War On Wall Street

Every now and then something happens in this world that changes the game. If you have been keeping up to date with news over the last few days, you likely would have heard about what has been happening on Wall Street with Gamestop stocks, known shorthand as GME. The situation at hand is both amusing yet groundbreaking. It has exposed corruption on a massive scale, to the point where it is now widely known that the Wall Street stock game is rigged in favour of the elite. But before we get to that, allow me to explain exactly what has occurred that has caused absolute chaos and a lot of laughs.

Likely over the last few weeks, hedge funds, in particular one called Melvin Capital, have been engaging in what is called ‘shorting’ of various stocks, the main one being Gamestop (GME). For those who do not know what Gamestop is, it is a retail chain in the United States that buys and sells video games and the like. It is basically like EB Games. They haven’t been doing great lately, essentially starting to fail, and as a result, their stock price has been falling. This is where the hedge funds saw an opportunity to profit. So, they used millions of dollars to ‘short’ the stocks. ‘Shorting’ in simple terms means they bet on the stock price to continue to fall. As they did this, GME fell from $20 to $10 to $4. It was working for them. They kept shorting more and more of the stocks. They knew they would make millions, likely even billions of dollars’ worth of profit, even though this would probably run Gamestop into the ground. But then something really funny happened that brought the entire profiteering scheme crashing down (and yes, it was hilarious).

So, here is what happened. A user on a subreddit called WallStreetBets (which is on a social media platform called Reddit, basically the garbage dump of the internet) noticed that the hedge funds had allowed their greed to overcome them and shorted 140% of the stocks in GME. That means they were shorting stocks that did not even exist (a crucial error that would be their downfall). Now WallStreetBets is a group on Reddit that looks for stock opportunities, mainly in what are termed “meme stocks”. These are stocks like Tesla and Gamestop. Now what is important to note here is that Tesla has previous been a target of hedge funds for shorting. So, when this user announced to his fellow Redditors that hedge funds were at it again, this time with GME, they saw their opportunity to make the lives of these elites miserable. So, what did they do? They all started buying up every GME stock they could, in an effort to push up the stock price so that the hedge funds would lose money. The reason it is so amusing is because it actually worked, and left elites all over stunned and scrambling. The collective efforts of a large group of people on Reddit increased GME from $4 to around $320. And the hedge funds started losing billions.

To give you a better understanding of what happened (in particular for those who, like me, are not exactly familiar with stocks and how this whole thing works), here is a simple analogy that I came across when reading about this situation:

Let’s say 5 bananas currently cost $10. One ape on the market has 5 bananas. A snake comes along and asks to borrow the 5 bananas for a little while, but rather than holding onto them, sells them thinking the price will go down soon (this is called ‘shorting’). The snake thinks he will be able to buy the bananas back later for less and give them back to the ape, so that he makes a profit on the difference. But then, a group of apes notices what the silly snakes are doing and decide to buy all the bananas on the market until the snakes have no other option but to buy from the group of apes in order to return what they borrowed. If the group of apes stay strong, the banana price will increase.

Now let’s substitute in the real-life counterparts of these animals. The bananas are obviously the stocks, in this case the Gamestop (GME) stocks. The snakes are multi-billion dollar hedge funds that have shorted Gamestop (betting the stock price will go down). The apes are regular people on WallStreetBets who noticed this and told everyone that if they buy Gamestop stock, the hedge funds will lose billions of dollars. This is what is called a ‘short squeeze’ and, to the delight of everyone who loves the free market, it has actually happened.

