fight for our freedom, now we must fight in what have become known as the Culture Wars to protect those same freedoms. No longer can we just sit back and watch, hoping that someone else will fight on our behalf. President Trump did that for 4 years, and even though he looks set to exit office on the 20th, he has created a movement that will continue forth, and he will continue to fight alongside it. And so, we must all stand together in unity. We must fight back against those who seek to silence us, against those who seek to divide us, against those who seek to control our very way of life.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance. It is now our responsibility to protect it. I will keep writing, in the hope that will help to bring people together. What will you do to help?

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