1,000 Australian Schools Are Fed Insects

Bugs are on the menu at 1000 Australian schools. From crickets and mealworms to cockroach milk, the World Economic Forum think this is the future of food.

In a video taken at one school, students are being encouraged to consume chips made from powdered crickets.

There may be attempts to normalise this, but there is nothing normal or healthy about it. And the potential consequences of consuming insects could be dire.

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Brad Hazzard’s Health Hypocrisy Continues

“Ever since the virus hit Australian shores in March 2020, Brad Hazzard has enjoyed far too much time in the spotlight. It has likely been his affinity for harsh restrictions and unscientific mandates that have spurred them on.”

Given what we now know about the efficacy of the vaccines, with protection reduced by 50% in within a month after the second dose (a fact admitted by Pfizer themselves in their own documents), it stands to reason that protection would further decline until becoming practically zero in just a few months. To maintain ‘protection,’ booster would be required every three months. Mandates for volunteers in education require only the first two doses, which by now would have worn off for all those in these roles. So why are these unscientific mandates still in place and being extended?

The answer lies in Brad Hazzard.

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TNT Radio Interview With Rick Munn

Joel Agius on Locked and Loaded with Rick Munn

If you missed it, you can now listen to my full interview with Rick Munn from TNT Radio above. We discussed the absurd restrictions still in place, how religious leaders caved to the state, the weak position the United States now finds itself in, the ever-changing narrative around climate change, and how woke culture has people thinking they’re immune to criticism.

Logic Is Still Dead In Dom’s Domain

While parents and visitors are allowed back into schools regardless of vaccination status, volunteers, including Scripture teachers like myself, are still not permitted entry unless we have been vaccinated.

In discriminating against volunteers, including Scripture teachers, in schools, Dominic Perrottet is not only betraying logic and science, but his own faith. This mandate for volunteers must end now.

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