The Illusion Of Choice

“The problem society faces is not just one of government, but one of mass psychosis. This is a state in which the society has become deluded by fear and incessant government propaganda, to the point where they will now only believe what the government tells them and refuse to listen to reason.”

Those in power are waging psychological warfare against society.

Read my latest piece for The Spectator Australia here.

One thought on “The Illusion Of Choice

  1. I agree with this analysis and the pathway out. but this “way out” needs to be organised. It is a bit like a mixture of the french underground and the prohibition era in the US. We need alternative places to congregate, ways of recognising each other. I am in the construction industry and I told my staff that they would not be required to get vaccinated. We work in commercial and domestic and I felt that if need be we could retreat to the domestic where we can control the situation more effectively. Although all of my staff are against the mandate only about 20% did not get vaccinated. We manage with a bit of obfuscation, forgery and lies. (I tell one of my daughters that it is not wrong to lie to the liars)
    It is time now for us to stop just banging on about this (I am mostly talking to myself here) and actually start building the resistance. I am very interested in your thoughts on this. I started following you because I like what you write. I too think that it is deeply psychological and the ground has been prepared for some time. Its also spiritual because the power behind this thinking is utopian and that is where the evil lies in it.


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