The fallout of this group of people playing elites at their own game is astounding. See, when the hedge funds started losing billions, in particular Melvin Capital who lost at least over 10 billion, they began floundering, looking for a way to save themselves from the grips of bankruptcy, to which several of them were headed, almost a certainty for Melvin. So, what did they do to try keeping themselves afloat? They teamed up and doubled down. Another hedge fund, Point57 injected 3 billion into Melvin so they could continue their efforts. Then they all went to town on GME, attempting to short it so much so that it would crash, and they wouldn’t have to lose all that money. But the resolve of the people was too great. They just kept buying, so that they could watch the hedge funds burn. In fact, even Elon Musk got involved, tweeting out “Gamestonks”, which led to an even greater push from the people getting the price back up again significantly. Elon is what would be referred to as a “whale”, in that he is a billionaire investor. These sorts of people often have bones to pick with hedge funds, and this was no different. After they had attempted to short Tesla on multiple occasions, Elon seized the opportunity for a bit of revenge, and probably laughed it up when he saw what it was doing to them. It was truly something when hedge fund managers got on media programs displaying their dismay at regular people beating them at their own game, claiming it was unfair. Some even claimed it was “market manipulation”, ironic for a reason we will get to in just a moment.

So, what happened next? Well, after I had seen what had occurred and read all about it, I knew these hedge funds would be saved, but not by themselves. I could already tell the Government would help them, essentially bailing them out. There is an obvious reason as to why. The Government is now controlled by Democrats. A lot of the Democrats’ top donors are on Wall Street, including these hedge funds. In fact, one by the name of Citadel, linked with stock buying app RobinHood, is directly linked to the new Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, who was paid over $800k by them for a speaking event. Just as predicted, the very next day after the chaos had occurred, chaos that the media unsurprisingly put down to white supremacy and Trump supporters (completely contrived nonsense), the elites started to make some progress on saving themselves.

A call to Wall Street got the GME stock, as well as others like AMC, stopped, so that the hedge funds could figure out what to do. Just around 24 hours after RobinHood had helped thousands upon thousands of people buy GME stocks to the great detriment of the hedge funds, they turned on their customers, preventing them from buying any more stock and only giving them the option to close (or sell) their stock. This is what is referred to as “market manipulation”, and it is a criminal offence. But RobinHood didn’t stop there. They went even further, crossing a line that was almost unimaginable, one that would be considered suicide for their business. As if they had not engaged in significant market manipulation already, they started selling people’s GME stocks for them without, merely sending them a message to let them know their stocks had been closed considering they were volatile. What they did was illegal. But it was all to bail out the hedge funds. It would be unsurprising if the hedge funds returned the favour. The irony in this is that they called themselves RobinHood. I remember when Robin Hood used to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Now they are stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Something is rotten in the state of Nottingham.

What happens next is really anyone’s guess. This sort of thing does not happen often, so when it does, it is quite something. Wealthy hedge fund managers have been caught out by a bunch of people on Reddit of all places, and it has upended the whole system. Now these Redditors have shown they are not to be trifled with. Indeed, they did not stop at GME. They went even further, buying stocks in AMC Entertainment (that’s the cinemas), Blackberry (yes, that’s right, the old phones), Nokia, and the piece de resistance, Blockbuster. You would be forgiven for thinking that Blockbuster went out of business over a decade ago. It mostly did, except for one store in Bend, Oregon that remains open and fully staffed to this day. In addition, Blockbuster Liquidating Inc. is listed on the stock market, to the delight of Redditors who decided they would attempt a revival in the wake of their success in creating chaos for the wealthy. While this is virtually impossible, they managed the next best thing, with BB Liquidating Inc.’s  stock increasing from $0.0033 to $0.20 in just five days. That is an increase of 6060%. That is the power of the people right there.

Now this is going to go on, and it is probably going to continue as a game of chicken, where the hedge funds will try to get the people to sell their stocks, and the people will try to hold them for as long as possible. The elites put the buying of stocks in GME, AMC, and several other stocks on hold. The people of WallStreetBets may stand to lose what they have invested in bringing down these hedge funds, but to them it was probably worth it, considering many of them have nothing to lose in pursuing this. The hedge funds stand to lose billions, considering they have to cover the loans they took out to short the stocks. But no matter the outcome, there is a significant lesson to be learnt from this situation.

