The Government Does Not Care

What I’m seeing in the world right now, particularly in my own country, can be described in many ways: depressing, infuriating, devastating, shocking, terrifying, heartless, demonic, and so many more. With each passing week, almost each day, there are new restrictions, new lockdowns, new ways of expanding the tyrannical reign of power-obsessed individuals who have not lost anything. While everyone else is subjected to rules … Continue reading The Government Does Not Care

Live Stream With Dia Beltran And Jesse Bell

Had the opportunity to go back on my friend Dia’s Live Show last night. Was a bit last minute so didn’t have a chance to share it, but if you want to have a watch, you can do so below! Dia and I are also collaborating on a project which will be announced very soon, so keep an eye out for that. Continue reading Live Stream With Dia Beltran And Jesse Bell

The Self-Conscious Mind

Have you ever had a thought that was probably ridiculous, but to you it seemed real, it seemed like a possibility? Taking that thought, have you spent hours, maybe even days or weeks, just letting that thought run wild in your mind over and over, creating a whirlwind of anxiety, stress, worry, or whatever other negative emotions might present themselves? Your stomach drops, you begin … Continue reading The Self-Conscious Mind