Culture Wars: The Next Phase

The next phase of the Culture Wars has officially begun. With the inauguration of Joe Biden comes what are likely to be the most turbulent times in political history, something that will quickly seep out into the world, causing a devastating effect. The once great nation of the United States of America is now divided and under socialist control. This does not bode well for anyone. America plays a major role in international politics, being one of the great superpowers in the world, but now it will become a shell of itself, sold out to other nations in the name of greed. The Biden Presidency was exactly what Leftist elitists needed to activate their agenda. Trump was the only man standing in their way. And they toppled him. But in reality, it’s not Trump they were after. It was all of us. And now they will do just that.

What is important to understand is this: Politics is a dirty game. Corruption runs deep. Many politicians in the modern age do not care about their constituents. They put themselves and their own interests first above all else. It may appear as if our nations are democratic just because we the people get to vote and elect our politicians, but democracy nowadays has become tainted. They say democracy dies in darkness. This is true. Democracy in the United States has fallen apart. And it is about to get a whole lot worse. In fact, the Democrats will not even need to “find” votes next election. Instead, they plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. This is not a show of generosity. It is a strategy for increasing their voter base. It is also likely they will destroy the integrity of the Supreme Court by packing it with more Justices until they get a Liberal majority, in which case they will not only control the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, but also the highest Court in the land. With power like that, you can do almost anything you want. It’s dangerous.

On the first day of his Presidency, Joe Biden signed 17 Executive Orders. Now let me put this in perspective. If Trump had signed 17 EOs in one day, he would have been labelled a dictator by the Democrats, the media, and basically anyone on the Left. But when Biden did it, it was celebrated, and the media praised him. These are the double standards of the Left on full display for everyone to see. There is an apt saying that goes: If the Left did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all. There is no doubt about this. Within hours of signing an Executive Order for a 100-day mask mandate on Federal property, Biden was caught not wearing a mask at the Lincoln Memorial, which is indeed Federal property. If Trump had done such a thing, he would have been dragged through the mud for it. It probably would have been a major story. But when Biden does it, the press could hardly care less. One reporter asked Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki a question about it, and she put it down to a night of celebration. Now imagine if Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, had given such a response. The media would not have let her off the hook so easily. They would have hounded her for a proper answer. Was Psaki pursued for a real answer? No. She was let off the hook. In fact, the media have already been cozying up to Biden, with the Political Director of CNN saying that the side lights on the National Mall were like “Extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.” This should tell you all you need to know about the media. The lack of trust in mainstream media in particular has just continued to increase. I have no doubt there will be an apparent lack of scrutiny of this Presidency as compared to the Trump Presidency. In fact, any criticism of Biden will be but a small drop compared to the ocean of criticism Trump faced on a daily basis.

Now I think it is important that people know just what Executive Orders Biden signed on his first day. They are the following:

  1. 100 Days Masking Challenge
  2. Restructure federal government coordination to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO).
  4. Extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums.
  5. Continue “pause” on student loan payments until September 30.
  6. Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.
  7. End Keystone XL pipeline and revoke oil and gas development at national wildlife monuments.
  8. Actions to advance racial equity through the federal government.
  9. Count non-citizens in the US census again.
  10. Strengthen workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientations and gender identity.
  11. Defend “Dreamers” program for undocumented young Americans.
  12. End the “Muslim travel ban”
  13. Change Trump’s arrest priorities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  14. Stop border wall construction.
  15. Keep protections for a group of Liberians in the country.
  16. Freezing last-minute Trump administration regulatory actions.
  17. Formulate Executive Branch ethics doctrine.

You will notice there are several distinct patterns in these Executive Orders. First, they undo a number of the Trump administration’s achievements which put America first. Thus, second, they put America last, selling out to other nations and organizations. The Paris Agreement and the rejoining of the WHO sells America out to foreign bureaucrats and other elites for personal gain. But the third and most consequential pattern amongst these Executive Orders is this: The vast majority of them are based in identity politics, a political style which seeks only to divide. Of particular concern is number 8. In fact, I would say that one sets the precedent for the direction in which socialists wish to take the world. That route leads directly to Communism, and Communism leads directly to pain and desolation.

Equity is by far one of the worst concepts to ever come to being. The basic explanation of equity is this: People may need different treatment to make their opportunities the same as others. Now allow me to make something clear here. Equity is NOT the traditional equality of Western Civilization. It is instead a deformed version of equality that tears society apart. Classic equality constitutes two types of equality: Equality before the law, and equality of opportunity. To ensure we are all on the same page, the definitions of the above are as follows. Equality before the law denotes that every citizen is subject to fair treatment by the justice and judicial systems no matter their status in society (ie. Race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, etc.). Equality of opportunity is predicated on the concept that talent amongst society is widely distributed, and that some people are better than others at doing certain things. Essentially, it stands to reason that it is in the best interest of everyone that those who are talented in certain areas are given those opportunities so that it will benefit us all. Thereby, no one should be denied such an opportunity that would allow them to progress for reasons other than those which are related to their competence. So, for example, if a position within a company became vacant, but the company rejected the application of a highly capable individual simply because they had the “wrong” or were the “wrong” gender, this would be denying equality of opportunity. Indeed, this line of thinking, one that goes against equality of opportunity by introducing things such as gender quotas or the like, can cause a business to take a backwards step, and by extension can lead to regression in society. And this leads us to equity.

