Whatever Happened To The National Roadmap?

“The National Roadmap has fast become a thing of the past in only a matter of a few months. Politicians have demonstrated to us time and time again that they cannot be trusted. It is time to stop putting your faith in those who claim they are “leaders” and start believing those who are genuine in what they say.”

Despite agreeing to a National Roadmap out of lockdowns and restrictions mere months ago, each State has veered off course and gone their own way, tightening restrictions when they should be lifting them.

Read all about how each State has failed to adhere to the agreement in my piece for The Spectator Australia here.


“Daniel Andrews was rushing this bill through the Parliament not just because he wanted the degree of power and control it would grant him as soon as possible, but because he has run out of legal power to extend the pandemic, and with it all the restrictions.

This is not just the bill. It is the whole reign of tyranny. With the death of this bill, the emergency powers expire in December, specifically on December 15, and Andrews loses complete control of the state.”

At the eleventh hour, former Labor Government Minister Adem Somyurek has returned to Victorian Parliament to vote against Daniel Andrews’ Bill which would grant him unprecedented powers.

It is one of the greatest political revenge stories of our time. Read all about it in my piece for The Spectator Australia here.

Living In A Tyrant’s Paradise

“This Bill creates a state of tyranny based on opinion. The powers remain in play so long as there is a “pandemic” or “potential pandemic”, a period that can continue for as long as Daniel Andrews deems necessary.”

Daniel Andrews new Pandemic Management Bill would effectively declare a dictatorship in Victoria, granting Andrews extreme and unbelievably dangerous powers that pose one of the greatest threats to human rights and democracy this country has ever seen.

If Morrison does not use his power to intervene and put an end to this, Victorians will be spending their lives living in a tyrant’s paradise.

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NB: Living In A Tyrant’s Paradise was the original title I created for this piece. The title was changed by the editor before publication, but I just thought people would find the original title interesting.

The Illusion Of Choice

“The problem society faces is not just one of government, but one of mass psychosis. This is a state in which the society has become deluded by fear and incessant government propaganda, to the point where they will now only believe what the government tells them and refuse to listen to reason.”

Those in power are waging psychological warfare against society.

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First Lockdown, Now Segregation

“Daniel Andrews has now stated that those who choose not to take the vaccine will be excluded from society and the economy well into 2022. They may say it’s a choice, but if you don’t make the choice the government want you to, you will be held hostage by the State for an undefined period of time. Victoria is transforming from the Lockdown State to the Segregation State.”

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