Faith, Hope, and Love

In the world in which we live we are subject to the relentlessness of evils. Certain groups are trying to destroy and rewrite history to suit their agendas. Others are manipulating fear for power. Some are attempting to bring society to its knees through the imposition of certain social constructs to create a socio-political system that they believe is superior, but which has been tried … Continue reading Faith, Hope, and Love

Digital War Declared

Today, Facebook and Twitter crossed a line. It has long been known that they have been engaging in censorship of views they do not like, typically those of Conservatives. But today, they went one step further. Today, they engaged in election interference, confirming something that Conservatives have known for many years: these are not platforms, they are publishers. An article was published in the New … Continue reading Digital War Declared

Lightning Strikes Twice

The dominoes are falling in Victoria. The truth is beginning to escape the confines of the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry. After Peta Credlin’s appearance at last Friday’s press conference, Premier Daniel Andrews and a number of other senior staff were asked to provide their phone records by the Board of Inquiry. An astonishing development, given it came within two days of Credlin’s new line of questioning. … Continue reading Lightning Strikes Twice

Dan’s Downfall: The Rise of Peta Credlin

For the last 100 days, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has emerged each and every day to front the press. Since the beginning of Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19, he has provided daily updates, including case numbers and deaths, fielding questions from journalists immediately after. Many a day he has stood at the lectern for anywhere up to an hour or more, dodging questions like they … Continue reading Dan’s Downfall: The Rise of Peta Credlin

Trumping COVID19: How The President Will Return Better Than Ever

As if this year could not get any crazier, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has tested positive for COVID19. When he announced via Twitter on Friday that both he and the First Lady had received a positive result and were going into quarantine for two weeks, there were two vastly different kinds of reactions. From those on the Right, there was nothing … Continue reading Trumping COVID19: How The President Will Return Better Than Ever