Equity is predicated on a terrible idea, that the only true measure of equality is outcome. This is further broken down into social, educational, and occupational outcome. Essentially, those who push this ideology make certain assumptions that are based entirely on identity, rather than merit. To explain further, because it is important that everyone understands exactly what this is and why it is a terrible concept, this is the breakdown. Within every organisation, there are hierarchies, each containing various levels. At each level of a hierarchy there are various positions. Those who push equity believe that all these positions at all the levels of all hierarchies of all organisations must be filled by a proportion of the population that is exactly equal to that same proportion in the general population. If this does not occur, they assume the reason for this is systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, or the like. They also believe that those perpetrating this systemic prejudice should be punished for it (even though this prejudice simply does not exist). This doctrine is, in every sense of the word, absurd. It is practically impossible to implement such an ideology given there are far too many identities to sort in the way in which they demand to achieve “equity”. Equity essentially treats people differently in order to force their opportunities to be the same. It is a doctrine highly associated with Communism.

Biden, or at least those socialists controlling him, wish to implement racial equity, something that would only end in disaster. But that is not all. The Executive Orders also go to a range of other policies based heavily in identity politics. For example, the tenth one listed, “Strengthen workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientations and gender identity”, practically erases women. It allows for those who identify as a different gender to be in that gender’s environments. That means that if someone born male was to identify as a female, they would be able to participate in women’s sports, enter the women’s bathrooms, and if they were a criminal be sent to a women’s prison. This is generally unfair to women, but also dangerous, considering any man could just pose as a woman with bad intentions. After decades of progress for women, this is a major backwards leap. It is regression of the worst kind. There is a certain irony to this considering the same party that has made a big deal out of having the first female Vice President, and their supporters, are now enacting and supporting policy that destroys the progress made.

In addition to this, Biden’s Executive Orders allow full access to illegal immigrants, to which his administration will now move to grant amnesty, allowing those who enter America illegally to commit criminal acts to become citizens of the nation. With these kinds of policies, crime and terrorism is likely to increase in America. Jobs will be taken away from Americans. But this will also provide millions more votes for the Democrats, considering these immigrants typically vote for them come election time. American citizenship will be degraded for the purpose of profit and power.

Before the Election, Biden promised several things. One was a plan for COVID-19. Within days of assuming office, he has told the nation that there is nothing the government can do about it. Biden’s position on fracking also flip-flopped during the run up to the election, with Kamala Harris tweeting out that “Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact.” Again, Biden has gone against his word, banning fracking on federal land. And in the final Presidential debate, Biden said he would end the oil industry in America, one of the nation’s biggest commodities. His campaign spokesperson covered for him in the days after, claiming he would only end subsidies for oil in the United States. But as is clear in his first 17 Executive Orders, Biden has torn apart the Keystone XL Pipeline, bringing the American oil industry to its knees and destroying thousands of jobs. In fact, 71,000 jobs were lost in just 72 hours of Biden’s Presidency. That is almost 1,000 an hour.

But to top it all off is the Biden administration’s blatant disrespect for the military. The National Guard, after being used by the Democrats for the Inauguration out of fear of an insurrection (when, in fact, the only violence and destruction that occurred on that day was in Portland, Oregon at the hands of Antifa), are not being permitted to leave DC. In reality, this had nothing to do with fear of insurrection and everything to do with the Democrats putting on a display of force, using the military as props. After being used, these soldiers were tossed aside, left to sleep on the floor of a Senate parking garage, when all they wished to do was go home. Republican Governors of Florida and Texas, Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, have moved to pull their National Guard members out of DC and bring them back to their home States. This is a show of real leadership. In fact, DeSantis went so far as to say that the National Guard “are not Nancy Pelosi’s servants.” In addition, freshman Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn visited the soldiers, taking them pizzas and offering his office to them so they could at least be more comfortable. But while Biden and Harris will not utter a word on this egregious matter, there is still one President that will stand by the military and support them in whatever way he can. After seeing the terrible way in which the National Guard were being treated, President Trump expressed his disgust and offered the soldiers free accommodation at the Trump Hotel in DC. That is the leadership of a real President.

