First Lockdown, Now Segregation

“Daniel Andrews has now stated that those who choose not to take the vaccine will be excluded from society and the economy well into 2022. They may say it’s a choice, but if you don’t make the choice the government want you to, you will be held hostage by the State for an undefined period of time. Victoria is transforming from the Lockdown State to the Segregation State.”

Read my latest piece for The Spectator Australia here.

2 thoughts on “First Lockdown, Now Segregation

  1. Arie Brand

    Yes I fully agree It is frightening to behold a whole state being subjected to the whims of a power hungry small time politician. Though many people are aware of this it is a relief to hear someone saying it out loud. Thank you for that.


  2. My husband who has fought cancer for 14+ years experienced medical apartheid by a surgeon who said he would not treat unvaxxed patients. It made our choice NOT to have him treated easy…we walked out of his office. I also told my husband (who has his fellowship in Medical science from RMIT what I had seen, that he couldn’t from where he was seated.. I will NOT allow this surgeon to touch me with a barge pole.And I will tell our GP NOT to refer any further of his patients to him.


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