Brad Hazzard’s Health Hypocrisy Continues

“Ever since the virus hit Australian shores in March 2020, Brad Hazzard has enjoyed far too much time in the spotlight. It has likely been his affinity for harsh restrictions and unscientific mandates that have spurred them on.”

Given what we now know about the efficacy of the vaccines, with protection reduced by 50% in within a month after the second dose (a fact admitted by Pfizer themselves in their own documents), it stands to reason that protection would further decline until becoming practically zero in just a few months. To maintain ‘protection,’ booster would be required every three months. Mandates for volunteers in education require only the first two doses, which by now would have worn off for all those in these roles. So why are these unscientific mandates still in place and being extended?

The answer lies in Brad Hazzard.

Read my latest for The Spectator Australia here.

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