The carnage just continues. It is unlikely to stop anytime soon. All the Democrats are doing is undoing everything that Trump did to make America a great nation again. Biden has essentially been rescinding Executive Orders President Trump signed, including one that lowered the price of insulin for low-income diabetics, and one that established the 1776 Commission to ensure the young people of America are taught about the things that make their nation great, that they are taught to love and respect their country. Now one can only wonder why Biden would increase the cost of insulin when the Democrats have consistently said they want free healthcare for all. It does not line up with that policy. And as to the abolition of the 1776 Commission set up by President Trump, the reason for this move is clear; The Democrats want young people to hate their nation, to hate all the things that make the United States of America great. Because hate fuels a certain type of passion, one to abolish all that makes a country like America the great nation that it is, or at least now that it was, and replace these things with others in the name of a false utopia. This line of ideological thinking is what leads directly to a hellscape like that of the Soviet Union (which some people shockingly still think was a good thing).

What is important to understand is that there will never be a utopia on this Earth. Utopia is not possible, because there will always be something wrong. There will always be someone who is dissatisfied. Like it or not, evil exists in this world, and it is something that will never disappear. Now you look at someone like Joe Biden. He has said several times that he will be a President for all Americans, that he wants his Presidency to be one of unity. But that is not going to happen. On one side of the playing field, you have those who voted for him and believe everything he does is incredible. On the other side, you have all those who voted for Trump, at least 74 million, many of whom believe the election was stolen, and most of whom do not support the policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats. And then in the middle, you have those who are either indifferent, willing to give this Presidency a shot, or indeed Biden voters who are having a lot of regrets about their choice at the ballot box. Under this Presidency, there will not be a unity like the one Biden is hoping for. The Executive Orders he has signed are divisive in nature, so he cannot expect unity.

But there may yet be some hope for unity in the nation. In fact, there may yet be hope for unity amongst those watching from around the world. I have said in recent months that everything happens for a reason, that there are always much greater forces at work in the world. After seeing a number of people over the last few days who voted for Biden expressing dismay at what he has done, expressing feelings of betrayal, I am beginning to see that there may have been a reason that Biden became President. This may have been necessary for people to understand that certain politicians do not have their best interests at heart. Instead, they only care to serve themselves. They will make promises, but many career politicians, particularly ones like Joe Biden, only make those promises for the sake of obtaining power. Once they do so, they break those promises, and end up tearing people’s lives apart, even those who voted for them. The Unions are learning that now that the Keystone XL Pipeline is no more. Women are learning that now that they have practically been erased. Workers are learning that now that their jobs have been taken from them. By extension, their families are learning that now that they are facing instability. Instead of helping people right now, the Democrats are more concerned about impeaching a man who is no longer the President of the United States. Rather than challenging the Executive Orders Biden is bringing forth and signing to rescind Trump’s EOs, Republicans are standing by and allowing him to undo all the good that Trump did. Why? Because these Establishment politicians do not care. They likely wanted Trump gone just as much as the Democrats. Now DC can go back to being the “swamp” that it was before Trump came to power. But with people waking up to this reality, it seems like unity might still be on the cards, just not in the way Democrats have been talking about.

As America faces great hardship, so do we all. The impact of the Biden Presidency will be felt not only in the United States, but all over the world. In my view, the next two years will bring with them the most turbulent times in political history, and the fallout could be immense. There are certain people in positions of power that seek to push forward with their agenda, but with more and more people waking up to power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, they might just have a fight on their hands. What happens in the next couple of years may just determine the direction the world takes.

It is so important that more people, especially those who care about their freedom, about living a good life, fight to protect that. We must not be afraid to use our voices, to stand up and speak out. Conservatives in particular need to do more of this. The Left have an advantage in this area, especially in the realm of writing. I write articles like this to do my part in fighting for the good in this world. Although I know it is difficult to get your work out there, to get people to read what you write, I would encourage any Conservative writers out there to put pen to paper (or keyboard to laptop) and get writing. I know it can be hard to put yourself out there, to put your thoughts and views into the public arena, but think about the impact your words could have. Words have so much power. They can change the trajectory of the world, of our lives. In the final installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Albus Dumbledore, ever wise even in death, says to Harry: “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” Words being used by those falling victim to evil are inflicting great harm upon their nations. But those of us who fight for good have the power to remedy that harm with our own words.

Like in Harry Potter, the battle we face now is one of Good vs Evil. In the Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzenhitsyn wrote, “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart… even with hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains… an uprooted small corner of evil.” There is a battle between good and evil that takes place in the hearts of each and every one of us. There is hope for those who have succumbed to evil, just as there is the potential for those who do good to fall to evil. Each one of us controls the never-ending battle within our hearts.

We can choose to feed the good or the evil. It is up to us to decide which side we are going to take. I, like many others, can offer advice, perspective, and encourage you one way or the other, but I cannot make this choice for you. You are the only one who can make this incredibly important choice. Consider it carefully. You really do not know the difference you could make.

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