The lesson is this: the game is rigged. It always has been. Donald Trump tried to open everyone’s eyes to it when he was President. He warned us all the elites were rigging the game. But people didn’t believe him. But now, in helping the hedge funds to smite Main Street, Wall Street have exposed themselves as part of a game of corruption, where the elite always win. When regular people who gamble on the stock market lose, Wall Street could not care less. But as soon as it affects their own, the rich elites who are worth millions, if not billions, then they throw a tantrum, shut down the stocks, and do everything they can to manipulate the market back in their favour and prevent major losses. What they cannot fathom is that the people managed to bring them crashing down, even if only for a few days, but the only way they know to get back up is to cheat. In doing so, they have created a class-war, where they only believe the elite should be able to win. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I know some of this piece has been about having a laugh at the misfortunes of the hedge funds at the hands of regular people. But I did not decide to write this just for amusement. I decided to write this because there is a much greater importance to what has occurred with the stocks. The people actually did something that has rarely been done before, and it scared the living daylights out of the elites. The fallout of this has been tremendous, and it may continue to be so. But it does not only go to rich elites on Wall Street. It goes to politicians on Capitol Hill. I have already mentioned the new Treasury Secretary’s links, but there are more. For example, it has now come to light that Press Secretary Jen Psaki has a brother who works for Citadel. But that is probably almost nothing in comparison to the wrongdoings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. See, in December, Nancy Pelosi invested heavily in Tesla shares. In fact, she bought around 2500 shares at around $500/share. Fast forward to a month later. Biden has been sworn in as President and begins signing way too many Executive Orders (he has signed 40+ in his first week in office, and Trump was called a dictator for signing a bunch of reasonable Executive Orders). One of those EOs just happens to make it law that all Government vehicles are to be electric vehicles. Tesla just happens to produce most electric vehicles. So, what happens? After Biden signs the EO, Tesla’s share price skyrockets to around $850/share. Nancy Pelosi made $825k in profit thanks to this. Coincidence?

But back to the point here. The elites are ruled by money and power. It corrupts their lives. Yet they worship it as if it is all that matters. Regular people, however, are not ruled by such superficialities. They know what hard work is. They know what it is to live a life without riches. But riches are not the be all and end all of life on this Earth. What really matters is happiness and freedom, so that we can live the best lives we can. You can have all the money in the world, but it will never make you truly happy. That is something only the middle-class and lower-class can seem to understand. The elites fail to comprehend it, and that will be their undoing. What happened to Wall Street was incredible, because it showed that a collective of regular people, some with barely anything, some living paycheck to paycheck, can take on the elite and win.

That scares them. There is a reason politicians on are keeping the walls up around Capitol Hill and forcing the National Guard to stay another month and a half (at least). They fear the people. I remember reading a quote once that stuck with me. It went like this:

A single bee is ignored. But when millions come together, even the bravest run in fear.

The one thing the Government fears is the day we stand together.”

What the people of WallStreetBets did was a show of unity. There are around two million users on that subreddit, and they banded together to take the fight to the big guys, even though they knew they could lose all they had. What they did was nothing short of incredible. I salute them for it. They have taught us that if we stand together, if we unite, we can bring the elites crashing down hard. Remember, in unity there is strength. The war on Wall Street was a show of strength. Now we must take a leaf out of that book and stand up against governments that seek to control every aspect of our lives. Big Government has become a major problem in the modern world. It is on us, the people, to show that we will not stand for their overreach of power. It is on us to show that we will defend our freedoms. We must show these people in power that they are there on our terms, that their power is a gift given to them by us, that they serve us, not the other way around.

The elite have an agenda that they are going to do everything they can to push over the next year or two. They will try to take even more power than they already have by taking even more of our freedoms. They will try to control all that we do. The only person of notable power that stood in their way has now been removed. And just a note on that. I know people still don’t believe there was significant fraud in the election. To those people with doubts about this, I ask a simple question: If they can rig Wall Street, what makes you think they can’t rig an election? Now that Trump has been removed from power, there is only one thing that can possibly stand in the way of the elites and their self-serving agenda: Unity. To beat them at their game, we must be united. I have written about how important this is before in pieces about division and unity. As WallStreetBets have taught us, only a united front will work. We must now endeavour to follow in their footsteps and unite against those who seek to control us.

The War on Wall Street was only the beginning. It was only the first of many battles that will likely ensue. And it should give us all hope that the little guys did so much damage, so much so that it spooked the big fish. The message here is simple: Unity is key.

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