Constitution Destroyed; New Version To Take Its Place

Earlier today, the United States Constitution was found in tatters in the Supreme Court of the United States. A worker in the Supreme Court said the sacred document constructed by the Founding Fathers had gone missing last Friday, coincidentally the same day the Court decided not to hear the Texas lawsuit. When asked where it had been located, the worker told us an eyewitness had … Continue reading Constitution Destroyed; New Version To Take Its Place

Support For Dominion Rises

Dominion, the voting system company at the centre of claims of election fraud, have seen a surge in support in the last couple of weeks. A Dominion spokesperson said that, since the November election, the company has received thousands of calls requesting the software for “research purposes”. Allegedly, one of the callers sounded like attorney Sidney Powell, who has been investigating the claims of fraud … Continue reading Support For Dominion Rises

Republicans To Target New Demographic

After seeing the impact they had on the election, Republicans have decided to henceforth target dead people in their campaigns. This demographic appeared to be a problem for President Trump, who failed to hold rallies at cemeteries to garner their votes. Joe Biden was able to secure the votes of the dead by dedicating the better part of his campaign to meeting them six feet … Continue reading Republicans To Target New Demographic